The Energies of 2014

May 2014 Energy Update

Thank heavens May is here!! April was a rough ride for many of us and we are still feeling the effects of what April unravelled for us! Even though we are out of April’s battering energies, there are some peak times in May when we may feel like we are being dragged under again!  The dates I have been given are the 11th, 12th & 13th, 20th & 21st and 28th May where the energy may feel a little rocky.

What is interesting about May is that there seem to be two levels within the energy.  The underlying energy is quite disruptive and the higher level is very supportive!  I feel that the dates that have been given are when the more disruptive energy gets stronger and takes over from the supportive energy.

I wanted to also explain how these levels of energies work, so you can make sure you are using the supportive ones this month!  Depending on our vibration depends on which energies we will be aligned with.  For example, if you are feeling happy, peaceful, excited etc then you should be feeling the supportive ones, however if you are feeling low, sad, angry etc then you will probably be experiencing the disruptive ones.  Just think, law of attraction!  The different energies we will feel in some months in 2014 will be like this with different levels and layers, it is what people talk about in terms of the 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensions.  When our vibration is high we will experience a different energy to someone whose vibration is low.  However the dates I have given may not be quite the same, so we shall see what happens as the energy may be too strong and take over from the supportive ones, no matter what our vibration.

April threw everything up in the air and now it has all landed back down in May!  We need to use the supportive energies of this month to work out how it all fits back together in a new simpler way.  I am getting that simplicity is key this month in terms of everything we work on, whether that be practical, emotional, physical, mental or spiritual stuff.  May is about action and working out a plan, but at the same time it is also about patience, which I know is a favourite topic amongst us Lightworkers!!

The April energies brought about a lot of change in the world, but also in ourselves, especially our mental state! I have heard a lot of stories about people feeling very angry or very depressed and their minds are a constant whirl of activity with everything that has been going on.  It is okay to feel these emotions and please know you are not crazy and you have NOT lost your way!  You may feel a little stuck right now, so this is where the patience fits in!  Yes we all need to take action, but sometimes we first have to review what has happened and understand why we feel like we do, otherwise action is useless as we just end up rushing into something else without letting go or understanding what we need to change!

Use the next few days to sort through your head and what I mean by this is rather than getting distracted by all the noise that is happening around you, listen to the quiet voice within.  April stirred up a lot of deep wounds for many of us, hence the anger and sadness that arose in some of us.  But keep this process simple!  Just sit quietly and ask yourself a few questions.  The questions I have put below have been taken from my Dolphin Elixir of Love attunement manual.  I have just channelled this attunement and the questions can help us to clear and open our Heart Chakras, which is very important at the moment.  If you would like to learn more about this attunement, please visit my website by clicking here:  Dolphin Elixir of Love.

• Are you feeling tired, frustrated, angry or unsatisfied? If so ask yourself why?
• What would make you feel more playful and light-hearted?
• What makes you smile?
• Are you speaking your truth to yourself and others?
• Are you looking after yourself physically? How is your breath?

The Heart Chakra is the key to enabling us to unlock our spiritual growth! When the Heart Chakra is well-balanced we have lots of self-love and love for others! We are patient in everything we do and forgiving comes easily.  This is really important in these changing times. 

We may have hoped that once April was over things would get back to some sort of normal!  Personally I don’t think ‘normal’ exists any more as things are changing too fast! The good news however, is that the energy is supporting us right now so use this to your advantage to release what came up for you in April and make a simple plan on how to move forward.  Be gentle with yourself and work this month with and on your Heart Chakra as much as possible.

I hope you enjoy reading my articles as much I enjoy writing them!  If you would like to work with me on your own spiritual journey, then please get in contact with me as I can tune into Spirit for you to see what you need right now, whether that is an attunement, a Reiki course or a reading. Then we can work together to see what is best for you.  Please click here to be taken to my website contact page.

Love Sarah ♥


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