The Energies of 2013

The Energies of February 2013

February is finally here and I for one am extremely grateful that January is now behind us! January was an interesting month which started slowly, then intensified into incredibly fast paced energies during certain weeks! Now we are a few days into February and I feel that this is going to be an exciting month!

February’s ‘BIG’ words are ‘HAPPINESS’, ‘BOLDNESS’ & LIGHT’

The Chinese New Year begins tomorrow on 4th Feb, however Chinese New Year Day is actually on 10th Feb, 2013. It is the year of the Water Snake. The Water Snake paves the path for re-birth, new beginnings and transformation as she sheds her skin. The Water Snake year will plant the embryo to bear fruit in 2014. This is a time to set your ship on course to manifest your wildest dreams! This ties in so well with my overview of the energies for 2013!

The energy of February is much kinder than January and will assist us in creating our happiness! January was the month to take the time to understand what makes us truly happy and then create three BIG statements to help us achieve these dreams (please read the energies of Jan for more info on this). February is now the time for action to start creating this happiness in our lives. The energies are all aligned to start making our dreams into reality. What were your three statements and have you started working towards these yet? If not, use the energies of Feb to guide you in the right direction to create your ‘HAPPINESS’!

The second word of this month is ‘BOLDNESS’. Spirit is saying, be bold this month, show everyone who you truly are! We all know (and love) that little voice inside of us, which says ‘you can do it’! Listen to it this month and take that chance. Show the world how magnificent you are and step outside your comfort zone!!

‘LIGHT’ is the last word of the month, but certainly not the least! This ties back to the word ‘BOLDNESS’. It is time to really let your light shine so bright that others can see you glowing in the darkness. Spirit is saying, the Crown Chakra is a key area of focus this month, which is our connection between wisdom and spiritual insight. The Crown Chakra is where ethereal light and energy are received and then dispersed throughout our auras for total well-being. To help balance this Chakra, practice yoga, breath work and meditation this month. Also, if you are still feeling a bit tired after all the energetic craziness of January, then book yourself in for some healing or massage and let someone else help you re-balance.

February is a positive month of forward movement. We are all aware that some people are still stuck in the dark and these people may need our help more so than usual this month as Valentine’s day approaches. This is why we need to follow our dreams, which lead to our ‘HAPPINESS’, demonstrate ‘BOLDNESS’ to show others that we are not afraid and shine our ‘LIGHT’ so bright that we can be a beacon for all those that are still stuck in the darkness.

Be happy, be bold and light up the world!

Wishing you all a blissful February!

Love Sarah ♥


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