The Energies of 2014

Are YOU Ready for Round Two??!

I haven’t felt like writing for the last couple of weeks as I have been going through my own challenges and the intensity of these energies have knocked me for six!  The last couple of days have been a little easier as the energy has settled slightly, which has given us some breathing space to get back into balance.  Enjoy this break whilst it lasts as round two is coming!!

I wrote in my last update that April would be a crazy month, but I didn’t realise how crazy!!! April has been an incredibly intense month and I can’t remember the last time the energy was this tough!  None of us have got through this unscathed!  Everyone I have talked to has either been in the process of intense clearing, feeling very tired, had physical symptoms such as illnesses, felt angry or just plain depressed!  Most of us felt like we had been put in a blender and then shot out the top!  Last week, I felt like I had taken a hundred steps back in terms of my own spiritual progression, when in actual fact I had another big shift this month and should have felt like I had stepped up a notch! I know that many of you reading this will feel like me in terms of going backwards!  We haven’t gone backwards at all, it is just what this new energy feels like to us as it is hard to get grounded, plus we didn’t get any say in whether we wanted to clear, release and shift as the energy did it for us!

This will continue to be the theme for 2014, as the intensity of the energy is set to increase in certain periods because we are in a year of transformation, this is why 2014 is the year of magnificence!!  Although I agree it doesn’t feel that magnificent right now!!!  The reason why Spirit used this word is because this year is BIG for us all and Mother Earth in so many ways and the end result will be of great magnitude.  Time will tell what this means exactly and as I get more information I will pass it on in my energy updates!  For now we have to be content with knowing what we need to do right now and how to handle the current energies!

Round two is coming and it is going to be a doozy of a ride!! There is so much going on astrologically at the moment and we are in the middle of the Cardinal Cross, which is supposed to bring new beginnings and transformation! Well this is certainty true of the new energies coming through.  Round two is WAKE-UP time!  If you thought that a lot had come up for you earlier in the month, wait and see what happens over the next week!! The earlier part of April was all about bringing things up to the surface to see what we need to work on.  It is like clearing away an old ruin covered in a layer of rubbish, we have now cleared the rubbish and we can see what is left underneath, which is the rubble and the broken walls of the ruin!  The rubble and the broken walls either need to be re-built in to something new and strong or completely cleared away so the land is clear to start again!  This is what round two is all about.

Round two covers all parts of our lives, relationships, home, work, travel, our fears, our soul mission, basically everything about us and what we are doing at the moment! It also covers world issues, especially those related to the economy and climate change!  The earthquakes that are happening all over the world are a sure sign of change!  If you want to see what is happening out there that the media is not telling you check out, Bunker Report on Facebook and also this site, RSOE EDIS, which shows all the Earthquakes around the world.  We need to wake-up and see the truth about what is happening!

Change is occurring now and we need to understand what we need to do to roll with the punches!  I know I always talk about trusting yourself and using your intuition, but it is so key right now!! We are the ones who can see through the mind control of the rest of the population and we can use our gifts to help us see the right path ahead.  We need to get into our heart space this month and really see the truth about our own lives and what is happening to the world around us.  As I have said before, if you have a feeling that you should move house, travel or go somewhere, listen to it.  Take no notice if others tell you that it is not the right decision.  We are all being moved into position and also guided to where is safe, listen to what your heart says, not your head.

Now we know that the energies are going to get tough again, we can prepare for them, so in the next couple of days think about how you coped earlier in April!  What came up for you that you needed to work on?  Have you worked through it or is there still more to release?  Do you need to take a break and give yourself some ‘me’ time?  Did you feel very tired or have physical symptoms, if so how can you handle these differently this time?  I know I had to retreat and work on my heart centre, which will be my personal focus over the next week.  I have taken some time off work and I also need to have some fun!  This will be different for all of us, but these intense energy bursts will become the norm over 2014, so it is much better to be prepared and ask yourself are you ready for the next stage?!

Until next time, have a blissful week.

Love Sarah ♥


6 thoughts on “Are YOU Ready for Round Two??!”

  1. Thank you for helping me stay grounded in what is real and true. Very hard at this time, but being the ‘Bull’ that I am…I am determined !!! I wish you all the peace and health this magnificent earth has to offer. Please keep the posts coming…


  2. I just moved to Florida and we are already settled after 9 days of our arrival because it was meant to be! My husband and I felt the need to move. It all happened so suddenly but we both feel so relieved now and there is a lot of transformation taking place in our lives! Thank You for sharing and reminding me that I am not alone ❤


  3. Great article and spot on with what’s been going on with the energies for so many including myself, blessings to you and may the transforming energies bring you lots of happiness ❤ xxx


  4. Thanks for this! This has been a crazy month for me, with lots of physical symptoms and a massively increased awareness of how much work I have to do, but also lots of opportunities for healing. I’m strapping on my seatbelt…


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