The Energies of 2014

The Time is Now…

We are all experiencing a different kind of vibration right now, which started coming through from 16th Jan.  This new energy we are all feeling is of such a high vibration it is causing world-wide awakening!! The ‘proper’ light beings are holding open an energetic space for us to let through massive amounts of light.  This will end on the 31st January!  The reason they are doing this is so that we have a chance to really raise our vibration as much as we can before 2014 really begins!

Earth is literally being flooded with light and all of us, not just those that have awakened, are receiving energy downloads!  These downloads are occurring each day and will end around the 29th/30th January.  The downloads are giving us new knowledge, awakening our minds and souls and helping us bring up any negativity we are carrying for release.  So if you are experiencing heavy ascension symptoms at the moment or having trouble sleeping then this is the reason!  I had my biggest shift to date a few days ago thanks to this energy and the work I have been doing on myself!  This energetic space will be held until the 31st to help us assimilate all this new energy.

What this means for us is that this is the best possible time to release & clear as much of our own negativity as possible!  I urge you all to use the next week and MAKE time for YOU! Is there anything you need to release, is there anyone you need to forgive, do you truly love yourself?  If any of these questions brings up an uneasy feeling, then look deeper and see what needs to be released and cleared for good!  I don’t know when we are going to get another opportunity like this again in terms of this energy, so use it to your advantage!

Now don’t worry about what is coming next as we will still be able to grow spiritually! The only difference is that it will be a bit harder as the energy coming in February will be much denser and this may make us feel heavy and tired, enhancing clearing symptoms, which will also probably last longer.  So if you want an easier ride into next year’s energies get releasing this week!!  The time is most definitely NOW!

I also wanted to talk about time!  Earth is the only planet that has a way to measure time, which is funny as according to Spirit, time does not exist!  Time is just an illusion, yet humans do everything by the measurement of time!

Time as we know it has speeded up so fast, that we are all feeling rather confused at the moment! Everyone has always been under the rule of time!  Everything is ruled here on Earth by it, work, picking the kids up from school, getting to bed so we get enough sleep, appointments, deadlines etc.  However, for us to really raise our vibration, we have to let go of time!! How do we do this, isn’t this impossible when the whole planet is ruled by it???

We all have to live in the NOW!  That’s the answer, it may not be a very helpful answer, but this is what these new energies we are experiencing are trying to make us do!  I will give you an example of what is happening right now.  A client of mine is starting out on her spiritual journey and has done a few attunements this month.  She felt as though she needed to wait for a month or longer before she does any more clearing work.  She emailed me to check and I asked Spirit who said yes about a month’s break would be good.  So I emailed her back confirming this.  A few hours later, Spirit comes through and says you need to email her again and let her know that she will probably be ready for more in a week, perhaps less!!  This gives a really simple example of how time has speeded up, we may feel one day that we should do something, yet the next day it has all changed!! This is because time does not exist any more!  We cannot base our existence on time any more if we want to raise our vibration even further!  I know this is hard to get your head around as when Spirit said I would have to write about it I thought how on earth am I going to explain this, even I don’t fully understand it!

The best way to look at it is to try to stay in the present moment.  If you need to make a decision, do it as near to the deadline as possible, although if time no longer exists, nor does your deadline!!  Everything is shifting and changing right before our eyes and it is only going to get more intense!

So for the next week, focus on yourself and let the following week take care of itself!!

Until next time, have a blissful week

Love Sarah ♥


3 thoughts on “The Time is Now…”

  1. I really do love these blogs. I tend to come and go from these spaces but each time I return a pleasant surprise is waiting. Having not checked any updates for a month or so out of the blue I was compelled. Last weekend I got the idea stuck my mind to fast & have a strong mushroom ceremony (as is my way) and the topic would be love. For those of you unfamiliar with the practice it was life changing as per usual. Since then (a few days ago) I have mended broken relationships & forgiven several people. Today I end up at this site reading the the above, specifically the third paragraph. Life is funny sometimes 🙂


  2. My sleep patterns have changed sooo much so, that I hardly know who or what I am looking at in the mirror? I feel so much going on all around and through me. I love that we are infinite beings with feelings, and emotions, and especially that we know how to love with all our hearts. I am grateful to be alive, and feeling these things. God bless us all as we “travel” through whatever our time here allows…..Love Jeannine ❤


  3. “So for the next week, focus on yourself and let the following week take care of itself!!”

    Thank you for the heads up!! I was really worried about how I could go about every day with all the changes and the amount of inner work going on at the moment. But the answer is clear: the “week” will take care of itself! Thank you!


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