What are ‘Spirit Guides’ & ‘Guardian Angels’?


‘Spirit Guides’ is a term that covers several different types of Spiritual Beings. In my view, these include Ascended Masters, Angels, Elementals, Gaia, God, Archangels, Goddesses and loved ones that are now in Heaven. Some people will say that not these are Spirit Guides, but I believe whoever comes through to you is a guide as they are helping to guide you on your path.

We each have several different Guides that may stay with us throughout this lifetime or only help us for a short period. The ones that only stay for a while will come in when you are ready. This normally happens when you move up a gear in terms of your own Spirituality and perhaps need a different kind of help for this section of your life.

Each one of us has at least one Spirit Guide that is around and with them always, and along with that, there’s usually at least 7-10 more on every person’s council consisting of ancestor-like guides, angel-like guides, star-being like guides and so on.

They’re around to assist you with the development of your Soul, ensure that you learn lessons for your soul growth that you need, and that you experience your life to the fullest potential.

You also each have your own Guardian Angel, which is your personal link to the divine and your Angel stays with you throughout this lifetime. The word ‘Angel’ comes from the Greek and means ‘a messenger’. Your Guardian Angel is your own personal guide and teacher. As you accept your Guardian Angel’s presence your life will gradually improve. Small upsets will no longer bother you, and you’ll find yourself more loving, accepting and compassionate. You’ll also become aware of the Spiritual in every area of your life.

Spirit Guides & Guardian Angels draw on the incomprehensible quantity of God-power in the universe, however, there are a few key factors limiting them helping us all the time, which is purely for our own good! Firstly, they cannot interfere with our freewill or anyone else’s! We were given freewill as this is what makes us human, so we could decide our own path and learn to listen to our higher self.

The first step in terms of Spirituality is learning to trust yourself and the guidance you receive. This is why we are here on Earth, so we can learn the lessons we need and free will helps us to do this.

For example, have you ever felt something was really right for you, and then decided you were too scared to go for it or you felt something was really wrong but did it anyway? I bet you then felt either really disappointed that you missed an opportunity or found yourself in a really difficult situation! That’s your freewill kicking in! Rather than listening to your higher self/intuition, you chose to do something different and then you learnt a lesson! This is how we all learn & grow, therefore freewill is very valuable!

The second thing to note is that we can’t just take, take, and take from our Guides. At some point, we should give back. Their help is not something we should take for granted as they invest their light (Spiritual energy) into us. I have found that the more you are prepared to use your light for good – in lovingly helping yourself and others, the easier it is to communicate with them and understand their messages and help.

Those limitations aside, you can ask for help with every aspect of your own life, the lives of others, and even world situations that concern you.

They always answer our requests as this is a cosmic law: ‘the call compels the answer’. However, the help is not normally in the way that we expect, because they know far better than us what we actually need! This is why surrendering and trust are so important! It is much better to ‘go with the flow’ as my Guides always tell me than it is to place expectations on something! This way you are never disappointed with the answer and you won’t miss the message or help they send.

When you are fixated on an outcome, you may not see a different opportunity! Don’t withhold your request because you think it’s too small or too big. Spiritual Guides will sort out the details, but you do have to ask. They can’t do it if you don’t. When asking your Guides for help, all you need to do is ask them for what you need help with, so just state your request and say thank you! Out loud is the best way as it gives it more energy.

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Blissful Blessings,

Sarah x

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7 thoughts on “What are ‘Spirit Guides’ & ‘Guardian Angels’?

  1. Hi Sarah,

    I am so glad I found your blog, or should I say that your blog found me.
    I was making some researches on Spiritual guides and angels, which I have never look up closely. But during a silent retreat last week, I was sent the message to pay closer attention to them.
    Your article was very helpful, and beautiful. And very close to my beliefs about Life. Except that at this point I call Universe what you call God or Angels.
    I am going to keep navigating your blog. I also joined your pages on Facebook 🙂

    I am a Yoga Teacher. And of course very interested in Healing work, Reiki, meditation, Kundalini Yoga, mantras…. Even though I have a strong sense of Higher guidance, Higher Self… I would love to connect a little more with my spiritual guides.

    And I am really really happy to connect with you! Thanks for sharing


  2. This was an extremely interesting and informative article…and this is not the first place I read that your angels know best! I guess I have to let go and allow them to show me my proper path 🙂 I have to admit that for the longest time I was completely unaware of the “power” of listening to your angels and asking them for guidance. It was until I read “Harry Pond Looks Homeward” (http://harrypondadventures.com/) a spiritual fiction novel by author Jay Allan Luboff that I even considered it. This is the story of the Light that exists beyond the light and darkness on Earth. The story revolves around the farmstead where Harry and his sister grew up. Harry has just come back from Vietnam to find hometown invaded by sinister forces, his parents dead in a mysterious car accident, and his farm threatened. He teams with spiritual forces of Light, Ascended Masters and Angels to save the land against those who would destroy it — bringing Harry, his sister Becky and friends to an epic confrontation in the forest of Light and darkness. This book truly spoke to me because throughout it all Harry had a little voice that came to him when he needed it most. His guardian angel plays a large part in the story giving him the wisdom and courage he needs. It was this book that inspired me to research how to find my own guardian angel. This book really is for those with inquiring minds and open hearts 🙂 Hope you will give it a read!


  3. I do live LOVE as much as I know how in my awareness. I dont have Guides or Angels that speak to me and I would so love to know who my Guides and Angels are and would love to be able to communicate with then and be guided. |Yes, I have asked and always asking but so far have not actually seen or connected with anyone as such. Would love to know more.
    Thank you for your articles, they are very interesting.


    1. Hi, Thank you for your comment and question. I have replied to your question about energy readings via your email. I won’t show your comment as it contains your number. x


  4. Hello
    I am fairly new to this and just wanted to ask whether a guardian angel can take a human form, ie perhaps of a living family member and guide you through the love, advice and care of that person?


    1. Hi Debbie
      Thank you for your comment. This is an interesting question and I’m sure will be open to debate depending on your point of view! I believe that sometimes spirit can blend with another person’s energy to pass on an important message. I also think that some angelic forms have come here in human form to help us during these special times. I also believe there are so many amazing souls out there that can be our spiritual mentors, but who are human! I know that my guides are in spirit form and I communicate with them on a regular basis. The best piece of advice I can pass on is to learn to trust your own intuition, which is your higher self. Anyone that is here to help or guide us whether in spirit or human form is linking in to your higher self. This is what you should learn to trust above everything else. We are all one, so even though we get messages through from spirit it is really coming from us. I spent a long time learning to trust this and understand it, as when you are starting out you don’t really know what to believe. Learning to trust your intuition is about have confidence in yourself and loving yourself fully. When you get that ‘gut’ feeling, which could be a good feeling or a bad one, you need to recognise it and start learning to trust in what you are telling yourself to do! Hope this helps. x


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