The Energies of 2014

2014 Energies

2013 was the year of ‘magic, beginnings and evolution’.  It was the year to step on to our true paths so we could begin to follow our dreams.  2013 was also the year to begin anew by releasing the old and realising that it is a time of great change for all of humanity.

I haven’t written an energy update since July 2013 due to what I have been clearing and releasing this year!  2013 has been an extraordinary year for me in more ways than one!!  I will be sharing my journey with you all soon and continuing to write my energy updates more frequently during 2014!

2014 energies feel very different than anything we have experienced before.  The disparity between light and dark will grow to unprecedented levels not seen for many thousands of years here on Earth.  This is a time that we need to understand and actually see the truth of what is happening here on Earth.  Many have closed their eyes and are still asleep, but there are a number of us that do see the truth and more are awakening to it.  Those that are awake will find that 2014 will drive them to finding new ways of developing and honing their spiritual gifts.  More will awaken and these souls will find that their spiritual development will be fast and a little bumpy as they catch up.  2014 will be a big year spiritually for everyone, even those who are asleep will see glimpses of the truth.

There is huge importance this year about understanding our dark sides and the last month of 2013 energies has been starting to lead us down that path.  This is a big focus for us all during Jan 2014.  This will continue to be a theme for the whole of 2014 as we unravel the mysteries of our inner beings and subconscious minds.

By connecting with our dark sides will enable us to understand what Earth life is really all about! It will open us up to the truth and help us find our way through the unknown.  I’m not saying this is an easy path as I have gone into my dark side for the last 4 months of 2013 and it has been a hell of a ride!  But when you come through the tunnel, EVERYTHING is just so much more! The most amazing part is that feeling of peace.  I still have more to work through and I know I am just taking a breather for now, but this breath is so much fresher and full of happiness than I ever thought possible.

Those who are aiming to reach enlightenment / ascension or whatever you wish to call it need to go through this before the next step can be seen! 2014 supports this next stage of growth and whether you are finding your feet or have been on your spiritual journey for a long time, between now and Feb 2014 is the best time to start understanding who you truly are.  Looking at the dark side of yourself is never pretty, but it is a necessity to reach the higher stages of spiritual growth.

The more we understand the more we can release and love those parts of us we want to hide from the world.  By facing our dark side means loving ourselves as a whole.  The more we release the more light we bring in, meaning our dark side gets smaller!  This is the main purpose of any spiritual journey.  RELEASE!!! It is by forgiving and releasing the fear and pain we each have inside and letting it go that allows more space for love and light.

I have talked a lot about our dark sides, but what else does 2014 have in store?  Well, it will be a year of magnificence, but also a year of doubts.  Many will start to question the truth of existence and this will bring up a lot of fear, which in turn will make people doubt all they have thought they knew.  This is nothing to fear!!  It is actually great news.  If more people wake up and start questioning what the governments, banks, corporations and the pharmaceutical industry are doing to our society the more truth will come out.  People will begin to understand the big picture, where the darkness really lies and what truths are being kept from us.

2014 is a very significant year and February will be the key to unlocking it as a number of big revelations will come at this time.  More on this in later updates!

To me, 2014 feels like an exciting change of pace.  I can feel butterflies in my stomach as we start to move into this new energy.  I don’t know exactly what is coming as I feel that parts of next year will be explosive, others may be a little scary, but the overriding feeling I get is that it will be MAGNIFICENT!! This is the word I keep being given by Spirit, so I’m going with that!

Spirit want to leave us with this message:

“2014 will open you up to extraordinary new experiences and for the first time in a long time, many of you will finally begin to see glimpses of the truth and start to understand why you are here on Earth.”

Happy New Year everyone and I wish you all a blissful 2014!

Love Sarah ♥


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