Channeled Disinformation – Who is Really Coming Through?

The definition of channeling (or channelling) is the esoteric process of receiving messages or inspiration from extra-dimensional beings or spirits, whereby one is a medium or channel for such an entity.  Source: Wikipedea

Channeling is different from mediumship, which is normally communication with those that have passed on.

I have added this article into both spiritual articles and the energies of 2014 as I believe it falls under 2014 energies as well! This is because the new energies of this year make discernment even harder than ever.

There are a lot of people out there that practice channeling, some are connecting to a higher level of truth, but the majority are connecting to either lower frequency beings or those that are of ‘false’ light.

Unfortunately, most of these channelers are being deceived, which in turn is flooding the web with disinformation making it even harder for us to know the truth!

Everything is energy, so when we channel we are tuning into a specific frequency, this in turn means that this frequency is also that of the ‘being’ we channel!

Channeling has always been part of the human connection to a higher vibration of thought so isn’t a new process. However, these days when more and more of us are waking up, a higher proportion of people have the ability to channel.  The problem is depending on the level of the channeler’s vibration depends who comes through!  This is where all the problems start.  If we tune into a specific frequency we need to be at that frequency to be able to channel it!  So channeler’s who are at a low vibration may be channeling information from an extra-dimensional being, but whether the ‘being’ is for their and the world’s highest good is another matter entirely!

I am quite passionate about this topic as there are so many channelers out there that are channeling disinformation which is not for anyone’s highest good!  I don’t believe the majority of these channeler’s even know who they are talking to because they haven’t looked behind the first energy they feel, which I will explain now in more detail.

The best way to discern who you are talking to and if they are here for your highest good is to check behind the first level of energy.  You may feel a ‘being’ is good and loving, but if you look closer and FEEL what is behind the first lot of good energy, you may find a much darker energy.  This is how you know if who you are connecting to is for your highest good.  I have used the term ‘false’ light beings and these are just what I have described, those that feel good on the surface, but underneath are dark!

You may have noticed that the majority of channeled message are pretty much the same.  When I started channeling, I did wonder why I didn’t get these sort of messages through, but now I understand why, it is because these channeler’s are channeling low vibration or ‘false’ light beings!!

I am using this as an example to show a ‘normal’ channeled message that we all see everywhere:

Dear ones, We return with wonderful news! You are all our beloved children. We know how much the hardships and delays are affecting you, but this is the time to stand firm. You have nothing to worry about. Go about your work with full confidence knowing that your future is assured, and we are always with you.”

I have highlighted bits of the example as this is what ‘false’ and lower vibration beings want us to do, sit back and relax and not do anything! When really we should all be trying to raise our vibration, release our fears, understand what is going on in our world and bring in more light!

I know this may worry many of you and you may not believe me and that is okay.  You need to trust your own intuition and guidance.  All I wanted to do with this article is raise awareness of the fact there is so much disinformation out there and that we all need to be careful as to what and who we trust, whether human or other ‘beings.’ I wanted this article to highlight some of the disinformation and to give you ways to help you discern how to tell what is for your highest good!

I also want to add that channeled information should be new information, so beware of the channel that simply re-hashes the old, for they are not channelling anything but their ego! New information is necessary. It is the entire reason for the channel.

Also look for some form of spiritual solution within the channeling as the new information that is given should also contain either some form of solution or ways to help you.

Please take the time to think about and FEEL what you read and who you connect with spiritually.  The main thing is to trust yourself and your intuition and if something feels a bit off, then tune in and ask yourself why!

Until next time, I wish you all a blissful week.

Love Sarah ♥

9 thoughts on “Channeled Disinformation – Who is Really Coming Through?

  1. Hi Sarah
    I do very much agree with your last paragraph, concerning the great importance of intuition and asking yourself how you really ‘feel’ about the information being delivered.
    I am wondering if you are at all familiar with the works of Cameron Day. After studying his writings and interviews, I have found his approach to be so very extremist (and for me, extremist is frightening!). At first, I significantly related to his guidelines of discernment. But after more reading, I then discovered that he is out to disqualify ‘all’ channeled information, stating in no uncertain terms that all channeling is coming from ‘false light’. It is his emphasis on the term ‘all’ that really bothers me.
    I do genuinely believe that there are truly loving, high-vibration, very wise beings from other dimensions who are ready to help us build a much better world. Would anyone else on this thread be able to offer any more insight, please? Thank you so much.


  2. Great Article ! I have been a medium for over 30 years and am becoming very concerned with the level of people claiming to channel or do meduim-ship most are a sandwich short of a picnic, some are actually ill and others are just out to make money. Thank you for highlighting this in your article. – Ian Scott


    1. My thoughts exactly! Over the years, I have learned to refine my skills of discernment by using my heart-centre, as well as how the information feels in my belly. These skills take a long time to cultivate, as mainstream society denies the value of intuition, and we have been trained to conform to that denial. But having acquired so much experience over the years, I can now comfortably say that “If it feels ‘off’, it’s off!”.


      1. I am so sorry for not responding earlier, but I took some time away from my blog, so I am just catching up now! Thank you so much for your comments.
        It is very hard sometimes to discern who is coming through and who is false light. I personally do not agree that all who come through are false light, but there are a lot out there that are! We have to trust ourselves as only we know how we truly feel about something. Our body tells us the truth, so if we listen to the body rather than the mind we will get the answer we seek. It is lovely to hear you have been working on this yourself for so long as I completely agree it takes a while to really know and trust our true selves. Sending bright blessings to you. Sarah


  3. Reblogged this on A View from the Other Side and commented:
    I disagree with her “darkness” section in the middle, because most people can’t distinguish between someone like me, and something actually Dark, unless they have training or actually talk to me and understand what I’m about. This is especially true of the newagey people who are scared to death of anything other than white light fluffy rainbow unicorns. The thought of an angel with black wings in biker leathers with a flaming sword gives them the vapors.

    However, the majority of this post is spot-on, especially the part that points out how these supposed otherworldly beings are encouraging people to just relax, and not to worry, everything’s fine, and they should just go about their business the way they have been.

    “Poppies… poppies will make them sleep….”

    No, wake the fuck up, people. Sleeping is what got us here. Break some eggs. Grow. Be ready.


  4. I found this post while doing a search on the term “channelling.” Amen. All the “Dear Ones” business bugs the crap out of me, and it’s for the same reasons you state here. Thank you.

    I do have one thing I disagree with: “You may feel a ‘being’ is good and loving, but if you look closer and FEEL what is behind the first lot of good energy, you may find a much darker energy.”

    I know what you’re saying here, but there’s dark, and there’s Dark. You mean Dark, as in the other side of the battle, evil, and so on. However, some of us have the darkness that is the warrior side that helps humankind, like Kali, Sekhmet, Erzuli Danto, and Michael. Many people can’t tell the difference when feeling deeper into a spirit, and I’ve been mistaken for Bad News because of it, when I use the darkness in my work. Sometimes the surgeon has to cut away disease. Sometimes soldiers have to kill. Sometimes angels have black wings, but they still work for the Light of God.


  5. Dear Sarah,
    I totally agree with you. The web is full of “channeled messages” that do not offer any information and are misleading. Thank you so much for all the work you do. Lourdes.x


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