The Energies of 2013


I wanted to share this with you as I am very excited to be able to offer these! I was given the gift of 5 beautiful Blessings by Archangel Sophia earlier this month and have been guided to offer these to others, hence writing this post!  As you know I don’t normally post about the services I offer, but these Blessings feel important to share given the current energies at this time.

Please see below for more info about what a Blessing is and the different ones I have channelled.  You can choose what you wish to pay as I want these to be affordable to all and everyone who needs help can receive.

The energies are a little tough for some of us right now and each of these Blessings have been gifted to me to help those in need of support and comfort.  Sometimes it is hard to ask for help, so these Blessings are an easy way of reaching out for a hand to hold when you feel like you are in the dark or just in need of a little boost of energy, comfort or protection.

Archangel Sophia is not a well know Archangel!  She is the Angel of Love.  She has the status of an Archangel, but she likes to keep it modest and be referred to as Angel Sophia. Her energy is love and she offers it in large amounts. She wants us to plant this energy all around the planet to counteract all the fear and negativity that has been ever-present lately. This is why she gave me these Blessings, so we could feel her love, guidance and support around us, especially in our greatest time of need.

They are called Blessings as sometimes even the most difficult times in our lives can be blessings in disguise!  We tend to not see these periods as such until we come out of the other side and realise how much we have learnt about ourselves and grown! However, we all need a little bit of help now & again to get us back on track, which are what these Blessings are for.

The Blessings I have channelled are not attunements.  They only stay with you for as long as you need them.  Each blessing may work & stay with you for a week, a month or even a year.  It depends on what you are going through and how long these energies need to stay and help you. This is for your higher self to decide and I cannot tell you how long these will stay.  This is why I have set a very low price for them so they are affordable for everyone who needs a bit of extra support.

Please be guided by what you truly FEEL YOU need most at this time.  Choose the blessing YOU feel most drawn to. This could be just one Blessing or perhaps you feel you need two, three, four or all five.   The choice is completely up to you.

The Five Blessings are as follows:

Peace Blessing
The Peace Blessing is for when you really need some peace in your life! If things have started to get too hectic or you are not being able to find ‘me time’ then this is a wonderful way to help you find the peace you crave.  It is also great for helping to relax your mind and release all those worries and thoughts that keep running around in your head.

Light Blessing
The Light Blessing is the strongest of all the Blessings and it is there to help you through any uncomfortable clearing work you may be experiencing from attunements or just by stepping forward on your spiritual path.  It helps to clear anything that is stuck or that you are having difficulty letting go of.  This blessing creates a blast of white light to aid you in your clearing work, but also creates a protective bubble of light around you so things will be easier to deal with.

Joy & Happiness Blessing
The Joy & Happiness Blessing is a wonderful blessing when you truly need some comfort in your life.  If you are going through any stages of grief or loss, then this acts like a warm blanket that is gently wrapped around you to help you through this difficult time.  This Blessing sends you a slow, gentle flow of love energy to help you to heal and get your own energy back on track. Once you have reached a place in the grieving process where you are ready to step back into the flow of life again, then it slowly works to help you feel and see the joy & happiness around & inside of you again.

Abundance Blessing
The Abundance Blessing helps you to release your fears about receiving! As Lightworkers we all love to give and sometimes we may feel guilty about receiving! I found this hard to do at the start of my journey, but have since learnt that it is just as important to be able to receive as it is to give! The more you allow yourself to receive the more abundance you will see coming into your life.  We all deserve abundance of love, health, wealth & happiness, so if you struggle with this notion and sometimes feel guilty when you receive without having given then this is the Blessing for YOU!  If we don’t open up to receive we block the flow of energy and in time drain our own energy that we love to give to others!

Energy Blessing
The Energy Blessing, as its name suggests, helps to increase your energy levels in a gentle, non-evasive way. We all get tired sometimes and this Blessing helps you to cope when you find your energy levels are depleted.  This Blessing is good for those going through an illness or recuperating after one.  It is also beneficial for when exhaustion hits and you feel you have nothing left to give.

How to accept your Blessing(s)
As these are not attunements, once you have paid you have accepted your chosen Blessing(s).  So once I send the Blessing(s) it will start to work and help you immediately! These are very gentle energies and you do not have to do anything to receive, like you would do for an attunement.  Each Blessing takes about 15 minutes to fully integrate once sent, but as they work in the background you may only feel a slight wave of energy when I send them or you may feel nothing at all depending on your sensitivity to energy.  However, the notes I send you will include information about how to use these Blessings when you could do with a boost, then you should feel them at work, but they will be working alongside you at all times until the Blessing is not needed by you any longer!

I will send you an email letting you know your Blessing has been sent and I will also include the Blessing notes I have been guided to create.  I will do this as soon as I can (within a week of your payment at the latest).  These Blessings are meant to help people quickly when needed, hence there is no need to do anything apart from decide the one you wish to have to help you on your journey!

Please visit my website Violet-Light for the Blessings, where you can choose what you wish to pay. Please also send me an email through the contact form through my website with which Blessings you would like so I can send you the manual & set them up.

I give full support with all the services I offer, please see the page on my website for more info. Plus I will also check in with Spirit to make sure what you choose is right for you in case you have any doubts!

Love Sarah ♥


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