Energy Shift Alert!!

LightworkerI felt guided to write another energy update because we had another shift on 29th March and it was a BIG one! The energy is shifting the planet and propelling us forward!  We are all being speeded up again as we shift into the new energies that are coming through.  For Spirit, there is no time and I know this is confusing when we feel all this urgency, but then are told at the same time that there is no rush!  The reason behind this is that we can release everything in a moment, but as we are human and have so many conflicting emotions it takes us time and we need to do it at our own pace. If we really weren’t ready then we wouldn’t be getting pushed forward!

On the day of the shift it felt so dense;  It was like walking through mud in a swirling fog! I was out when the energy hit and I felt exhausted when I got home!  Yesterday, I was feeling very out of sorts, feeling anxious and not at all like my usual self!  I asked others in the group I run on Facebook to see how they felt and there were many who felt the same, a bit flat, anxious and emotional, like something is going to happen soon!

I received a lot of information from Spirit last night as to what is happening and this is what I wanted to share with you.

2014 will be the biggest shift in energy mankind has ever seen and it is coming soon, hence the anxiousness, the not sleeping properly and the emotions pouring out.  We are getting ready and our souls know it is coming.  I was told that the energetic time-lines have crossed and the path has been written, which means that the energy shift we just experienced has put a mark in the ground so to speak and we are now on a more set path.  I use the word ‘more’ because things still may change in the future as the actual outcome is still not yet certain, but the path has stabilised.  The path of the planet has been in constant flux for a long time, so at least we now have some sort of stability.

However, what this also means is that we are being asked to speed up our progression again! The message I got was that we need to release, clear and remember now! We have to get ourselves into the right space before the end of this year.  Clients are coming to me at the moment who have amazing gifts, yet don’t know about them and I am being guided to show them quickly.  If there was more time, they would work on themselves over a period of years not months!  We need to fully open ourselves to the truth and we need to do it fast because we need more light down here and we need it now!

Imagine lots of little candle flames burning all over the world, this is the image I was shown by Spirit, they are all quite small and not burning that brightly.  However, when I looked around I could see a few really big flames in all the tiny ones.  This is what we are being asked to do, shine our own individual light so brightly it stands out in the crowd!  If we all do this, then this image would show loads of giant flames burning brightly together!  Remember, you are not alone in this, yes we need to do our own individual work, but we also need to help each other too.  This is why this image is so important, the flames may all be burning on their own, but together they light up the world.

Shining our light to its true potential is hard to do on Earth as this is one of the most densest planets in the universe, not to mention the roller-coaster of emotions we experience here, plus the fact we forget everything when we come here which doesn’t help! Fear is the biggest thing that holds us back here and we need to release all it!!

We each have the power to get over all our fear in a moment! I know this is hard to believe, but it is true the problem is we have forgotten who we truly are and are caught up in a game called ‘Life on Earth’!!!  Our fears get the better of us and then someone else dumps all their fears on us, which then sets off our own again creating a circle that is hard to break! FEAR is what stops us releasing;  FEAR is what stops us giving our love;  FEAR is what stops us from pursuing our dreams!


The dark is out in force at the moment and spreading more disinformation by the day, this doesn’t help anyone as we are all trying our best to grope through the fog and battle through our own fears, we don’t need any more fear!  This is why we need to understand the truth and then there is nothing to fear.  I urge you all to release as much as possible during April and learn the truth.  Trust your intuition and feel the truth in your heart!

We need to get to a place where we know who we are, trust ourselves, understand our gifts and be able to protect ourselves spiritually so we can be in position to help others do the same.

April is going to be a crazy month in so many ways, the new energy is settling a little, but will start to whirl again shortly.  Be prepared for the unexpected!

Until next time, have a blissful week.

Love Sarah ♥


3 thoughts on “Energy Shift Alert!!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! It is good to know there are others out there who feel what I feel.


  2. Thank you for sharing this information Sarah. I did feel the shift at 12:20am on the 30th, in Seattle, WA. You are the first to confirm what I felt. So thanks! Keep up the great work!


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