The Energies of 2013

2013 Energies

What a year 2012 has been! We have been up, down, round in circles, then just as we felt we had acclimatised to the new energies we find we had to go through the whole process all over again!

We have had many portals in 2012 opening us up to huge amounts of light, which has resulted in us having a thorough clearing out, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. All this clearing has finally opened the floodgates immersing our planet with love & light. We should all feel very proud of ourselves as we step into 2013 for what we have achieved.

2012 was the year of balance, so don’t forget what you learnt this year to help you move forward. Balance is still a key word for 2013, if our lives are not in balance, the energy of 2013 will knock us off our path to make sure we get the message again! To give you an example, if you spend too much time working and not enough time for rest and relaxation, then you may get a cold / flu to make you rest! Therefore remember the importance of balance as we move into 2013!

Spirit is saying that 2013 will be an energetically charged year! Spirit is giving me the word ‘MAGIC’ for 2013. They are asking us to take a look at the beauty of our lives and our spiritual path. They are reminding us that even those parts of our lives that seem dreary and dark are now revealing themselves to show bits of light. The currents of energy are shaping our present and future and are just about to be revealed! Remember the intentions we all set, well the new energy will help us to manifest these into reality during 2013. Take a moment to look at the paths and choices before you as you step into 2013. Which one sparkles or shimmers in your mind’s eye? That may be the path of magic leading you to your dreams!

The next word for 2013 is ‘BEGINNINGS’. Spirit is asking us to reflect on our past endeavours and honour what we have learnt. Then, as we move into the new year, we need to release 2012 and focus on the present. We need to recognise 2013 as a new beginning, so the message is to release the old and allow this new direction to firmly establish itself firmly in our lives.

The last word is ‘EVOLUTION’. 2013 will be a time of great change. Humanity has progressed from being unaware to an opening toward Spirit, finally resulting in the evolution of humans into beings of light. We have all been a part of bringing this new energy in and it is here to stay. 2013 will be the year when more people will realise that we are truly ‘all one’. Even though the 12th and 21st Dec were ‘big’ dates, evolution doesn’t happen overnight and we will see big changes politically, economically and socially during 2013. These may shock us and perhaps worry us when they happen, but know that once things have settled down they are for the best. Change is a part of life and more change is needed before we can all fully be in the light.

I am being given a message from the Angels for New Year’s Eve, which is:

“Rejoice in celebration! We shall celebrate with you at the end of this year and if you stop for a brief moment on the eve of 2012 you may catch a glimpse of us dancing in celebration of all you have accomplished.”

Happy New Year everyone and I wish you all a blissful 2013!

Love Sarah ♥


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