What on EARTH is Happening….?

March has been a weird month!  The BIG news that I talked about in my previous posts happened in terms of the threat of war between Russia and the US.  This may not seem like BIG news, but it is and has set part of the tone for 2014 and beyond!  Things are coming to a head and truths are being revealed daily if you look close enough.

Many of us feel like ‘something is going to happen’ or just have an anxious feeling inside that we just can’t explain! It feels like we are waiting for the action to start!  If you are feeling like things have just stopped moving or you are not sure what direction to go in next, don’t panic as this is the case for most of us at this time! I have been going through this with where I need to be next in terms of countries!

As most of you know, Luke & I are still travelling and we have been since last August! Spirit have been guiding us as to where we should go and when, but this information seems to have stopped at the moment! Neither of us have been shown where we should go next and we both feel that we should only stay where we are for the next couple of weeks, so this makes me feel a little anxious!  I know we need to go to another country, but I am still not being guided as to where.  I have learnt that I am either not ready to hear this yet or other things need to happen before I get the next bit of information.  I am still learning to not stress about planning everything, one of the things I need to completely release!  I will know what to do when the time is right!!  So if you are worrying that nothing is coming to you about what to do next, then relax, let this thought go and focus on today instead!  I know this is hard as I have to remind myself to do this a lot too, but it is helping us to get mentally prepared for not being prepared!!!!

The energy of March has been jumping around all over the place, hence why we all feel like we are taking GIANT leaps forward yet at the same time feeling like we have taken 5 steps back! I have been reading a lot of energy updates about how the energy is going to change and turn into something wonderful once we have passed the Equinox, but we are now passed that date and I feel the energy around us has actually got heavier! We have to remember that we have taken great strides already this year, but there is so much more to come!!

I have received information that I am being guided to share during this energy update as it is important to our health!

We are currently experiencing bouts of heavy rain all around the Earth.  It isn’t dramatic in the sense of floods or major storms, but some of this rain and I stress the word ‘some’ is not good for us to be out in.  Some of these rainstorms contain heavy metals and other irritants that may be harmful to our health.  It feels like what is in the chemtrails, but slightly different.  So please take out an umbrella with you or find shelter if the rain is coming down very hard!  Ask YOURSELF if the rain is safe where you are.  If you get a good feeling or a yes, then all is good, if not, then check with yourself what you should do.  This isn’t meant to scare anyone as most of you reading this are well aware of chemtrails!  This is the same thing, just in the rain!

As more of us are awakening, the harder others will make it for all of us to continue our growth! We need to look inside ourselves and see, feel and hear the truth of what is going on around us! Remember my post on Channeled disinformation?! Read as much as possible to help you discern what is truth or disinformation.  It is hard because much of the information out there contains a lot of truth as well as lies.  We just have to learn how to see through it.  The way I have learnt is to read everything, the good, bad and the ugly and see how it feels!  Don’t shy away from channeled posts that you don’t think are good, read them and actually notice how they make you feel.  Then when you read something that may contain a lot of truth, the disinformation will stand out because YOU will FEEL it!

The rest of March will be a bit up and down and we may need to rest more than we want to.  Instead of getting frustrated that you are not doing things quickly enough, pause and listen to what your mind and body need at this time! I still have to do this to, like today I was getting a bit stressed with how much work I had to do, but instead of doing it feeling frustrated I lay down and gave myself healing for 30mins!  I felt so much better afterwards and everything became more enjoyable!  30mins is nothing really when you think about it, so if YOU need time out take it! Everyone will thank you for it as you will be much nicer to be around plus you will feel better! Everything can wait as time is just an illusion right?!

April will be a testing and challenging month as we move into a new energetic space.  Will it be light and wonderful like everyone says?? I get that at times, yes this will be the case as the gateways will be flung open when possible and we receive some amazing energy downloads.  However, April also feels like quite a chaotic month in a number of ways, which is not just to do with the energy of the planet.  So watch out if you feel stressed, remember to breathe through the frustration and the density of certain situations as your words and actions will have more power than you realise this month!

Until next time, have a blissful week

Love Sarah ♥

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  1. Thank you! I needed to hear this today. We are moving to Florida in 6 days and I was worried about not packing quick enough when my husband reminded me it would all fall into place. I feel so much better now and will take it easy again. ❤


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