Waiting to Follow Your Dreams!

Are you finding it hard to be patient?

I had the worst day at work today, which I guess has been building, but I feel very sad, so have had a good cry and released all the tension, fears and frustrations!! For those of you that don’t know, I have a very stressful and busy ‘day’ job as well as running my own business Violet-Light! I felt guided to set up my business last year, so I trusted my intuition and put the time and effort into creating my website and setting up things like insurance etc.  I have not regretted a moment of this and it has rewarded me 10-fold.

I was okay to keep doing my ‘day’ job alongside, but now it is no longer fun to do both.  I have been thinking for a while about quitting the ‘day’ job and have decided that this is what I am going to do by the end of this year.

However, I am being pulled so much more in the direction of my business (healing work & readings) I don’t feel like I can wait much longer!! The reason for giving you this background is that I wanted to share with you what it feels like to wait until the time is right to be able to follow your dreams or heart’s desires.  I’m sure many of us feel fed up, frustrated and perhaps a bit angry that Spirit and our Higher Selves has shown us this new path of happiness and we can’t quite grasp it yet!

I feel a bit like the donkey with a man sat on his back holding a stick with a carrot dangling at the end!! The donkey can see the carrot, but no matter how fast he goes can never get the carrot until the man gets off and gives it to him.

It is hard being a human being on Earth right now as we are being pushed and pulled in so many directions!  The energies are fast paced and we are all trying our best to keep our heads above water! As Lightworkers, we know we should listen to our intuition, help to bring in more light for ourselves and others and love ourselves unconditionally. Most of the time I actually find this relatively easy to do, but there are a few days in the year when it all just becomes too much and I have to remember it is okay to feel sad, it’s okay to get frustrated, it’s okay to be angry and it’s a really good thing to let it all out by having a really good cry!!! Today is one of those days!

As you know I am in contact daily with the Spirit world and my guides, so obviously I have asked them for help and advice as to what is happening! Their answer is that I need to wait as it is not the right time to quit! I also feel this in my gut too, so I am waiting, but my patience has nearly run out!! I am partly angry and partly frustrated as I feel ‘stuck’ in a situation where I don’t have any control! This is another lesson for us Lightworkers, as Spirit always says we need to go with the flow & surrender! When I feel like I do today, I turn into a ‘child’ and want to stamp my feet and say I have had enough, you pushed me on to this path and shown me the carrot, why can’t I have a bite of it!!

Then, I stop and think about all the things I have accomplished in terms of my own clearing, learning and development. Plus, think about all the wonderful feedback I have had from clients and other people who I have helped along their path and it stops me behaving like a small child!  I get back to being a Lightworker!

I thought it was important to share my feelings with you because as hard as we all try and live in the moment and surrender, we all have days like the one I had today when things get too much and you just need to be human for an hour or two!

Love Sarah ♥

13 thoughts on “Waiting to Follow Your Dreams!

  1. Thank you for this. It’s comforting to know that others are dealing with the same turmoil as I am. I almost feel as though you were expressing my thoughts exactly 😉


  2. Ahhhh….the roller coaster ride!!! It never really ends…because we will always be evolving to the next level of BEing and understanding. But…my dear…i needed to take this opportunity to say that you are BEAUTIFUL!!! Your Light is PURE…Your Heart is Sincere…and You are a great and radiant source of LOVE on this earth!!! I honor you for your brave walk…and wish you every imaginable blessing along your journey!!! ♥ Thank you for sharing yourself so selflessly!!!!


  3. Oh Sarah, I get that same feeling about that carrot too! Only tonight I had a heart to heart and said, ‘when I finish with whatever I am supposed to do I would like to take a nice long rest’ and I showed a picture of what I want to do. You know my heart. The message I was given about chef is that time is needed for him to turn around. I accept this, and I can work on myself while I work on my project with Spirit. Can you hold on about five weeks? That is what I am getting. This is for both of us. Namaste, big hugs, and aloha Mau loa (I love you forever).


    1. Thank you! I want a rest too! I’m so pleased we found each other. The healing will be a big help for all of us tomorrow. Love & BIG hugs to you too. Love you, Sarah ♥


  4. This is so reconiceble!!!! I give you all the love cause your a great person! And the things you bring to us give me great lessons and guideness. I let a candle specialy for you and a t he lightworkers with you!
    Love Erik


  5. You are not the only one feeling like this! I too am getting messages to hang in there no matter how much I want to quit most days. Thank you for sharing. ❤


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