The Energies of 2014

January Energy Update

The start to 2014 has been interesting as the energy has felt ‘insipid’.  I am using the word ‘insipid’ to describe these energies as the overall flavour is just that, bland & weak.  Many of us have felt incredibly tired since the start of January, yet we are also feeling bursts of high vibrational energy that keep trying to come through.  These bursts raise us up for a while, then we fall back down to Earth and wonder why we feel low again!  This new energy can’t quite reach us fully and we are just seeing glimpses through the energy fog of the last 10 days.  This fog will lift and the new energy will come through loud and clear around the middle of January.

The energy has been low in vibration partly due to the freaky weather that we have been seeing.  Such as, the winter storms hitting America, which have been insane!  Spirit are telling me that these are not just natural occurrences! So why is this weather happening now in America?

I have been guided to write the next part about the reasons why to make more people aware of the truth.  Others say that we should not read about things like this as it fuels negativity, but I don’t agree.  2014 is the year that the truth will be exposed about what is actually happening to our planet.  We need to wake up and understand what is going on so we can prepare and take action for our own health and safety.

The West Coast of America has apparently very high levels of radiation due to the Fukushima meltdown in 2011 and this is not being highlighted by the mainstream media.  Fukushima has also had several recent underground explosions on the 19th, 24th, 25th & 27th Dec, again not shown in the mainstream media.  It is very interesting to note that America has recently ordered (6th Dec) 14million doses of potassium iodide (used to minimise the effects of radiation poisoning) to be available by no later then the 1st February.  As I wrote in my last post that February will be a big month for revelations, I am curious to see why America need this by the beginning of Feb!!

What is also very interesting to note is that the deadly cold snap happened shortly after the news came out about the latest events at Fukushima. Was this to take peoples’ minds off what is happening and give them something else to worry about???

A lot of new information will come to light this year and as Lightworkers we need to be open to this and be able to discern what is truth, fabrication and lies.  I read many blogs and articles that have been channelled to see what is out there and a lot of them are disinformation, so Spirit is telling me to ask you all to be careful with what you believe.  Make up your own minds when reading something and ask yourself ‘does it feel right?’

Many of you are probably wondering right now is what you have just read here the truth?! This is a good thing to ask yourself!

I get all my information about what to write directly from Spirit.  I call them Spirit because it is easier than explaining each time who I am talking to and why as this changes depending on what information I need to share. I am able to hear them clearly and this is one of my main gifts.  I have learnt over the years how to know who I am speaking to, what level of vibration they are, their names and where they come from.  I started with speaking to my own guides and as I progressed spiritually they left and I can now speak to anyone that needs to come through to me.  I have learnt over time how to discern the good from the bad and the ones that pretend to be good.  Many do not understand how to do this, hence why a number of channellers receive disinformation.  The guide they are working with feels like a good energy, when in actual fact, this good energy is just a front!  Behind this is a dark energy.  Many do not look behind this front and believe they are speaking to those that are there for their highest good.  I see this so much in what I read and it concerns me that these beings are guiding people.  So please be careful in who you trust and what you believe.

There is some good news in this update too, which is that our planet is being helped by the abundance of light that started to come through at the end of Dec and will continue for the foreseeable future.  This will help more people to awaken to what is happening around them.

We are also receiving help from our Galactic friends with the radiation issue we are experiencing and many Lightworkers here on Earth are sending healing to the affected areas.

January is a bit of a funny month, with a lot happening energetically, which feels like nothing is happening at the same time!  It is what Spirit call a ‘pause’ month and what this means is that we are getting ourselves ready for the action of February!

I will be writing more in a few days, so until then I wish you all a blissful week.

Love Sarah ♥


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