The Energies of 2013

The Energies of June 2013

Rainbow EnergiesWOW, WOW, WOW is the only way I can describe the energies of late!! The last portal for 2013 was opened on the 25th May, which brought in SO MUCH NEW LIGHT! Yay! I hear you all cheer and indeed this is fantastic news.  The energy swirls of gold, blue and crimson that I talked about in my last energy update burst into light, so the good news is the darker side of these energies haven’t been able to release all of their power.  What this means is that the light side won!! The darker energies of these colours still burst along with the light side, however the light was so strong and powerful that it helped to overcome a lot of the fears and negativity.

Along with the portal opening we have seen and felt lots of activity in terms of Earthquakes, which is just Mother nature shifting to align with us and the new influx of energies.  There have been bursts of attacks and riots, which are in part to do with the energy swirls bursting and the dark side of these needing to be released.

I feel that the dark side will still try and surface as much as possible over the coming months, but the light is strong and crystal clear.  The swirls have stopped and I can now see pure light, but underneath is a light grey colour with patches of dark grey.  If you imagine layers of rock, it looks a bit like this with the light taking up the top two thirds and the grey taking up a a third of the layer underneath.  The light is pushing down on the grey, but the grey is also trying to push upwards.  However, I feel that the light should squash the grey eventually and even if parts of the grey emerge through the light, they won’t be as bad as they have had to go through the light to escape, making them lighter in colour! I feel this will continue for the next 3-4 months, so it is worth noting that there may be bursts of things happening around the world, good & not so good!

Spirit is telling us to not worry about this as it is how things are meant to be right now as I said in my previous post, you can’t have light without darkness! Please note that the light at this time is so much stronger than the dark.

So what does this actually mean for us??! Well the reason why I added a picture this time instead of a quote is to show you all what happened when the portal opened and also to show that this is what Earth will end up looking like in the years to come!

June is a wonderful month energetically and spiritually! We have all been through the ringer, especially during May as we have had a lot of releasing to do before we could open the portal.  June is a month of ‘DOING’!! So if you have been procrastinating lately about doing something, which could be as mundane as re-decorating or as exciting as going travelling to see the world, then now is the time to take action! The energies of June are urging us to start getting organised properly, whether that’s planning for the future, sorting out our homes or just getting off our backsides and going back to the gym!! This is the practical side to June’s energies, but the even more exciting side is that of the spiritual!!

We are now in a place where we can truly be free spiritually! Whatever you want to do in terms of your own spiritual progression is now available! This means we can follow our spiritual paths in a whole new way! Spirit are saying that the layers have been lifted in terms of us being ‘all one’.  We always were ‘all one’, but now it really feels like we are! The new light that has come in is helping Spirit to re-wire those who have already awakened, which is one of the reasons why people are feeling so tired lately as this is being done when we are sleeping.  Plus, as our bodies and minds can’t yet cope fully with all this new integration, we get woken up halfway through so we can assimilate these new energies physically, we then fall back to sleep and the process continues.  So if you have been waking up a lot during the night, find you haven’t been sleeping well or are just keeping weird bedtime hours; this is the reason! Spirit are saying that this will probably last until mid June as this is how long it will take for all the work to be done, so we should feel a lot less tired later in the month!

This re-wiring means we can start to access new gifts that we couldn’t remember previously.  So, if you are drawn to new courses, attunements, energy work or healing, then please go with it as you are remembering what you once knew and the spiritual work you feel drawn to will help you remember very quickly!  An attunement, course or any form of healing will now help you release much more quickly any fears that are holding you back, so it is time for us all to start ‘DOING’ more spiritual work to aid our progression and remember who we truly are.  This is exciting stuff!!

I have been guided by Spirit to offer a buy 1 get 1 free on all of the single attunements I offer and a couple of courses, they have told me to offer this from the 17th – 23rd June as this is when the majority of re-wiring should be complete! I will post here when the offer is available as a reminder! I am in the process of channelling some really exciting attunements with the new energies available, so they will be ready for these dates too!  I can’t wait to share in all the excitement!

Wishing you all a blissful month.

Love Sarah ♥


8 thoughts on “The Energies of June 2013”

  1. this is incredible!!
    I feel all this and the rainbows and greys have been the inspiration of my latest collection of paintings (exhibiting oct 2013).
    All my creative projects are inspired by my spiritual connections and everything you say has resonated so fully with me.

    thank you sarah for sharing with such clarity and knowledge 🙂 have a blessed day


  2. Thank you everyone for all your comments, they are truly appreciated as I love writing my energy updates and it is wonderful to know others enjoy them too. Love Sarah x


  3. Thank you Sarah! This makes so much sense to me (especially disruptive sleep patterns which I have never, ever encountered before these last few weeks). I’m kick-starting my spiritual awareness again and to be honest, can’t live without it and don’t want to have to! Thank you for your wonderful posts and for answering so many of my questions. Love and light, Catherine X


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