The Energies of 2013

Weekly Energy Update 28th Jan – 3rd Feb 2013

Last week, we were reminded about the importance of ‘balance’ in 2013 once again! But the energies were really focused on ‘love’, ‘gratitude’ and ‘personal truth’, which are all linked to the Heart Chakra. The energies for this week follow on perfectly from the Heart, helping us to develop the Third Eye & Crown Chakras even more!

This week’s ‘BIG’ words are ‘SPIRIT’, ‘FAITH’ & ‘COURAGE’. I am being asked to share with you all, that we need to view our current situations through our higher Chakras. Spirit are asking us to use our Third Eye and Crown Chakras much more than we do currently in our daily life. What this means is that instead of using our mental energies (practical mind), which use the lower Chakras to work out a problem, we should use the higher ones as well! This means opening up and listening to our intuition / higher self / angels / guides more this week when we feel a bit stuck or have a choice to make.

There is a wind of change blowing through the energies this week and we need to go with the flow! As this year progresses we will find it much more of a struggle to only use our mental energies for the more practical side of life, therefore this week is a bit of a practice for us all to start using ALL of our energy for everything we do!

Let’s take an example to help understand what Spirit mean by using the higher Chakras more this week! Say you are given two options by a friend about where to go for dinner and she leaves it up to you to make the decision. What is the first thing you do? Do you have a look at both the restaurants on-line, read through all the reviews, check the prices, parking etc and then make your choice? Or do you go with your gut? Do you just look at the names and pick one because it FEELS better than the other? I bet most of us do the first because we like to know what to expect! This example is a very simple one to demonstrate how we can save time and effort just by listening to our intuition (gut)! This is what Spirit want us to do more frequently and each time we do, it gets easier and we trust our instincts more fully. This week, practice making a small decision just using your intuition and see what happens! This helps us to go with the flow and enables us to trust our own guidance for the bigger choices we need to make in life.

Once you have made your decision just using your intuition, use your practical mind and do what you would have normally done and see if the decision you made (using your intuition) would have been the same!

The words ‘SPIRIT’, ‘FAITH’ & ‘COURAGE’ all link to what I have written above as we need to trust in our spirit guides / intuition, have faith that when we make a choice based on what we feel it will be for our highest good and then have the courage to actually follow the direction we are given!

Follow your heart and intuition this week and go with the flow!

Wishing you all a blissful week.

Love Sarah ♥


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