The Soulmate Sensation!!

Update:  Since writing this article, I have been guided to offer Relationship Healings so others can understand more about their connections.  I do these for any type of relationship and I let you know what I can see in terms of the cord and information about the connection.  Please click here for more info if you feel guided.

I wanted to write about the soulmate / twin-flame connection ever since I met mine.  This article is not just from my own personal view, but that of my soulmate, Luke, as well.

Soulmates can come in all forms of relationships from family to friends to lovers.  We have a huge number of soulmates out there and meet lots of them throughout our lifetime.  My definition of a soulmate is someone who you have a deep soul connection with. When you both meet, you normally get a feeling that you already know this person and that’s because you do! You both know each other on a soul level!!

Soulmates come in when the time is right for change.  Some soulmates stay for our entire lives, others may come in and then leave once their job is done.  Unless you meet a karmic soulmate, the ending of a soulmate relationship is not normally difficult as you or them just slip away, rather than it being an abrupt ending.

Many write that we only have one twin-flame and that they are completely different from a soulmate. I don’t particularly like the word twin-flame as Spirit has told me that what we class as a twin-flame is actually the highest soulmate connection we can achieve, but that this is a human word that we use to try and make things clearer for ourselves.  Spirit says that there are 6 different levels of soulmates and each one has a unique energy vibration.  Number 6 is the highest vibration of them all.  Luke & I are a level 6!!

Spirit has also said that whilst we have many soulmates from levels 1-4, we only have a few that are at the higher vibrations of level 5 and only one or two at the vibration of a level 6.  Therefore, we can’t really class these in the human terminology of a  twin-flame as many believe we only have one twin-flame.  However, as most of us only have one or 2 level 6 soulmates, then this can be likened to our human description of a twin-flame!

Each level of a soulmate relationship opens us up to a deeper connection with our spiritual path and ourselves.  When we are ready the energy vibration of the soulmates we meet increases.

Many believe that when they meet their level 6 soulmate that their lives will suddenly become perfect! I want to turn that belief upside down and throw it out the window!! Because, when you do meet a level 6 soulmate, the opposite happens to start with!!

Level 6 connections are a completely different type of the perceived ‘romantic’ relationship.  These reunions are are not really based on the physical in terms of how we would think of a ‘love’ relationship.  Yes of course there is an attraction there, otherwise this would just be a ‘friend’ soulmate and then we wouldn’t be able to grow from these relationships as much.  However, this level of vibration is so much more than sex! These are all about the ‘SOUL’.  A level 6 connection means that we shine a mirror on each others souls.  Our strengths tend to be their weaknesses and visa versa and this turns absolutely everything upside down!

A lot of people run away when they meet a level 6 connection as the relationship basically uncovers all of our darkest secrets and exposes all the things we don’t like about ourselves! If we run, then all we are doing is essentially running away from ourselves!

This type of connection highlights every single fault we have in glorious technicolour! This is one of the most scariest things that both myself & Luke have ever experienced and in the last two weeks, we have both tried to run away!! The whole point of this relationship is to show the other what needs to be healed and then support each other through the pain.  When I read that last sentence it sounds so easy, but trust me it is completely the opposite!  Mine & Luke’s relationship has brought up so many fears and issues on both sides that it feels like we are both going a little crazy.  Intense is an understatement!!

The key word in a soulmate relationship is ‘COMMUNICATION’ as Luke reminds me on a daily basis!!  We both understand that we need to basically tell each other every single feeling we have, especially those that come from a place of fear, to make this relationship work.  Now this is an incredibly hard thing to do as a lot of the feelings that we have as human beings are completely irrational and are more to do with our own insecurities than our partner, but these are the things that need to be healed, so we have to speak up if we want to heal.

Luke & I cannot fathom how anyone that is not on a spiritual journey can have a a level 6 soulmate relationship!! We both want to grow & develop all our gifts and heal ourselves completely, so even when big issues and challenges arise we try to face them together.  We understand what is happening and why this relationship is so intense, but it is still incredibly difficult.  We also have the help of Spirit who gives us advice and also tells us what is in each other’s heads if we choose not to communicate!! So you can see there is nowhere to hide, even if we try!

Spirit had told me that the love of my life would come to me and I didn’t need to do anything about it!! I have been waiting (not so patiently!) for the last three years! In March, Luke called me up as he was interested in Earth Light Reiki, so we arranged a course.  When the day came, I opened the door and was surprised he was quite young as for some reason I thought he was old!! He thought the same about me! The interesting thing was I had no idea who he was until three weeks later!! I knew we had a deep connection when we met as I had a huge amount of unconditional love for him pretty much immediately, but put this down to some of the past lives we have had together! The connection for me was like family, whereas Luke was immediately attracted to me! I wasn’t in the right place to recognise him as a soulmate due to my work commitments and other big changes in my life, but Spirit guided me to understand more about our connection, so I invited him to a gong healing and as they say the rest is history!! I realised I was attracted to him too and we started dating, which then turned into a relationship within a week!!

I don’t actually think I’ve ever cleared so much stuff in such a short space of time as I have with Luke, no Reiki course compares with the clearing you have to do when you meet a level 6 soulmate!! Luke has been going through the same amount of clearing and he is doing all this whilst also understanding how to use his new spiritual gifts!! Luke & I are the same age in terms of our souls as we were first stars that sat side by side, hence the incredible connection!!

Here are some of our thoughts about a level 6 connection:

~ A deep immediate connection to each other that feels like family

~ Compassion and a deep sense of love when you know nothing about each other!!

~ Knowing how each other is feeling or what they are thinking without even saying a word.  This is very useful when you find it hard to communicate as we just say what each other is thinking or feeling to start a conversation about any fears that have arisen!

~ Seeing complete unconditional love in each others eyes – this is my favourite one!!

~ Feeling “complete” when we are near each other even when we are doing separate activities! It’s just nice to know the other is nearby.

~ Bringing out the best and worst in each other.  This is incredibly hard at times and we have to remind ourselves and each other that we wanted this so we could heal and grow!!

~ Increased spiritual abilities – Both of us have increased our vibration of light and our connection to Spirit due to each other.

~ Feeling like we are both going crazy and that the relationship is moving way too fast, but at the same time knowing deep down it is completely right!! Both of us feel that we have achieved a year’s worth of dating in the space of two weeks and are already talking about living together!

~ The wonderful feeling of unconditional love & trust (when we are not in fear mode or clearing!!) We are both looking forward to more of this, once we have dealt with the big issues!

~ Everything that needs healing within comes to the surface and brings with it intense fears! We know this stuff needs to come up so we try to support each other through it.

~ We do tend to feel like we live in our own little bubble when we are together, so sometimes it’s hard to get things done!

~ Knowing we have been brought together for a spiritual purpose & to learn lessons from each other.

~ This relationship inspires us both to live our dreams, work on our goals and share our spiritual truth with the world!

~ There is nothing hidden between us because the telepathic bond cannot hide a thing even if the physical bodies try to hold the truth back.

I hope you have enjoyed reading more about a level 6 soulmate connection! It is a wonderful, crazy and sometimes incredibly scary relationship, but whatever happens between Luke & I in the future we both know that this is meant to be as it is right now! We understand that we both chose this path and if we can get through the fear then the other side must be truly amazing and we can’t wait to get there!!

If you feel like you have met your level 6 soulmate, then remember it will be difficult, scary and intense, but it is so worth it when you see the love in each others eyes for the first time after the initial fears have been released.  Our advice to each of you is to embrace this connection, see it for what it is, which is spiritual and soul growth and get used to being uncomfortable (Haha this ties in so well with my last energy update!). Please also remember the BIG word for this type of soulmate connection, which is ‘COMMUNICATION’ and you won’t go wrong!!

Love Sarah & Luke ♥

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  1. I have closed this article for comments as I am getting too many people asking me for help on here. My path is to help others, but if I were to answer all the questions I receive through this one article I would not be doing anything else! I moderate comments on my blog, so I have not posted a number of them I have received here as there are just too many! I wish everyone who reads this article luck in meeting their soulmate and on their journey.


  2. The other soulmates can’t come forward until we have let go of the previous one to some degree. If you want the other one to come forward you need to let go more of this one. Don’t cut cords, but just let him go from your heart. I don’t feel you are quite ready to do this yet, hence Spirit are saying he will be in contact again, then you will know what to do. Hope this helps. xxx


  3. Reading this kind of makes me sad. I thought I would forget him but sometimes I get an overwhelming feeling of love for him. I admittedly do miss him even though I said I would not. My soul connection to him was strong so I could handle being around him but he couldn’t be around me. The other day I felt love and sadness (through separation) and I know that those feelings were not mine. I sensed that I was feeling his thoughts for me. I know by this we are still connected because I have never felt this kind of empathy (his feelings for me) before. I wish I could give him a big hug and tell him that it’s ok to feel what he feels and he doesn’t need to run away.


    1. I feel your pain and have gone through this myself, but with a karmic soulmate, which yours isn’t. I have put you in a bubble of pink and orange colour to help you. He is incredibly fearful, even though he does feel the pull to you as you do to him. Only time will tell if he can get over his fear. You don’t need to do anything as this is up to him, which I know is very frustrating. Only you can decide what to do next, but I do feel he will be back in contact, but perhaps not in the way you are hoping. You will know what to do if he does. Spirit are saying you have another soulmate waiting for you, so don’t be disheartened, it will all come right in the end. Lots of love Sarah x


      1. Thanks I appreciate your kind words, you’re right when you say he’s fearful and yes it is down to him if he wants to connect. I know he wont go out of his way to contact me but I’ll probably just bump into him unexpectedly one day. I wonder why other soul mate’s are delayed in coming into our lives? Nobody wants to feel the heartache of someone (a runner) whose not ready to come forward.


  4. Hi Sarah – I totally agree with this, I have met my level 6 soul mate, but I know that we agreed not to be together in this life – however we were married before in many previous lives! What is interesting is that my parents and siblings are all level 6 soul mates. So your level 6 soul mate does not necessarily have to be a romantic connection. My guides confirm that there are only 6 soul mate levels. Its so interesting and thank you so much for this article!


  5. I came across your page after a brief conversation with a lifeline practitioner/intuitive therapist/psychic medium . She advised that I had a lot of soul mate energy around…and emphasized that the soul mate energy doesn’t always mean love, lots of lessons and classes converged and are converging for me right now. I met a man back in February of this year and we became very close, intimate, and eventually best friends. From the moment I met him I knew instantly that this was more than just your typical meet and greet. He introduced me to lifeline, shared his different values & beliefs as well as tragic moments that had occurred in his life

    The closer we become, the faster he runs after. I don’t understand this concept of running, and wind up getting hurt and confused most of the time. There is one thing though. We manage to pick back up where we started as quick as he runs. 1 week tops…’s so confusing at times, that I want to run away myself, and just give up on him. Deep down I love this man but can’t see myself dealing with the running, because he refuses to accept our mental, physical, and emotional attractions. He sees attachments as bad things and puts this label on anything that he sees as a threat to his solitude.

    I truly believe he is my soul mate and these are the reasons:

    1. I’ve never felt comfortable meeting new people/men. From our first meeting, I saw him as the shy type, and helped him open up a bit…Ive never been able to do this with anyone because of fear. I have no fears around him, nor have I ever felt uncomfortable.

    2. I feel as though I have known him forever and can tell my deepest feelings without worry or judgment. He tells me things that he vowed to never share with anyone else.

    3. We always manage to find our way back to each other, and I can’t let go no matter how hard I try.

    4. Our conflicts are about his awkward running phases, (once every other month), but we manage to work through them, and still manage to be great friends, and civil towards each other.

    5. I can tell when something is bothering him, even when I am not around him or talking to him as he will do the same with me.

    A lot of people will claim to have met their soul mate, but I for one had no idea what one was until I researched a bit, even before speaking with my lifeline practitioner. I always knew he was more than just a random guy I met.

    I have no idea where this is going, or how long we will be in each others lives, but rest assured I feel what she told me was absolutely dead on, even if it doesn’t involve LOVE. All Love!


  6. Hi Sarah, I have stumbled onto your website and it is exactly what I need. Almost as if you are speaking directly to me and reading my thoughts. Can you explain Karmic Soulmate? I ask because I am struggling with the ending of a relationship. Your description of your relationship with Luke is insanely similar to mine but mine ended abruptly which has left me on a rollercoaster ride of spiritual journey. Turned my life upside down and I am searching for answers.

    Thank you for your wisdom,


  7. Hi Sarah, Chance upon this article/page while searching about energies in May 2013. The experience you shared is interesting and valuable.

    Your experience somewhat resonates with me as I have similar feelings with my current partner. We had so much challenges… we almost doubted if we should even be together because we had some differences that made communication tough.
    But through the 7 years, we have this connection and cannot never bear to let it go. 3 years ago, we took on Buddhism studies and last year we embarked on our spiritual journey/healing……. started to be open and communicate.

    I don’t know if my partner is a level 4, 5 or 6. I just know this person is the one.


    1. It doesn’t matter what level a soulmate is, it is the connection that makes it special. It sounds wonderful that you are both embracing your spiritual path to such an extent. You will both grow from this relationship. Let the Angels take care of your worries! Love Sarah x


  8. Thank you for this. After being married for 34 years I became a widow three years ago. It’s only since last October that I felt ready for someone to come into my life again (I am 55). Friends suggested joining dating sites and it took me three weeks to pluck up the courage to fill in the form! I had lots of interest but just didn’t feel that ‘pull’ to anyone and in January I had decided that internet dating wasn’t for me and went to the website to cancel my membership. When I tried to do this a box came up and said please don’t go, we have new members for you to view and a photo popped up on my screen and I was immediatly drawn to him. I was so brave and made the first contact and since then we have progressed from chatting online to speaking on the phone and then meeting for coffee. We both were surprised how quickly we hit it off and felt comfortable with each other. Since then we have met up a few times but also talk for HOURS on the phone and we have shared so much about ourselves and our lives. I am on a spiritual path and I know he is a Lightworker who is just ‘waking up’ and it has been truly wonderful to be able to share with him spiritual stuff.
    But now I think crunch time has come regarding our relationship. I had a health scare yesterday which means I am being ‘fast tracked’ to the gynae clinic within the next two weeks. I have been in a quandary about whether I tell him now or wait and see if there is anything to tell? Reading your article has made me see that communication has always been good between us so I suppose I should tell him now and see if our relationship is strong enough to handle this.


    1. Hi Chris
      That’s brilliant news that you found the courage to start dating and made the first move! I agree that your relationship is strong enough to handle it, it is stronger than you both realise. I have sent you the colour green to aid your healing. Good luck to you both. Blessings, love Sarah x


  9. Thank you so much for this!! I needed this information really bad! I have been wondering about this whole twin flame thing for a while now. Me and my husband have this too, but we have some additional difficulties. First, I am a spiritual person, but he is not (he says). He is a very accepting person though and his underconsciousness works rather well. Then, I talk a lot and am very good with words. He isn’t. So communication is an issue in our relationship. I have to start the conversation and encourage him to speak his mind. I think this is our greatest lesson and we have been working on this for 10 years now. The challenges were quite steep, but I get the feeling that things are finally going towards a more favorable outcome for us! Also because I have been working on some issues from my own past, with his help ofcourse!


    1. That’s great news that you are working on your communication with each other. it’s the only way to resolve our fears! I get the feeling your husband is very open to all things spiritual and if you say how you feel in an open & honest way, he listens and tries hard to help. Blessings, love Sarah x


      1. Thank you! I think you’re right. It has been a while since I dared to be honest about spirituality. I mean a loooong while during many lifetimes, so I am really grateful for the help my husband provides.


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