The Energies of 2013

The Energies of July 2013

June was a tough month energetically!  We have all been upgraded and re-wired and our physical bodies are still getting used to all these changes!  So if you feel like you have been through the mill over the last few weeks, I promise you are not alone! I have done a huge amount of clearing, which took me a bit by surprise, hence why this energy update is later than the 1st of the month!! However, as I wrote in my last post, the deep fog is lifting day by day and it is starting to feel a bit brighter!

There is a lot going on astrologically this month with a new moon on 8th July, this date feels really key to me, so I have set up a free healing to help us all with the new energies I feel are about to come in on this day.  If you would like to be part of this please visit Lightworker Community on Facebook and the post is pinned to the top left to sign up.  If you would like to read more about this new moon as it will be a BIG one, this is a great article! Astro Evolution.

The reason for focusing on this date is that I feel that it is an end of a cycle.  The moon plays a vital role in the health of Mother Earth.  The moon governs her tides and rhythms and too an extent us as well! The cycles of the moon have a strong impact on us.  Each cycle of our path creates a spiral that takes us to a new level.  With each of these cycles our knowledge, understanding and wisdom increases.  A new moon is often associated with new beginnings.  I feel that this new moon heralds the start of a new cycle of energies that we have all been waiting for. This date is also a great time to give thanks for all that has happened in your life and a resting period before starting something new.

I am picking up that one side of the energy of July is like our ‘inner child’, carefree and happy!  We may have forgotten what it’s like to laugh and play with all that has been going on around us.  So this month is the perfect time to reconnect with the childlike aspects of yourself.  Do you remember what it was like to be a child, when you could just play with no cares or worries? Go within to find that part of yourself where your innate curiosity, creativity and wonder exists! Surrender and reclaim your childlike faith that all will be provided! The new moon on the 8th provides this time to begin again with the innocence and purity of a child.  Let yourself be free!

The other side to this energy is a bit more serious. The energy of this month is asking us for acceptance.  Spirit is asking us to accept ourselves as we are and the situations we find ourselves in right now. This is not the same as giving up or quitting! The act of acceptance can nourish the receptive side of us.  It can take a lot of courage to accept and not just because of frustration or difficulties.  To accept what is may mean that you need to take action or it may mean that you need to just accept the situation as it is and recognise that you need to pause and wait for a sign.  By opening the receptive side to your nature and practising acceptance, you are taking yourself out of your own way for the right path to open up.

Give thanks for all that you have, listen to your inner child and go out and play! Accept what is and be receptive to what you need to do next, whether that means action or pressing the pause button, know and trust everything will work out the way it is supposed to.

Wishing you all a blissful month.

Love Sarah ♥


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