The Energies of 2013

Weekly Energy Update 21st – 27th Jan 2013

Last week was an interesting week for me and the reason I am late putting up this post was due to my computer completely crashing yesterday evening!! I had so much to do and most of the weekend was spent re-doing my website, updating course notes and doing readings! So when it got to Sunday afternoon and I was still working away, my guides decided as I had not listened to the warnings from my body and them about taking a proper break, so they decided to help me along! Hence my computer crashing! Surprisingly (or not really!) it was working fine again today!! The reason I’m starting my post with this is because I wanted to show you all that if we do not create balance in our lives, the energies (and spirit) will do it for us this year!

2013 will be a fast paced year, so the only ‘real’ way to navigate this with ease is to make sure we live in balance. As humans, this is so hard to do, especially in this technological age where we are contactable no matter where we are or what we are doing! We feel there is so little time to get everything done that we rush around and forget to take that all important break!

I was incredibly frustrated that I couldn’t do my energy update and finish off other bits I felt I needed to do, but when I actually stopped and got out of my ‘practical’ mind and did a meditation, I realised that I did need a break and that I was really tired!! This is so important for us all to realise as this is what causes illnesses. So, if you find that things just aren’t going your way, (such as a technological breakdown!) stop and ask yourself; do I need a break?!

After passing on that important message, let’s get back to the energies of this week! The BIG words are ‘LOVE’, GRATITUDE’ & ‘PERSONAL TRUTH’. All these words link in with the Heart Chakra, which is not surprising as Valentine’s day is not far away and many of us will be wishing we had that special someone to share it with.

We are being reminded that only ‘LOVE’ can heal our lives. Take a moment this week to think about your own love of self and ask yourself some questions; Are you being kind to YOU? Do you love YOU enough? Do you accept yourself as YOU are? Are YOU hanging on to any anger or feelings of resentment from the past? Once we truly love ourselves, we are then ready to share our love with others. We also find that when people project their own insecurities about themselves on to us, it no longer bothers us as we love ourselves the way we are. For me personally, this is the best thing about self-love as all those things that used to bother me about what other people thought no longer do! This frees up so much time to focus on what’s truly important in my life. A great affirmation to help the Heart Chakra heal is: I give Love, I live Love, I am Love. I am also being reminded to let you all know that you are always loved by the Divine, never forget how much you are loved.

Gratitude is the second big word of the week and ties so well with the word ‘love’! Take a minute each night this week before you go to sleep and say aloud what you are grateful for. Once you start saying thank you for each part of your life, the list just gets longer and it makes you realise how much you have in your life to be grateful for! This is a lovely thing to do before we sleep as it relaxes the mind and we go to sleep happy!

The final words for this week are ‘PERSONAL TRUTH’. Truth is one of January’s main words and as this week is linked to the Heart Chakra we need to really focus on speaking our truth as this is a key way to unlock self-love. If we live our lives according to our own personal truth, we will gain a sense of trust in ourselves and our own motives. Our path of growth in this world becomes clearer when we cease living our lives to please others. How many times have we all said the word ‘YES’ when someone asks us for help, when our intuition / instincts say ‘NO’?! We all want to help others, but remember the word ‘balance’! The help we offer must be in line with what we need too! So if you are already so busy you can’t think straight and a friend or family member asks for your help and it just doesn’t feel right / good then say NO! You are not being selfish, you are practising the art of self-love.

Spirit have also asked me to add these messages for this week, which are; Please take time to ground yourself this week as the past few weeks have been crazy for everyone and we need to get our feet back on the ground so to speak! Also, they are saying keep your eyes open for new opportunities that come your way as you may not realise at first that they could make a big difference to your life!

I am so excited about this week’s energies as I am about to launch my Love Light attunement on my website, (plus for all my Facebook followers I will be giving away a free Love Light attunement, so watch out for the post to be in with a chance to be chosen!) and having done this energy update I now know it is the perfect time to launch!

Wishing you all a blissful week!

Love Sarah ♥


3 thoughts on “Weekly Energy Update 21st – 27th Jan 2013”

    1. Hi
      There are a few ways to ground yourself.
      1. You can spend some time in nature, do some gardening or just go for a walk on the beach or forest
      2. Take off your shoes and socks and stand outside on the grass – great way to ground!
      3. If it is too cold to do the above or you haven’t much time, then stand or sit with your feet firmly on the floor (you can do this inside!) and imagine / visualise roots coming out of your feet going right through the Earth to the central core. Try to make this a practice by doing this every morning when you wake. You only have to visualise for seconds / a minute!
      Hope these help. Love Sarah xx


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