The Battle Between Light & Dark!

Jan Energy InfluxThe energy has been a bit topsy turvy since my last energy update, but as of the 16th Jan the new energy I talked about came through!  During the free healing via Lightworker Community (FB page) I saw a sea of white that represents the new energy that came in. This energy is very beneficial for us and it will help us rebalance after the period of lower energy we have experienced. However, I did get the message that this is the calm before the storm and I am still picking up that a different kind of energy will be coming in at the end of Jan / beginning of Feb.  

The energy that we are currently experiencing is helping us to get our mojo back and find our power again.  This is especially important for those of us that have been feeling rather lost and out of sorts recently.  This new energy influx will help us get firmly back into our power, which is very important as we progress into February!  This energy is of a very high vibration to help us release and complete anything that we have been working through during 2013. It may feel a bit like a kick up the bum so to speak if we haven’t completely dealt with some of our issues that we have been working through.  You may find you are more emotional, stuff that you thought had been released comes back and/or you get thrust into situations where there is a learning involved!! This may sound like bad news, but actually it MAKES us realise what we need to do to finalise this period, which is incredibly important!

It is interesting that the Chinese new year coincides with the beginning of Feb as 2013 feels like it has run over into Jan 2014 as this is a month to complete anything left over from last year!  February is actually the start of the new energy for 2014 and is the building blocks for everything else that happens this year.  What is also very interesting is that Mercury goes retrograde in Feb 2014!  As you all know I am not an astrologer, although I do have an interest in it, especially when I read information that corresponds with what I get through from Spirit!  This is a great article written by my friend Carolyn, who is also clairvoyant about the Mercury Retrograde Feb 2014.  This basically describes February to a tee, although I have a few more bits to add from Spirit!

As February is the proper beginning of 2014, I want to add that this new year is all about understanding the real you.  We have done a lot of the groundwork in 2013 and this month is about completing this stage.  2014 is all about connecting fully to our power and staying right in the middle of it!!

Many secrets will be uncovered and as I wrote last time many truths will come to light, hence why standing strong in our power will be key.  Some of this has already begun, such as the new Snowden documents that have recently come to light!  I know there are many conspiracy theories out there and some of them are not true, but some of them are.  Again this is a mixture of the truth and disinformation placed out there to confuse us so we don’t know what is and what isn’t real.  However, 2014 will be the year where all information is cleared up to some degree.  There won’t be as much disinformation as there is now because the real truth about a number of things will emerge and the governments etc will not be able to control the media and cover it up.

I was guided to add the picture at the top as this shows what is happening with the current energies.  You can see the connecting line from the big burst of light to the Earth.  This line is a little wobbly at the moment due to the on-going battle between the light and the dark.  The battle is really going to ramp up during 2014 and we need to do all we can to keep the light connecting with the Earth.  The message from Spirit is that we need to clear as much as we can within ourselves over the next few weeks and use this high vibration energy to help us come back to being fully in our own power, so we can stay strong for all those around us.  We are the main reason that this line connects to the Earth and we need to do everything in our power to keep it stable during this battle!

At this present time I feel something very big will be exposed in Feb, although this may move into March, but for now it is supposed to happen in Feb.  This will shock the world and create a larger divide between the light & dark!  I know you all want to know more, but for now Spirit want us to focus on these next few weeks and use the energy we are being given wisely as I explained above! If we each complete our own process and finalise 2013 by the end of Jan, we will be in a very strong position to help ourselves and others during 2014!

Until next time, I wish you all a blissful week.

Love Sarah ♥

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  1. Great uplifting read, I’m an Aquarius so definitely looking forward to the shift of the zodiac into a new age. The age of great water. I am battling negative energy with light and light always wins keep the positive spirits moving in these times for our earth has been in darkness for too long.


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