The Energies of 2014

2014 Energy Upgrade Attunement Event!!

I wanted to post about the next attunement event I am running as I thought a few of you may be interested as the attunement is one I have channelled called ‘2014 Energy Upgrade!”

I decided to start running attunement events to make them more affordable for everyone to get the energy they need!  This is a paid event, however you get to choose what you can afford!!  The normal price of this attunement on my site is £15, so a suggested payment for the event is £8, however this is entirely up to you as my main reason for running these is so everyone can join in!

All my events will be posted on my FB page, Violet-Light and also on my website under Attunement Events.  I will be running these at least once a month on a different attunement each time.


Here is what the attunement is all about and each year I will channel new energy to upgrade this attunement to help us all with the energetic changes happening.

I channelled the 2014 Energy Upgrade from the Light Continuum in January 2014.

The energy of Mother Earth changes frequently and 2014 is no exception! This is why I have been guided to channel a new attunement called 2014 Energy Upgrade.  This attunement helps us work with the new energies of 2014. The energy of 2014 is very different from previous years and Spirit are trying to help us navigate through these energies in the best possible way, hence this attunement. It is designed to help us with the following and will be upgraded each year:

~ Allows us to embrace the new energies more easily
~ Helps to open our Heart Chakra more fully
~ Strengthens our healing abilities
~ Increases the flow of light through our Crown Chakra
~ Strengthens and increases our protection

The energy is great for releasing old energies and embracing the higher vibrational frequencies thus facilitating further spiritual development.

I look forward to connecting with you!

Love & Blessings



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