2017 Energies ~ The Year of Light (& dark)!

Happy New Year!

I have been getting so much through about 2017 for the last few months that I felt a little overwhelmed in knowing where to start!  But, as usual Spirit has helped me put it all together so I can share with you about the new year ahead!

I am going to begin with the numerology for this year as it feels really powerful.  I don’t usually include this in much depth in my overviews for each year, but Spirit confirmed that this is important, so here is the breakdown!

Let’s go back to 2016 and what this number meant first so we can see how this all fits together.  2016 resonated to a Universal ‘9’ Year in numerology (2+0+1+6=9), the number of completion & endings.   During a Universal ‘9’ Year, we are called to reflect on our learnings over the past 9 years, embrace the wisdom gained and then use these insights to prepare for a new cycle of 9 Years – from 2017 to 2025.

2016 has now come to an end, but you can still take time to acknowledge how far you have come over the last 9 years, since 2007.  It is worth reflecting on your lessons & learnings and also doing some gratitude work, as gratitude is a ‘9’ number, for all the happy & wonderful moments that you have had during the last 9 years!

2016 was also about self-mastery and we are ending this cycle understanding much more about who we really are.  We have tools at our disposal that we didn’t have a few years ago, we understand much more about our own boundaries, energy and how to create & manifest.  We have each done so much hard work in clearing out old emotions and learning from our experiences that we can see so much more clearly, which will help us to make different choices in 2017.  I would like to be able to write we have now done all the hard work so let’s just relax, but unfortunately, Ascension is a process and the next level awaits!!   2016 helped us to clear the old (so much clearing!) ready for a new beginning, which is what 2017 is all about. 

2017 resonates to a Universal ‘1’ Year in numerology (2+0+1+7=10 =1+0=1), The number ‘1’ is the number creation, the spirit of life.  It is the number of consciousness and light.  It is the beginning, from which all the other numbers are created.  One can be divided into any number leaving it unaltered and so represents the Spirit which can enter all things without changing.  It is immovable because whether multiplied or divided by itself one remains the same.  This does not happen with any other number.  It is the number of aim, ambition and action.  A ‘1’ Year is a time to plant the seeds of intention for the forthcoming cycle for every area of our lives! 

The intentions & foundations we set in place for 2017 set the tone & flow of energy within our lives for the forthcoming 9 years!  So, it is worth spending some time reviewing the past cycle and understanding what has changed, how you have changed and what you really desire now going forward.  The best time to do this is now!  But, don’t panic if you haven’t started doing this yet as we have time as it takes a while to transition into the new energies.  I would suggest doing this work before March, but the sooner you can spend some time preparing the better it will be for you!

These words below resonate to the number ‘10’, which breakdown to a ‘1’.  These help us to understand what 2017 is about. 

Blissful (my favourite, I knew there was a reason for changing my website to Blissfully Free!!), DNA, Spirit, Goddess, Pioneer, Union, & Vitality.   These are all positive words for 2017, but there is always the other side too!  The negatives are:  Arrogance, Victimhood and Separation.  These all resonate with the number ‘1’ as well. 

2017 also holds the vibration of the number ‘7’, which Spirit also wanted me to write about.  This is an extremely magical and spiritual number that carries a lot of significance.

The number ‘7’ resonates with the vibrations and energies of the ‘Collective Consciousness’, faith and spirituality, spiritual awakening and awareness.  2017 is going to give rise to many spiritual awakenings!!  Many of us will also step into the full power of our gifts in 2017, and there will be a growing number of people seeking out the spiritual side of life.

Again, there is the negative vibrations of the number ‘7’, which should be discussed as well, which are depression, inactivity, ant-social, pessimistic, arguments, resentment and stagnation. 

The reason I wanted to share both sides of the energies will become clear as you read on!

It will take a little time for us to adjust to the new energies of 2017, hence why we have some time to work out what we really want from this next 9 year cycle. 

March is going to be a key month and it will be a lot easier to understand what is going on by the time we get there!  So, please make sure you have done the prep work on what YOU want going forward by March at the latest!

Each year, I am told what this year will be about, such as 2016 was the Year of Self-Mastery.  2017 is the Year of Light (& dark).  At first, I felt I should put just ‘Light’, but it felt wrong!  As much as I would love to write about how wonderful everything will be this year and we will all be blissfully happy, I have to tell the truth!!  I have put ‘dark’ in brackets as that is where it belongs!  There will of course be some challenges this year, but there is going to be so much light that the dark should not be able to overpower or darken it too much!  However, 2017 is when we start to see some BIG shifts as the dark tries to rise up!!

Before I started to write, I sat down and just wrote on paper what came to me about 2017, so I could get an overall picture as there will be so much happening!  2017 is like looking at lots of different energies all rolled into one! 

There are going to be some BIG changes happening in the world in 2017 and when I tuned into the energy of how everyone is feeling, it was really strange as first I felt a lot of fear and then I felt so much hope that it nearly cancelled out the fear!  This is why this year is going to be all about the Light (& dark). 

It also felt like a very divided energy, which surprised me given that this year is about the ‘Collective Consciousness’ and also union.  However, when I looked into this further it made a lot more sense! 

I got through that many people will realise (awaken) to a lot of misplaced ideals that they have held for a very long time!  A lot of people will ‘wake up’ and realise what they actually want from life, which will change the energy of the world significantly!  I got that many will want to move away from materialism and the life they had in exchange for a much simpler way of life.  A lot of people will look at becoming self-employed as well.

The other side to this is that there will also be more advancements in technology that a number of people will want to embrace.  This is where I feel the divide the most as it feels like a lot of people will be pulled further into the 3D world and become more disillusioned, but there will also be a lot more spiritual awakenings and many more people will understand and want to embrace a new way of living, which will create a bigger divide.

I also feel there will be a lot of political upheaval, which everyone can predict given Trump and Brexit in 2016!  However, it feels as though the political upheaval will be a ‘curve ball’ that no one is expecting, so it will be interesting to see what happens this year!  Part of the political upheaval is also to do with nations dividing and I can feel a lot of unrest in the energy surrounding a lot of countries all around the world.  It feels like there will be several challenges with trade agreements and other various disputes, which may cause quite a bit of anger within governments!  This will also influence the economy.  Things will also come to light that creates unrest and anger amongst the population.  As they say, the truth will come out in the end!  

These are not predictions as such, this is more about giving you a view on the energies of 2017!  There will be a lot happening politically and economically that will create tension worldwide, so this is more about sharing so you are aware as we move further into the light (5D), other things will break down before they can be re-built on firmer ground!  In 5D everything is revealed, everything is known, because no one can hide from the light.  Just don’t get caught up in the madness of the world stage!!  Remember, many of the challenges facing the world today is due to corruption, greed and power, hence why a lot of the BIG stuff will be played out in politics and the economy during 2017!

Spirit also showed me Mother Earth and I the words that I received were that she will be ‘firing on all cylinders’ in 2017, so she will also be showing us the truth of what we are doing to our beloved planet!  There will be a lot more weird weather patterns and I feel the ‘firing on all cylinders’ means that our beautiful Mother Earth will be showing us all how she feels about how most of the population is treating her!  I expect there will be a few more volcanoes erupting, more earthquakes and other rumblings in 2017 that will really make us sit up and take notice!  Plus, Gaia has had enough and EVERYONE needs to listen!  So, be prepared for some big weather & Earth related events around the world, which could also be very sad as some of these events could mean a number of souls leaving us in 2017. 

The world is changing in a big way and we have to acknowledge and understand that it needs to.  The amount of light that will come in during 2017 will be immense and this next cycle will probably be the most challenging few years we have ever experienced as those that are awake will be called on to do even greater work than before!

I also felt a wonderful energy of strength and unity for 2017, but on the flip side also feelings of sadness and many longing to go home.  I got the words, ‘struggle’ vs ‘freedom’ and also the word ‘justice’.   Spirit then said to me ‘Hope springs eternal’ and we all have to remember that amazing feeling of ‘hope’ I got that nearly blocked out all the fear when I first tuned into 2017!  Hope does indeed light the way! 

I also wanted to share some lovely insights I realised once I sat down to write this overview as these showed me other aspects of 2017! 

During 2016, I felt I needed to change my business in a BIG way, so I changed the name from Violet-Light to Blissfully Free.  Plus, I completely changed the colour scheme of my website.  This may not seem like a big thing, but colour is very important to our energy and moving away from purple, which is a very spiritual colour and one of my favourites to green, which is so different in terms of energy was so strange for me!  I was so drawn to using green for my new website, I didn’t really question it as it just felt so right! 

What dawned on me as I started to write about 2017 was that the reason I moved to green was that this is the colour we will need lots of in 2017!!  Green represents growth & creativity.  It is associated with harmony, balance & peace. Green contains the powerful energies of nature for change and transformation. Plus, it helps to relieve tension, stress and aid rejuvenation!  I had an ‘aha’ moment as I realized that when people visit my website this colour I was guided to will help them relax and re-balance!

What I also realised is that spending more time in Nature will be so important for us all in 2017!  We will need to ground more than ever before due to the higher energy downloads we will all be receiving.  The energy and light will be at such amazing levels, that there will be times when we feel uncomfortable and ascension symptoms may appear again!  These levels of downloads can cause the physical and other levels of the body to feel out of balance, so GROUNDING will be key!  If you make just one new year’s resolution for 2017, make one to spend more time out in nature as it will help you immensely!

I also felt guided to integrate my online store with my business, so everything was together and then got this massive urge to create Blissful Blessing Bags!  It felt like the right thing, so again I didn’t question it as I get these bursts of intuition a lot and there is always a reason, even if I don’t understand at the time!!  As I sat down to understand more about the coming energies, I realised these Blessing Bags also linked strongly to 2017 and helping others with the new energies!  Crystals, which is part of what these Blessing Bags are all about, will be very important to us all in 2017 and beyond.

I love crystals and my home is full of them, as I am sure yours is too!  Many of us will have been drawn to using crystals for a long time, so I did wonder why suddenly 2017 would be so different!  Spirit said that as others awaken and as we each go through more energy downloads, the need for specific crystals will become much more important and incredibly beneficial in helping us navigate these energies!  I wanted to share this as I personally found this really exciting as I feel that the new energy of 2017 will also help to awaken something in the crystals structure, which in return will help us! It feels like the crystals will become more powerful with all the new light!!

Intention will also become even more important when doing our crystal work, hence why the blessings I have written for each blessing bag will help others to manifest and create what they want.  I really enjoyed making these, but now after understanding why I made them I feel so excited about using crystals and setting intentions with them in 2017!!  If you would like to see my Blissful Blessing Bags, please click here. 

Every year, since 2014, I channel an attunement for the coming year’s energies to help us all adjust more easily.  I have now put up the 2017 Energy Upgrade attunement on my website, so it is available now.  If you would like to read more about how this energy can help you, please click here to be taken to my website.

I am so grateful for your support, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  If you would like to make a donation, then please click here, which will take you through to PayPal.  

Blissful Blessings for 2017 and beyond.  I hope all your dreams come true.

Sarah ♥

Wing Care Attunement Event – Fri 30th Dec!

I felt really drawn to this energy as it helps us to expand our energy in a beautiful & loving way, so it felt perfect to choose as an event for December and before we move into 2017!

As well as the attunement energies, these events always also include any healing energies we all need as a collective. 

You can receive this attunement at any time for up to 7 days after the event, so you don’t have to be there at the event time!

Wing Care is born of the desire to live in a richer awareness of all the gifts we have, even those we are just noticing.  We all have Ethereal Wings if we care for them properly and encourage them to unfurl.  We can awaken them and use them to channel energy.

I have written more about this energy on the event page and instructions on how to join. 

Please click here: Wing Care

As usual it is by donation and a suggested donation is £5 (roughly $6). But please only pay what you can afford as this is the main reason for running these events. The minimum donation is set at £1.

I am looking forward to connecting with you before 2017 & unfurling our wings together!

Blissful Blessings

Sarah x

December 2016 Energy Forecast

Happy December! 

December is always a time when I look back over the year that has nearly gone and think about my hopes & dreams for the following year.  As I was sitting down to write this, I felt guided to read back over my energy forecast for 2016 to remind myself of what Spirit had said about this year (2016 Overview).  One part really stood out for me, which was this:

“Flexibility is key in 2016, so our phrase should be ‘Go with the flow!’  So, if you feel like you are pushing for a specific outcome or putting all your energy into something, ask yourself are you going with the flow?!”

After all the craziness of the last few months and the big emotional work I did during November, I thought I hadn’t taken the time to ask myself this question!!   This is an important question for all of us and will continue to be going into 2017!  This month is an especially good time to ask yourself if you are going with the flow as December is always such a busy month!  So, try to remember to take a moment each day to check in with you! 

We all probably view December and Christmas as a time to focus on our loved ones and while this is wonderful and lovely to do, the energy of this month suggests we actually put ourselves first this month! 

November brought up a lot of old emotions to be released and many of these were related to us not feeling good enough or worthy!   If you stop for a moment and think about last month, were you triggered in any way by another and did any emotions come up about not feeling good enough?  Did you judge yourself in that moment and get angry or feel sad & hurt?  If you did, then know this is completely normal and the majority of us are working through these feelings of unworthiness as we are working on increasing our self-love! 

2016 was all about self-mastery!  Self-love & acceptance play a MASSIVE role is this!  As we are nearing the end of 2016, anything that is blocking that flow of love is coming up to be reviewed!!  Even though it may not feel like it at times, we are all stepping forward and moving further into our own power than ever before!  One of the key ways to do this is by increasing our self-love and accepting who we are right now!

Obviously, when someone or our own thoughts trigger our feelings of not being good enough, then the emotions that accompany that are tough!  You are not alone and many of us right now are still continuing to work through these feelings of self-doubt.  Letting go of unworthiness in any form (not being smart enough, beautiful enough, happy enough, brave enough, successful enough, good enough, etc) is one of the hardest things to do.  I know because I am doing it too!!

We may each feel unworthy about something specific, but every single feeling that we have about not feeling good enough in whatever form comes back to self-love!

Reviewing anything that has come up for you recently is incredibly beneficial during December and if you can, I suggest taking some time to sit quietly and do this work now up until 12th December as this feels like the best time to really allow and surrender to these emotions! 

We have released a HUGE amount of grief over the last month as a collective and if you were part of my last attunement event, you would have seen that was a key part in the additional healing we all received.  We have been clearing our ancestral lines as well as our own grief and this has helped us to get to the next layer of what we need to work on to bring in more love! 

The more self-love we have, the more love we have to give, so by working on ourselves we are actually helping those around us too!  It is easy to forget that we are important!!  As empaths, healers and intuitives, it is so easy to just want to keep giving as that is part of why we are here, so we are propelled forward by wanting and even needing at times to make everything better for everyone else! 

We need to remember that there has to be an energy exchange as this is how things work down here!  This means that if we give our time, money, love etc to someone then if someone else offers us something we should accept it with love!  Thus, the circle of energy continues!  It is easy to just keep giving, but what happens is that we end up feeling tired, drained and perhaps even a little resentful or angry as all our energy has gone out to everyone else! 

To keep the energy flowing, we can also give energy back to ourselves too, just by taking a rest, saying no to something we don’t want to do, having fun etc.  When we give back to ourselves, this is a form of self-love, which is very important for us to do this month due to the feelings of unworthiness that have come up for many of us recently! 

I know December is a busy time, but YOU are very important and this month you need to make sure that you are also giving yourself lots of LOVE in whatever form that feels good to you!  Make sure you take the time to treat yourself as well as others as this will really help clear out any old lingering feelings of unworthiness. 

As I am writing this, Spirit just said really loudly,

“It is TIME to let these feelings go.  You are more important than you know.  Treat yourself with respect and love.  Show others the way.” 

Spirit, as always, sums everything up perfectly!!  Please take good care of you this month and LOVE yourself first, then everything else will fall into place!

To celebrate this month and to wish everyone a Happy Christmas, I am offering 10% off everything on my website!  This includes all my services and everything in my online store, so you can treat yourself or a loved one!  I now ship to most of Europe, USA, Canada & Australia too!  If you are in the UK it is FREE P&P.  Everywhere else is just £2.95!  Please use the code, BLISS, at the checkout to receive your discount.  Just click here to visit – Blissfully Free. Enjoy!!

Wishing you a blissful & joyful December.

If you would like to make a donation to support me writing these posts, then please click here, which will take you through to PayPal.  I really appreciate all of your support over 2016 and look forward writing about the energies of 2017 very soon!

Blissful Blessings

Sarah ♥

November 2016 Energy Forecast Part 2!

As usual time is flying by and I realised I needed to write another November energy update as there has been so much going on!

11.11 was a big date that really propelled us all forward on all levels!  I found the period from 11th to 19th November a very emotional time as so much came up to be let go of!  This period was intense as we received so much light to aid and accelerate our growth.   We need to make space for this new energy and so we have to let go of the old!

You may have found a lot of stuff coming up for you over the past couple of weeks.  You may have been feeling angry, tired, sad, confused and even a little depressed at times.  This is because we are not only releasing our stuff, but we are also still having a clear out of ancestral baggage, so these feelings may not have been just yours!  The more light we bring in the more we have to let go. 

This period of growth was intense, but incredibly powerful!  When I do my energy work now, whether that is setting up attunements, sending healing or giving myself healing the energy coming through is so much stronger than ever before!  It reminds me of when I did my 1st level of Usui Reiki and then gave healing to my Reiki Master.  She was such a clear channel to work on and I felt so much energy coming through I could only give healing for about 10 mins as I felt dizzy and ungrounded! 

The amount of energy that we can now utilise is immense and so the feelings of dizziness I have been experiencing are not because I am not grounded, it is because my body is getting used to the amount of energy that I can now channel!  I asked Spirit what is going on and they told me that we are all entering a new and improved platform in terms of energy!

Just the same way I had to get used to channelling energy when I first started Reiki, my body is now getting used to this new way of working!  So, if you are feeling a bit spacey or dizzy after your own energy work, this maybe the reason if you know you are fully grounded.  You are just channelling a lot more energy!!  The great news is that others will be able to feel this new energy too!  I have already had feedback from my clients that they are feeling the new energy in my work, which makes me feel incredibly happy and blessed to be part of this ascension process!   

The energy has settled down a little after the big shift during the middle of the month and time also feels a little slower, thank goodness!  However, as we are all increasing our light and shining more brightly than ever before, we are also seeing more of the truth!  This new energy will shine on anything that is not compatible with our vibration any more!  This may include relationships.  Some people may have already moved out of your life or perhaps you are just finding that you are just not connecting with certain people in the same way as you used to.  We are all growing, but at different stages.  The new energy that has come through this month will shine a light on our own truth and power.  Trust in what the light illuminates for you and let it go with love!  This new energy is not based on social convention, so relationships can include family members! 

Trust your emotions in terms of how you feel when you are around others, do they lift you up and make you feel good?  Do you come away from being with your friends and family feeling happy and joyful or do you come away feeling defeated and tired? 

The vibration that we are now in is shifting us in a massively new direction.  We have been moving away from 3D for a while now, but this last shift has really shot us far away from the lower vibrations.  So, if you are finding your relationships with certain people changing or you are seeing the truth in areas of you life that were once hidden.  Don’t be afraid, embrace this new reality as you will bring in new people, situations, work and places that are in tune with your new vibration going forward.  Know, that this is just more of the old being let go so you can move into more freedom and joy!

I am running another attunement event on Tuesday 29th November for the Labradorite Sphere Attunement, which is by donation.  Please click here for more information.  Labradorite Sphere can assist you to drop away patterns that have been holding you back from embracing your true self.  This energy helps to create balance at a cellular level, promoting acceptance within your body to allow the changes you require to step more fully into your life’s purpose and Divine Function here on Earth.

Wishing you a blissful rest of November and a very Happy Thanksgiving to all those who celebrate this special day.  I am very grateful for your support and wish you so much joy, love and happiness.

If you would like to make a donation to support me writing these posts, then please click here, which will take you through to PayPal. Thank you so much.

Blissful Blessings

Sarah ♥

November 2016 Energy Forecast

Happy November and what a month this will be!!

October was another challenging month with lots of releasing happening for many of us as we got back into balance!  I especially felt it around my Throat Chakra.  The spiritual lesson of the Throat Chakra is  “To learn to take responsibility for our own needs and be able to speak our truth.”  It is also a powerful Chakra to aid manifestation as this is where our words come from, whether written or spoken, our words have power!  It is not surprising I have been clearing a lot of old energy from here as I have been working hard on getting my new website up and running, which is what I decided to change a few months ago and today I have finally launched it!  So, October’s energy helped push us forward to make necessary changes and that continues into November!

Letting go of the old is something we have all been doing a lot of over 2016 and yesterday when I was deleting my old website pages on Violet-Light, I felt energy shoot out of my head!  I could literally feel the old energy leaving as I replaced it with the new.  It was a very strange, exciting and slightly nerve-wracking feeling!! 

I have had Violet-light since 2012 and it was sad and a bit emotional to say goodbye, but the new energies that have been coming in thick and fast over the last few months have really stepped things up a gear, which means we need to change with the energy too!  So I decided to change the name as well to bring in fresh energy!  My new site is called Blissfully Free as this is what we are aiming for in life ~ to be free and blissful!!  I love the word bliss as when I say it, it makes me smile!  If you would like to check out my new site, please visit www.blissfullyfree.co.uk  I have added a Freebies page where I have written lots of information sheets and guides to help you on your journey, which you can download for free.  There is information on attunements, Reiki, Auras, working with Colour, Spirit Guides and lots more.  I really hope you find these useful. 

I am also running a FREE attunement event on the 11th of each month, so the next one is 11th November for the Cosmic Orb 2017 as I feel spiritual protection is so important.  Just sign up on the events page to be included. www.blissfullyfree.co.uk/events/

Time has been rushing by so quickly, hence why I am a little late with my energy update!   However, the BIG new energy wave doesn’t really start until 11th/12th November!  We are just starting to feel the new energy for November now, but if you are anything like me you are still tying up loose ends from October (e.g. my website!!)

November is still going to be fast paced, but we are used to this now so it shouldn’t come as a big surprise!!

As 11.11 approaches, we will feel the energy start to lift.  11 is the Master Number and symbolizes the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment.  It is a high-energy number and I’m already feeling much more energised as November progresses compared to October!  

Many people associate the repeating 1111 with a ‘wake-up call’, a ‘Code of Activation’ and/or an ‘Awakening Code’, or ‘Code of Consciousness’.  Number 1 is also about new beginnings and creating our own realities.  11.11 is a combination of these things!  We are moving into a very high energy period where we will be able to manifest, create and awaken even more!  This period will last until around the 19th November so use this energy wisely!

It is a wonderful time to start a new project and also finish projects too, work on our spiritual progression and send out lots of love as the love will be magnified with all the high frequency energy!!  Watch your thoughts and words over this period as manifesting may be quicker and easier, but we can also manifest things we don’t want too!! 

I am so happy we are getting a bit of a shift in energies as these last few months have been challenging to say the least!  It doesn’t mean there won’t still be a few challenges coming our way, but at least the energy is of a much higher frequency and vibration to help us through them more easily!

I shall write more about November next week as this is what Spirit want us to focus on right now!  So, enjoy the new energies coming in and take good care of you!

Thank you for supporting my blog, it means a lot to me that others read what I write!  If you would like to make a donation to support me writing these posts, then please click here, which will take you through to PayPal. Thank you so much.

Wishing you a blissful November.

Blissful Blessings

Sarah ♥

October 2016 Energy Forecast

Happy October!!  What a month September was and I am starting to feel the shift in energies as I write this, which is a welcome relief after last month’s intensity!  What I found interesting already about this month is that I didn’t feel the new energies of October until today!  I wanted to write my forecast on the 1st October, but it just didn’t feel right, so I waited!  The energies did start to change at the beginning of the month, but we are not really feeling them until now and perhaps for some not until early next week.  This is because September was so intense and it is taking a bit of time for everything, including us, to catch up and integrate all that has happened.

October is all about balance, relationships, clarity and release!  So a huge amount going on yet again!  However, this month is very different from September’s energies in that it really supports taking action for ourselves rather than being pushed along, which is very exciting!

We may feel this month like we suddenly get clarity on certain situations, relationships and also things that have been hidden from us for a long time.  This is a powerful energy that helps us to see the truth of what is going on not only around us, but also within us too. 

Over the last few months, the energy has pushed us, pulled us, spun us round in circles and thrown us into the air, which created in some ways a sense of powerlessness as we didn’t really understand what was going on!  October will help us to step further into our own power and release any old and outdated past behaviours, emotions and even habits that we may have been holding on to for a long time.  We may still not feel in control as the energy is still fast paced, but it will help us see what we need to let go of and bring about clarity for the things we want to change and do moving forward.

October is a bit like a new beginning in some ways as the energy is going to help us shift another layer of the old to help us step into the new!  You may find you have more energy this month and where previously you may have been procrastinating, this month you will want to take action as you will feel much more of a sense of purpose.  This is a much-needed boost for all of us and one we should all welcome with open arms!

What is really key this month is balance!  If you are out of balance, you may find a spanner being thrown in the works in different areas of your life!  If we are out of balance, we are going to be thrown off course to wake us up to make us change our behaviours so we get back into balance! 

I have already seen this with a family member who was involved in a car accident the other day.  He is fine apart from some bruising and a broken rib, thank the Goddess.  But this is a wake-up call for him to slow down and get back into balance!  Something like this makes us STOP.  When we get ill or have an accident, then we have to stop what we are doing as our bodies can’t keep going as they are.  It is obviously not the way anyone wants to realise they are out of balance, but if we don’t listen to our bodies then the Universe gives us a message and makes us STOP! 

We then have time to heal, rest and recuperate.  It is exactly the same principle if you break a bone or sprain your ankle.  The body makes us stop and sit still!  It is important this month to pay attention to your body and really FEEL how you are doing! 

The easiest way to do this is to find 5-10 mins to just sit quietly.  Take a few long deep breaths and let the body relax.  Then, tune into your Heart Chakra by just bringing your attention to this space.  Ask yourself how you feel, are you out of balance?  Don’t let the mind get in the way, just listen and feel what your BODY is telling you.  You may get a feeling, a word, a colour, a sensation or even a whole sentence!  Whatever you get through, trust in what your body is telling you.  You can ask your body any question that feels good.  Such as, am I getting enough rest, do I need to slow down, do I have enough energy, am I blocked anywhere?  The body always answers; the key is not to let the mind get involved!  If you start thinking about it or feeling frustrated.  Stop, breathe and then try again.  Taking this time out to listen to our bodies is so worthwhile as we can learn so much!  We are normally so wrapped up in our to-do-lists and thoughts, we don’t take as much time as we should to listen to our bodies and the crazy part is that this is where all the answers lie! 

I had a wake-up call the other day when I was sitting at my computer.  When I am starting to get out of balance, I get vertigo and it just happens even when I am just sitting down!  I haven’t had vertigo for months, so when I felt a little dizzy just sitting there I thought what is going on.  It happened again a bit later and then I realised my body was trying to tell me something.  I listened and understood that I had been doing too much and not getting enough rest!  So, I listened and changed it.  I took a nap yesterday for an hour in-between readings instead of plowing on with my to-do-list!  My body was showing me that if I didn’t change then I was going to get out of balance and the vertigo would get a lot worse, which could then put me out of action for a while until I sorted it out! Today, I took more time out walking my dog and just being in nature.  I haven’t had any vertigo today and feel a lot more energised!  So, it just goes to show a little rest and relaxation goes a long way and we all have the TIME to give ourselves some LOVE, other things can wait.  WE are more important!

So, if you have been having any unusual feelings in your body or any pain, then STOP and listen to what you have to say to yourself! 

The other part of October that is going to be pretty intense for a number of us is relationships!  This energy will affect all relationships, so I am not just talking about romantic ones.  This can be relationships with family, friends, co-workers, bosses and even people you just meet in a store or out for a walk with the dog!  We are letting the old go and as we step further into our power this month, we are going to be helping each other heal by being mirrors! 

This means that if you have an emotion about a past situation that hasn’t been fully released, it may come up again this month to be let go of.  The people around you will help you do this and you will help others in the same way!  We are all helping each other to grow.  So, if someone says something to you that brings up an emotion, remember they are playing their part perfectly as they are helping you heal, even though it may not feel like it at the time!  Remember to ALLOW, WAIT and RESPOND so the emotion has time to be felt, which in turn will allow it to dissipate!  You may also find you say something to someone and it triggers their emotions in some way, so don’t take it personally!  Remember, you are helping them to shift and release!!

October’s energies will help us to release pretty quickly, which is great news as it means we won’t be sitting in a ‘victim’ role with any emotions that are triggered by others.  Stuff will be much easier to allow and let go of!  However, one word of caution, if you are not in balance, then this may feel more difficult for you as you may feel a bit overwhelmed.  So if you do feel overwhelmed at any time this month, STOP, and listen to what your body needs to say!

This month will be an exciting one and will bring a lot of things to the surface for release!  It is wonderful that we are finally stepping more into our power and getting the clarity on what action we need to take next.

Remember to take care of YOU this month, so you float through October with ease and grace!

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Wishing you a blissful month.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥

Cosmic Kudalini Reiki Attunement Event – TODAY 29th September at 6pm!

I was guided to choose this attunement for the next event as we are all in a period of spiritual growth & ascension right now, which this energy will help with!   I have written more about this energy on the event page and instructions on how to join. 

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You don’t have to have done Kundalini Reiki to receive this attunement as there are no prerequisites

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I am really looking forward to connecting with you all again and working on our spiritual growth together!

Love & Blessings