The Energies of 2013

Love Party!

What do you think about us all having a LOVE PARTY?! My FB page, Lightworker Community is all about sharing the love, so my idea is that everyone (who wants to!) takes 5 mins out of their day to send love & healing to our beautiful Mother Earth to say thank you. We always send her healing when we do the big one each month, but wouldn’t it be nice for us all to give Gaia a big blast of LOVE!

It’s a bit difficult to co-ordinate times around the world, but I am guided to Thursday 28th Feb at 9pm GMT / 4pm New York / 1pm LA / 3pm Chicago, which is Fri 1st March 8am Sydney!

Please share this so we can get as many people as possible coming together at this time. Writing this post has made me feel really excited and the Angels are cheering!!

It doesn’t matter if you are on the bus, train, sitting at home, at your desk at work or even shopping. At the appointed time, just intend your love and imagine Earth in a big bubble of pink light for 5 mins! If you are a healer, add your healing gifts to the love! I cannot wait to feel the energy for this one. Love Sarah ♥

If I have missed out your time zone, click here to find it at worldclock converter


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