The Energies of 2013

The Energies of March 2013

“Hope is faith holding out its hand in the dark.”

~George Iles~

I wanted to start this month’s energy update with a quote about hope and faith because it’s what I’m holding on to right now.  I’m in a new place spiritually and feel alone, yet surrounded by love.  My main gift, as most of you know, is clairaudiance, but as I am changing and shifting, so are my gifts and how I use them.  It was so easy to write my previous updates as my guides just spoke to me and I wrote what they said.  They are not giving me this information in just words any more and I’m finding it hard to accept this new way of being!

I feel all at sea and I have doubted my gifts over these last few weeks.  When we grow, it takes a while for the new energies to integrate.  This is true of any growth, not just spiritual growth.  If we move home or change jobs, it shifts us into a new way of being.  We need to find our feet and learn the ropes of where we are now!

A good friend and teacher of mine explained what was happening to me yesterday when I told her it feels strange not to be able to just have a conversation with Spirit like I used to. She reminded me ‘we are all one’. As we step more fully into our power and grow spiritually, so do our gifts and how we use them.

She said that if I only heard the information in words I may be missing out on other meanings and interpretations of what was being given to me.  Life is not one dimensional and nor is the Spirit world or our senses.  This finally made sense to me as I have been battling with this new way of working for the last few months.  I am now ready to receive the information being given in all forms, not just in words.  I can still have conversations with Spirit when this is appropriate, but now I get everything as well! It’s difficult to explain as I kind of just know, feel, see or hear what I need to write, say or do!  Like all new ways of working, this will take some time to get used too, but I know this is the next shift for me and I need to just go with the flow!!

The reason I felt like sharing this with you in the March energy update is because 2013 is about evolution and March is one of the power month’s for this.

“We are evolving from a species that pursues external power
into a species that pursues Authentic Power…
Authentic power has its roots in the deepest source of our being.
An authentically empowered person
is incapable of making anyone or anything a victim.
An authentically empowered person is one who is so strong, so empowered,
that the idea of using force against another
is not a part of his or her consciousness.”

~ Gary Zukav ~

We are evolving into multi sensory humans and our spiritual growth is a constant throughout 2013.  This is the year of change.  We may not enjoy change, especially when it is outside of our control.  We may not feel ready for it and we may need to ask others for help when we are in the midst of it.  If you feel like this, know you are not alone.  Many Lightworkers are facing big changes right now.  The energies of January and February have been the catalysts to show us where we are heading.  The intense energies we have all been experiencing have shown us the light, in some respects, as they have opened our eyes to the changes we each need to make to create happier and more balanced lives. These changes are necessary and beneficial to the whole of humanity as when we grow and change we enable more light to come in to help others.

March is one of the big month’s this year in terms of change. You may not see major change occurring this month, but you will definitely see and feel the change in the air!  March’s energies are crystal clear, just like that feeling you get on a really cold day, but when the sun is shinning too! As you step outside the air feels crisp and fresh, but when you turn your face towards the sun it smiles down on you giving you a lovely warm feeling inside.

March is a high energy month. It is a great time to think about your plan of action for the future.  However, it is not the best energy to actually go ahead and make those changes.  The energy is great for planning, thinking, understanding and gathering information rather than doing! So use the energies of March to decide what you are going to do, how you are going to do it and when these changes should take place.  May & June are the best month’s to do the doing!

Wishing you all a blissful month!

Love Sarah ♥


8 thoughts on “The Energies of March 2013”

  1. Well said Sarah. I too have found my abilities enhanced quite a bit these last few months and mine are the opposite of yours, I see, feel and know but now and then hear. I’m used to interpreting the feelings, visions and the knowings I get and LOVE IT. And, I believe you will too when you get used to it, then you will have the best of both worlds and abilities and like this blog, be able to help others with the experience. Love and Light to you in your journey, Joss


    1. Hi Josslyn
      Thank you for sharing this. Spirit is bringing me lots of support and encouragement, which I really appreciate. The main thing I miss most is my guides, they were always there talking to me! I can still connect with them, but it just feels very different and like anything I just need to get used to it! I do know that this is a great step forward and that I am blessed. Thanks again for your support. Love Sarah x


  2. Hey Sara , don’t feel alone I have felt wonky for the last two months. Feels like my guides are on vacation and my gifts get fuzzy. I have noticed this has happened to me a couple of times, I get all freaked out and sad and then something shifts and I’m ready to go. I woke up this morning and feel so excited so I’m taking that as a wonderful sign! Blessings to you, thanks for sharing your beautiful gifts!


    1. Hi Kelly
      Thank you for your support. I guess we all find it hard sometimes when things change unexpectedly, even if they are for our highest good! We are all going through a lot of shifts at the moment and there is more to come! xxx


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