The Energies of 2013

Weekly Energy Update 11th Feb – 17th Feb 2013

I hope you all got chance to read my little energy update for last week as it explained why Spirit didn’t let us all know why the energy was going to be so crazy!! Check out the post at little energy update!

The energies of the planet are changing almost daily and it’s sometimes hard to keep up! Even though I have an amazing connection with Spirit, who help me write these energy updates, not everything is how we expect it to be! Last week was a prime example of this. Spirit gave us the key words that we needed to focus on, which were courage and contemplation, which was of course true, however they left out that the energies would go haywire again and leave us all feeling blown away by the craziness of it all!!

Spirit never lie as they help give us direction and information, but sometimes they don’t tell us the whole story! Spirit sometimes don’t tell us everything because we need to experience things for ourselves so we can learn and evolve. This was especially true of last week’s energy update as Spirit just gave us the key words to work with. I/we then put our expectations on these. When we learn new information, we then create expectations and one of our biggest learnings on Earth is to release all expectations as we should all be living in the moment!! Living in the moment is easier said than done when we have jobs, families, relationships, friends and all the other things that make up our lives! We will always want to put an expectation on a certain event. I expected after writing the energy update that the energies would be much calmer and kinder last week. However, as we all know and felt this was not the case! This was a great learning for me and hopefully for you too.

It is good to reflect on past learnings as they help us make changes and look forward. I hope that everyone can take something from last week’s energies to help them on their path.

I also wanted to touch on the overall energies of 2013 as there will be many highs and lows along the way! We have all experienced many feelings of being overwhelmed, vulnerable and exposed so far this year. This is due to the new energies that we all helped to bring in at the end of 2012. We are all trying to adjust to these new energies and with change comes a certain amount of chaos! Our spiritual and physical energies (for more info on the difference between these, please read Spiritual & Physical Energy) are changing. We may feel tired, frustrated and a little off-balance as our bodies and souls adapt to all this new light. The good news is that once we adjust, we will be able to manifest more easily and heal more quickly.

Everything is happening much faster than ever before and we are transforming and evolving at the speed of light!! Therefore the word that Spirit has given us for the week ahead helps us to work through these energetic changes.

There is only one ‘BIG’ word that Spirit want us to focus on this week and that is ‘FAITH’.

The definition of faith is ‘Complete trust or confidence in someone or something.’ I believe this is one of the most important words a Lightworker can have in their vocabulary! Sometimes we can be flying high as we utilise the passion that springs from our hearts. Our main soul purpose is to help others and this is a gift that we all enjoy giving as it brings so much joy. On the other hand, when we feel off-balance or our energies are low, we sometimes find it hard to trust and have that all important FAITH! I’m sure many of you reading this have experienced a ‘dark night of the soul’ at some point and when we are in that place, it is incredibly difficult to see the light. Spirit are asking us to renew our faith in ourselves, love and humanity this week. They are asking us all to have faith that the energies will settle and we will all get back into balance once again.

Surround yourself this week with happiness! This could be as simple as buying yourself a bunch of flowers, taking the dog for a walk, spending quality time with your children, enjoying a candle lit meal with your partner, getting creative, planning a holiday, going for a walk, booking a new course / workshop or just watching your favourite movie! Each of these things I have listed may be small, but aren’t they the reason why we all get up in the morning? These little things all add up to create the BIG things in life, which is happiness! Have faith that things will improve and notice what happens around you!

Wishing you all a blissful week!

Love Sarah ♥


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