The Energies of 2014

The Next Part of July 2014!

I felt guided to write another energy update for July as this is quite a pivotal month in 2014 for the new energies coming through, especially right now!

If you read my previous energy update,  I said that the energy will change again mid-way through July and the focus will become action-orientated, plus we may all feel like things are speeding up again!  This has certainly come true and a few days earlier than expected as the shift started on 11th July.

The new energy is swirling through and creating a bit of chaos in its wake!  Many of us feel like we need to make decisions right now and that everything is happening really fast!  The energy right now is very unbalanced, which makes us feel unbalanced too!  We may also feel like we are running out of time in some way!

The current changes are also making us feel restless, edgy and tired.  Things that were making us feel stressed before will also appear to be more stressful!  This energy is taking its toll on our emotional and physical bodies the most! 

The good news is that this will only last a few more days as the energy shifts in to a new state of being and becomes much more stable and balanced!  So breathe deep and find a way to relax so you can ride the waves.  Remember that this energy we are experiencing heightens everything, positive and negative, so your worries haven’t actually gotten any bigger they just feel that way!

We are also already experiencing some new energy downloads, so if you feel clearing symptoms coming on then this is probably the reason!  They are a bit like getting an attunement as we are each receiving a blast of intense energy!  If you are doing a lot of energy work on yourself right now (healing, attunements etc) don’t be surprised if you are not accepting all the energy as your body is probably too full to process & integrate any more.  Again this will ease over the next few days as we start to fully adjust.

The next part of July will still be intense and pushing us forward, but the chaotic feeling will diminish and we will feel that things become clearer in terms of what to do next.  The plans we have all made now can be actioned and the new energy will propel us forward and help us all do just that!

There will be a lot more happening over the coming months and I feel September is going to be particularly interesting!  More to come on this in my next energy update and what we can expect from August, which is a puzzling month at the moment, but this will become clearer once the current energies settle!

I also wanted to let you all know that I have set up a new FB page, called Violet-Light as I will be removing my old one, Lightworker Community in the next couple of months!  This is because I want my work, energy updates, attunement events and free healings (plus free healing meditations, which are coming soon!) to all be in one place!!

I will also be writing little energy updates in-between my blogs on this page too, so I hope to see you there.  Here is the link if you would like to be kept updated!  VIOLET-LIGHT

Until next time, have a blissful month.

Love Sarah ♥


5 thoughts on “The Next Part of July 2014!”

  1. We had heard this from someone so after researching found your blog and yes, the inexplicable became explained! Great stuff.


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