The Energies of 2013

The Energies of April 2013

“At the centre  of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want.”

~ Lao Tzu~

I have been trying to get a feel for April’s energies over the last few days and although I felt April would be an action packed month, I didn’t really know what to write! I could see the energy as large swirls that have not yet settled into what they will become and this is still true as I’m writing this today on the 1st!

Therefore, I felt that the quote above gives us some direction regardless of what the energies are doing! I am being given that we all need to find our centre this month.  When we centre ourselves and become still we regain our balance and start to understand the direction in which we need to head.

March was all about planning, preparing and pondering! May & June is all about the ‘doing’, so what happens in April?! Well, April is another bridging month in 2013, which helps us start to see the BIG picture and how it could unfold! The energies are swirling around as things are still in progress and have not yet been decided or finalised.  Our job this month is to make a decision about where we want to be at the end of 2013! We don’t have to rush off and do it this month as we have the rest of the year to do that.  However, this energy is best used to help us make decisions.  If we have used March wisely, we should all be in a good place. We should have already done most of the work in understanding what it is that we truly want and some of us may have even started to do something about it too! April is the month to get back in touch with ourselves and make those decisions that have probably been going round & round in our heads for the last few months!

Any decision we make in April will help the energies to settle and start to help us form what we truly desire.  Now this may sound strange, but things are moving so fast that if we don’t make a decision about something that has been on our mind, then the likelihood is that it will be made for us! So, if you want to stay in control of your own destiny and achieve those goals and dreams, then make that decision so you can reach them!

If you have been thinking about changing something, but now you have thought about it and it doesn’t feel good any more, then that’s okay as this is still a decision! You have decided not to go forward with that thought and this frees you up to think about new ideas!

April is an interesting month from what I can see so far, the first half will continue a bit like March, then the energy should settle by mid month.  The exciting part comes in the second half and more so towards the end of the month! This has probably something to do with Lunar Eclipse on the 25th April & the Solar Eclipse on the 10th May.  These events will create a period in between of intense energy movement & acceleration.

The end of April feels BIG, although I’m not quite sure why just yet! I will post more when I get given extra info on this! All I will say is try and make your decisions by 25th April as this will help you get a handle on whatever comes next!

I have a feeling that April will have a few massive ups and a few downs to go with it, but by the end of the month the energies will have stopped swirling and become much more settled as we move into May / June in time for us to start doing the doing!!

One last note, I have been guided to set up a new blog on top of this one and I wrote my first post today about April’s energies, which was interesting as the one you are reading now came later! The reason I am sharing this with you is that some of you may prefer my new blog or use it for extra info on the current energies.

The new blog is called Earth Light and it’s main purpose is for those drawn to work with the Earth Light energies at this time.  I’m also going to use it to promote my Earth Light Reiki courses, as many of you know this style of Reiki has transformed my life and I feel guided to start organising courses properly from June! (Decision has been made!!)  I offer them now, but they are ad hoc and only happen when people ask me to run one!  The blog posts I write will also be about the Earth’s energies, but only when I feel like I should and they will also be very short! I know a lot of you reading this are Lightworkers, but the new blog will focus more on what Lightworkers need to do with the current energies. My new blog won’t be for everyone and I promise I will continue to write both blogs, so this one will stay the same!

Wishing you all a blissful month!

Love Sarah ♥


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