The Energies of 2013

Weekly Energy Update 18th – 24th March 2013

We are all one. We are all love. We are Earth Light.

The above is what Earth Light Reiki stands for.  I have been guided to start with talking about Earth Light Reiki in the first part of my weekly energy update as this, to me, is one of the most beautiful and advanced Reiki systems there is available on our Planet today.  Doing the Mastership/Teacher level last November has basically transformed my life!  I have shifted to a whole new level of awareness that I didn’t even realise was possible and I am still growing everyday by using this divine energy.

Why did I start with this you are probably all wondering?

The reason is that after the BIG healing event I did yesterday with 3 other amazing Lightworkers, we helped create a shift in the energies that was so HUGE that it didn’t really sink in until today! This is why I was guided to wait until now to write this update!! Please visit my FB page Lightworker Community to see what happened in the healing if you are interested in reading more.

March is definitely THE month of change and that’s putting it mildly! The healing we did freed us from 5 grids that were locking the Earth (a bit like a prison is how I saw it!) Spirit are saying that we have all been released from the last parts of darkness that have been holding us back.  I am seeing the new light as if it were new baby shoots coming up through the Earth. It will take another few months for these shoots to grow into proper rays of light, so we still need to be patient.  BUT, I am picking up a feeling of openness, purity, hope and peace within these new energies that are coming. This is what Earth Light Reiki is all about.  We are becoming ONE!

I for one am feeling more peaceful and centred.  I wrote in my last post about my bad day at work on Friday and today, I just treated it like a job that needs to be done with no emotional attachment.  The ties have disappeared and I know whatever happens will happen in the way it is supposed to be.  After catching a glimpse of the new energies that are coming our way I feel that we should be able to TRUST more in ourselves and others than we have ever done before.

This week is about just going with the flow and trying to let go of any attachments that may be holding us back.  As I have said previously, March is not about making rash decisions (unless they really FEEL 100% right) as it is a month to ponder, release and ultimately integrate all the we have learnt from 2013 so far.

It will still be a busy couple of weeks until the end of March, but it feels like there are now two energy streams in existence! The first is the heavier, denser energies we have all been used to so far this year, which will mainly be felt by those who have not awakened yet.  The second stream is the pure light energy we have just brought in (the new baby shoots), which if you release attachments to what no longer serves your highest good and you just let it flow, you should be able to feel these new energies brushing softly past you.  You may only catch a glimpse of these, but when you do, remember this is what we have all been working towards and this energy is becoming stronger everyday.  It’s strength will soon outweigh the denser energies of the first stream!

When you release your attachments to certain places, things or people, you don’t have to cut them out of your life.  You just need to rise above it all and know deep down that you no longer need these emotional ties.  Just let their energies wash right over you and don’t get sucked into stuff that drains YOUR energy!

Wishing you all a blissful week!  Let me know if you catch a glimpse of those new shoots!

If you would like to know more about Earth Light Reiki, please click here to be taken to my website.

Love Sarah ♥


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