The Energies of 2013

Weekly Energy Update 4th Feb – 10th Feb 2013

The energies of February are much kinder than January and will assist us in creating our happiness, as I posted in the energies of Feb 2013! We need to be happy, bold and full of light this month, so we can all shine brightly for everyone else. With that in mind, let’s look at what this week has in-store!

This week’s ‘BIG’ words are ‘COURAGE’ & ‘CONTEMPLATION’. These words, given by Spirit, are the perfect words to start this month!

To find where our true happiness lies, we need to have the courage to follow our hearts. We also need to find the courage to be bold and step out of our comfort zone! Having courage will allow our true light to shine and we will also demonstrate to others that there is nothing to fear! To be inspired with courage, look and recognise the direction in which your heart is leading you. The physical world is like a play, that we are acting out with others. At any time we can change or rewrite the script. This is how we create our own reality. Fear of failure or fear of loss can keep us from following our dreams. What is holding you back from living your dream?

Courage is not about taking unnecessary risks or putting ourselves in danger. True courage is the strength of mind and spirit needed to take action that is dictated to us by our hearts. This is the path of the spiritual warrior.

We are all spiritual warriors, so take the first step this week and lead rather than follow. You may find that you become an inspiration for others to follow their dreams too. This is one of the ways to shine your light!

The word ‘CONTEMPLATION’ for me conjurers up images of peace and tranquillity. Try to find some space this week in your busy schedule to ‘just be’. Contemplate your life. Are you living the life you would choose for yourself? Are your behaviours and manifestations matching who you truly are? If the answers to these questions are ‘yes’, then what is your next idea or step, day dream about this and start creating in your mind. If the answer is ‘no’, then visualise the life you would like to have and start thinking about ways to make this happen.

This week is a chance to stop for a moment and make sure we are on the right path, then it’s about finding the courage to either take a step into the life we want to have or taking a leap into the unknown!

Find the spiritual warrior inside you this week and show everyone how courageous you truly are!

Wishing you all a blissful week!

Love Sarah ♥


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