Times Are Changing… Are YOU listening to YOUR Intuition?

I normally get a nudge or sometimes a great big push from Spirit to write my next energy update depending on how urgent it is and I was surprised I didn’t feel that push until today!  However, Spirit said that we needed to get a feel for the new energies of this month and see with our own eyes what is happening to our planet.

The energy has been dense and heavy since the changeover at the end of Jan as predicted in my last energy update!  We are all feeling like we are moving incredibly quickly, yet at the same time moving incredibly slowly as if being held back by a giant weight!  This is exactly what is happening.  We are in the midst of BIG change and we are trying with all our might to get out of the old and into the new.  The challenge is that the dark is trying to hold us in the old! Things will change again early March, but for the next few weeks we will need to put up with this energy as best we can and do our best to move through it.

We have all seen and some of us have experienced the extreme weather in the US, the UK and other parts of the world!  Why do you think the US and the UK are being so badly affected?  I shall leave you to ponder on that one as the answer is pretty obvious and it is not just because of global warming!!  This is what Spirit wanted us to see before I wrote the next update as it is a warning to us all.  Mother Earth is fed up with how she is being treated and I don’t blame her!  She does care about us, but she must view many as fleas on her back causing her pain and suffering.  She is trying to warn us in the only way she can before it is too late.

This update isn’t meant to be discouraging, but it does need to be real.  We are going through massive changes in terms of energy and time.  This causes weird things to happen, such as crazy weather, feeling like everything is speeding up, sleepless nights and other strange symptoms.  Anyone who is reading this post, knows they came to Earth to help!  We knew this may happen and we were prepared before we came down, but when we got here all of our memories were wiped!  We are slowly remembering again, but all these changes that are occurring right now may still bring us fear of what is to come.

We need to get out of the fear mindset and focus on our soul paths.  This is very hard as we still need to release and clear more stuff within ourselves!  Many are finding that they need to up and move somewhere completely new to be in the right place for what is to come.  Plus on top of all that we are battling against dark forces who don’t want the light to win and we still need to be able to carry on as normal within our daily lives!!!  I know a lot of us are asking, why did I come here, I’m sure it wasn’t supposed to be this hard?!

You are right, it wasn’t supposed to be this hard.

There were so many ways these changes could have happened, but this is the way it is happening now and we can’t change it, so we need to go with the flow.  Spirit is saying if you get a feeling you should do something, go somewhere or even move somewhere then go with it.  Don’t let fear get the better of you!  Our intuition is so important right now and we need to trust it more than ever before.  These feelings our the answers to what we need to do next.  We have all of the answers within, we just have to listen.

I am going to talk about ‘time’ again as Earth experienced a mini shift at the weekend, which I felt in the early hours between the 15th/16th.  You may not have noticed anything as it was very slight, but the impact will be great.  The impact won’t be seen for sometime to come, but big changes are afoot!  I know a lot of us have had trouble sleeping again and I have too, especially since this mini shift.  This is because it has impacted time, so felt I should explain more on this subject as it so key to what is happening to us right now!

I have just finished reading Dean Koontz’s latest book, Innocence.  I love his books mainly because he has a deep knowing and understanding of what is going on if you read behind the fiction!!  This book is disturbing in a way, yet incredibly apt for the time we are in at the moment.  You will get what I mean if you read it!  However, the reason why I am talking about this is because last night I read the part he writes about time, which is just the perfect way to describe what time is!  Co-incidence that I read this last night and then Spirit gave me the nudge to write my energy update? I think not!!

At the first instant of the universe, all of our time was present, all our yesterdays and today and all our tomorrows, everyone and everything that was and ever would be existed in that moment.  But more amazing still in the first instant that the universe came into existence, the fabric of it also included all the infinite ways that things might have been, countless of them terrible in the extreme and countless others glorious.  Nothing is predetermined for us, and yet all our possible choices are threads in the vast weave of things, so that we have free will even though consequences of our will are predictable.  We were given a sense of time’s progression because our minds are not able to cope with the reality that past, present, and future all exist simultaneously and that all of history existed in the first instant of the universe’s being.  To understand the universe, our world, and all life in the world, you have to step out of time, which for humanity is not an option, because we are part of this painting, characters within it, able to perceive it only as a continuing series of events, episodes.  However, because we are concious creatures with the gift of reason, we can seek and learn and extrapolate from what we learn, and conceive the truth.

This is the best explanation I have read of explaining ‘time’ in terms of Earth and how we can start to understand it.  I know earlier I wrote that it shouldn’t have been this hard and we can’t change it now, yet really if there are infinite possibilities then things can change right? Yes to a degree, but we are too far into the process now for Earth to take a new path, so we are where we are and we need to understand and accept this.  I am not making predictions about what will happen, but I do want to give a realistic view in that these changes we are seeing and feeling will continue.  Things will calm down to some extent, but then more things will happen in the future just as we think everything is going back to normal!  This is why it is so important to trust YOUR intuition and not anyone else’s!  Obviously listen to what other people you trust have to say, but any changes YOU make in YOUR life should be down to YOU!

Time is quickening and slowing and is out of sync.  This is causing things to change suddenly and only YOU know what to do next!  Trust yourself and release any fear that is standing in your way of being able to listen to YOU!!!

Until next time, have a blissful week

Love Sarah ♥

3 thoughts on “Times Are Changing… Are YOU listening to YOUR Intuition?

  1. I just read this and was covered in goose bumps! I am a reader of the runes and have been getting similar messages for a couple of weeks now! I have been told that there have been MANY “second chances” for us to make things right with the Earth and that there will be no more. I hope your writing and others like it inspire and illuminate!


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. A number of people I know who are on this path have had similar messages as well. I hope more of us wake up and see the truth as well!! x


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