The Energies of 2013

Weekly Energy Update 14th – 20th Jan 2013

I am now back to doing my energy updates each week, so you will know what the coming week has in-store. I will also post an overview of the energies for each month so you know what to focus on and then you can overlay the weekly energies on top!

Last week’s energies were pretty intense to say the least! I think we all felt them shift from being calm and serene as we entered 2013 into a little bit crazy! This was due to us having another big shift, which took us all by surprise, including me!!

The BIG words from my Jan update still stand strong for this month, ‘KINDNESS’, ACCEPTANCE & TRUTH’ and last week was no exception! Spirit are letting us know that last week needed to speed up as we had all reached a point, early than expected (hence the surprise at the face paced energies!), to shift again as we had all done so much work on ourselves. Last week, we all had a bit of clearing to contend with as Spirit helped us shift any remaining energy holding us back, so if you felt unusually tired this was the reason! The intensity also helped us realise that if we hadn’t got into balance, we need to do so ASAP, otherwise the shifts this year could knock us sideways, so the lesson is to slow down! We need to remember to be kind to ourselves, accept the way things are and live in our truth and this will help us cope when unexpected shifts occur again (which they will do this year!) so we are not knocked off course.

So, what has this week got in-store for us? Well, this week will still be fast paced, but we are pretty much at the end of the clearing we all needed to do (for this month anyway!), so our own energy should feel lighter and higher! The ‘BIG’ word for this week is ‘TRUST’. I think we are all feeling a little disillusioned by the energy of 2013 so far as it feels rather similar to 2012! However, I can assure you the energies have moved on leaps and bounds since last year. If we reach a point where we all need to shift again, then the energies will feel like last week. So many more people are awakening and clearing old energies that it is sometimes hard to predict when another shift will occur as everything in 2013 will change rapidly! Hence the need to be in balance!!

This week focus on yourself, take the learnings from last week, especially in terms of saying ‘NO’ to other people’s demands on your energy and trust that everything is how it should be in each moment. Remember the BIG words for January, ‘KINDNESS’, ACCEPTANCE & TRUTH’ and add-on ‘TRUST’ and you will be able to navigate these energies easily. Just take one day at a time!

Wishing you all a blissful week!

Love Sarah ♥


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