Spiritual & Physical Energy

I’ve been wanting to write about this subject for a while and now is the perfect time as I have just finished learning all of my lessons about this topic, which I can now share with you!

I have learnt over the last few years that there is a big difference between our physical and spiritual energy. How we feel depends on how high each energy is. So what is the difference between the two?

Spiritual energy is all about our aura and higher Chakras. Spiritual energy comes from being clear in the Third Eye Chakra and having the Crown Chakra open & balanced. It also gives us the energy to have new ideas and clear thoughts. If our spiritual energy is high, it is easy to start listening to our intuition and beginning to manifest these ideas into reality. If our aura is out of balance, this can also affect our spiritual energy. For example, if we have gone through an emotional time and keep these emotions stuffed down inside, this will affect the aura first. Our aura will start to change colour and parts of it may become patchy, which then turn into holes. This, in turn, impacts our spiritual energy as we cannot hold our spiritual light within our aura and body any more. Once this light starts to seep out of us, this can manifest into health issues within the body.

Physical energy is how much energy our body actually has in terms of being able to do the things that need doing on a day-to-day basis. Such as, energy to get up in the morning without feeling exhausted! Physical energy is how your body feels. Do you ever feel that your mind is alert and wanting you to do things, but your body just wants to rest? This is because your body is tired and needs to recuperate! Your body may be giving you signs, such as aches and pains to show you that it needs to rest!!

In my opinion, spiritual energy is our essence and life force. When this is low, it impacts our physical energy. When our spiritual energy is high, but our physical energy is low, we can end up pushing ourselves to our limits as the spiritual energy gives us the strength to push forward. If we do this without realising our physical energy is low, we may end up burning ourselves out as we use up all of our spiritual energy to replace the physical energy!

This is why it is so important to understand each energy and keep them high so we are able to manifest and live the life we desire!

How can you tell how high each energy is? This is something I have worked on a lot over the years and I can now tell in percentage terms what my own energy is like and also that of other people, which help when I give energy scans, healing and readings. What I do is check in on myself every morning. I take a minute to just tune into how my body is feeling, do I feel tired, do I feel energised and ready for the day? I listen and feel for aches and pains and then I ask myself what percentage my physical energy is. I normally get a number between 1 – 100%. If my physical energy is low, the number will be low, say 20%, if it is high then the number will be high, say 70%. I then repeat this exercise for my spiritual energy but focus on how clear my mind is. If our minds are stressed and running wild with millions of thoughts, the likelihood is that our spiritual energy is low! If you find this hard to fathom, just sit and breathe and ask for help from Spirit. A number, colour or feeling will normally pop into your head if you ask a question, so just ask ‘how is my physical energy today?’ and then repeat the question for your spiritual energy.

Once you understand if which energy is high/low, you can then work on healing yourself, so you get back into balance. If your physical energy is low, ask yourself what does my body need to rejuvenate itself? Is it more sleep, a massage, just resting with a good book, perhaps it needs a more balanced diet or some yoga to stretch out those muscles! You know intuitively what your body needs, so just listen for the signs it gives you! If your spiritual energy is low, then ask yourself why. Is your mind too busy to settle, are your Chakras out of balance, have you been through an upheaval recently or even in the past that you haven’t dealt with emotionally? Once you work out why you can do something about it.

If you feel you can’t heal yourself on your own, then find someone who can help. Sometimes we need help from others as they have different gifts than we do. I do regular healing exchanges with a good friend of mine. When one of us feels that we need help in shifting something or just feel like we could use some healing, we do a swap! I will work on her for an hour and then she works on me for an hour! We both have different gifts that work on different things, so even if you are a healer, never be embarrassed that you can’t always heal yourself, we all need help from time to time.

I also wanted to share my experience over the last week. Even though I know when my physical and spiritual energy is high or low, I am still human and therefore still have my lessons to learn!! When I set up my healing business last year, I decided to give email readings as I love to write and thought this was the perfect way to help others. However, even though the messages that come through are just the same as when I give readings face to face it is sometimes difficult to get the right tone in an email reading. This takes a lot of energy to really understand the person you are reading for and also see the bigger picture. Giving readings are much easier to do in person or on the phone as you can feel the person’s energy straight away and they can give you feedback! I was using so much of my spiritual and physical energy in giving email readings, that when another person ordered one last week I actually let out a groan!! It was at this point I realised that email readings were using too much of my energy and I didn’t enjoy doing them as much as I should! I have to admit I did double-check this with a very good friend of mine, who is an amazing reader and works with energy just like me. She said that to offer email readings, you need to charge at least £100 for the time invested as they are very draining!! So I immediately took them down from my website and now offer phone readings instead! This was my last lesson in spiritual and physical energy. I was so tired last week, which was more physical than spiritual, but the email readings were a big part of the problem. Once I had taken these down, I actually felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I love what I do and now I can give much better readings on the phone, so everyone wins!

I wanted to use this as an example of how we should all listen to what our body and minds are telling us! We all know what drains our energy, spiritual or physical and we need to take steps in order to stop this from happening. So next time you feel really tired, check to see if it is your spiritual or physical energy creating this, then work out the reason why and either change how and what you do or ask someone for help!