The Energies of 2013

The Energies of January 2013

The ‘BIG’ words for 2013 are ‘MAGIC, BEGINNINGS & EVOLUTION’ as per my update for the whole of 2013!

So here we are in the first few days of the New Year and a lot of us are left wondering what has really changed since 2012! Well, the energy has definitely changed that’s for sure. I can really feel a change in the atmosphere, as people are becoming more enlightened as to what makes them truly happy and actually doing something about it! I have also seen an increase in the interest people are showing towards the spiritual side of life. These are all positive steps forward for all of us as new beginnings are being revealed and little glimmers of magic are starting to show. This is truly the start of the evolution!

So what has January got in-store for us and what do we need to focus on this month? The ‘BIG’ words are ‘KINDNESS’, ACCEPTANCE & TRUTH’

January is normally a month where people feel a bit low as all the glitter from Christmas & New Year’s Eve has come and gone! However, the energies of January have a lovely peaceful quality that is uplifting and joyful. Gone are the blocks that may have held us back in 2012 as the energy of this month is very supportive of all our endeavours. This is an exciting month in many ways (even if it may not feel like it for some!) as the energies are supporting us to accept and recognise what we hope to achieve in 2013. Everyone always talks about setting resolutions at this time and this is a good energy to do this, however what I believe works better than lots of resolutions (which most of us don’t stick to anyway!) is to take some quiet time and state three things you truly want to manifest this year. These should be big statements, rather than just I want to lose weight or want a new job. Be bold, think and dream BIG!

This is the month to go wild with your imagination and truly understand what makes you happy. Write down everything that comes into your head, then look at your list and pick out the three dreams that you see the magic in!! Sure, losing weight might make you happy for a bit, but what is underneath that desire? Dig deeper and keep asking if you had to rate this on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the happiest this dream could possibly make you) where would you rate it?! When you find three things that are a number 10 then these are your big dreams for 2013!!

January is the month of kindness, acceptance and truth. So, this means we need to completely accept ourselves for who we are, be kind to ourselves and others and really see the truth in what makes us the happiest we can possibly be! This is why resolutions do not work as well as making big statements, as when we achieve what makes us truly happy, the rest falls easily in to place!

Once we have full acceptance of who we are & all that we have and only focus on what makes us happy then everything else will happen naturally! So if your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight, turn it on its head and say I accept myself for who I am in this present moment and 2013 will be the year I re-gain balance in my life. This is a big statement! Yes, there are lots of little changes that are needed to accomplish this, but isn’t losing weight actually about balance?! I have used this resolution as many people make it in the month of January and actually when you dig deep and are really truthful about what this resolution means; it is so much bigger than just losing weight! It is about re-balancing your lifestyle!

Be truthful to yourself this month and write down your three BIG statements and put them somewhere safe. Look at them again when you feel a bit lost or low and remember what makes you truly happy. Make January the start of something special as the energies are all aligned in the right direction to help you make your dreams come true.

Wishing you all a blissful January!

Love Sarah ♥


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