The Energies of 2013

Love Energy (April Update!)

“Love is letting go of fear”

~ Gerald Jampolsky ~

I haven’t written an energy update in a while as I have been on a crazy ride over the last couple of weeks, but now is the time to share this with you! The focus of this energy update is ‘LOVE’.

April has been a very interesting month energetically and things have really speeded up in the second half.  I was shown by Spirit this week that the big bubble that we are currently in is about to burst.  This bubble has helped us redefine who we are, whilst being in a protected space.  In a few months, this bubble will burst as we are nearly ready to be able to see, feel & hear the power that is within us all.  This is the news that all Lightworkers have been waiting for! The energies are calmer, yet moving incredibly fast helping push us towards our true mission.  Many of us have already had some big life changes this month, which have opened our eyes to what we truly want from our lives.  The changes that are occurring are in perfect timing, even if some of us may not believe this to be true at this moment in time! Spirit are asking us to trust that everything will work out perfectly.  Surrender is a key word for this week!

Many of you may have wondered why with everything that’s been going on why I haven’t written more updates!  The reason is I have met my soulmate and fallen head over heals in love!! I have been on my own for the last few years working on myself and my spiritual path.  It was only in the last few months that I released the ‘want’ and ‘need’ to find someone to share my life with as I finally understood that love comes from within and that if you truly accept who you are and what your heart desires for you personally, then the rest just falls away.  So meeting my soulmate was a complete surprise (who by the way is nothing like I expected!) I also didn’t even recognise him for about a month!! We are both on a spiritual journey, which right now we need to share together.  I thought I was pretty much sorted after all the clearing I have done over the last 3 years, but oh boy was I wrong!! He has shown me that I need to face my fears about love and also accept that it is not wrong to lean on someone that cares for me once in a while! Now, whilst I am incredibly happy that we have found each other, I want you all to know that meeting a soulmate can also bring up a lot of unresolved fears and challenges! We all have lots of soulmates and meet many of them during our life.  Some are good friends, some are family, but some are lovers too! Soulmates may come into our lives for a reason, stay a short while and then leave when fears have been faced.  Other soulmates come in and stay for a lot longer or even a lifetime.

The energy of 2013 is BIG and April onwards is no exception.  Whatever unresolved issues we have will come and find us this year in one way or another! The reason for sharing this is that we need to face our fears in order to grow.  We also have free will, so we could run away or hide when a mirror is put in front of us, but know that these lessons will keep coming and they will get harder, so if you are finding that you are facing some part of yourself that you don’t particularly want to deal with right now, ask yourself do I need to let these fears go?  If the answer is yes, then stand tall, stay strong and face them head on! I can tell you from what I have experienced over the last few weeks, that this is not easy or comfortable, but if we really want to heal ourselves then we must face our truth!

Even though there is only a few days left in April, the energy is incredibly powerful right now and a great time to release anything that has been holding us back from stepping into the light.

By facing our fears we will release more love and let in more light, so if you find yourself looking in a mirror, look yourself straight in the eye and surrender!!

Love Sarah ♥


6 thoughts on “Love Energy (April Update!)”

  1. That’s so cool that you’ve met your soulmate. I identify with the fears that come up when we fall in love and they can be challenging. But I’m sure you will meet these challenges and grow in your relationship and I wish you well with this. Pleased to have you back writing these updates. I find them very reassuring in these energetically hectic times. xx


    1. Hi Ros
      Thank you. I have actually missed writing my updates, but my own head space has been a little crazy to say the least!! But now I am a bit more sorted I can give some more focus back to my blogs! xxx


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