The Energies of 2014

September Energies

I was really looking forward to September energies after all the crazy months of energy shifts and downloads we have had to cope with so far this year!!  September is still a ‘busy’ energy month, but it doesn’t feel quite as hard as the last few months, phew I hear you all say!!

Don’t get your hopes up quite yet as even though September is lighter in terms of energy shifts and downloads, this is very much a month of action!! All the things we have started or planned this year need to be finalised and worked through over the next couple of months.  September has a higher vibration compared to August as we have all shifted, released and let go of so much that we have a little reprieve now, so we can get our heads down and crack on with the more practical stuff!  So yes this month is easier in terms of the intense energies we have all been feeling, but now we all need to work hard in getting everything organised!

The start of September up until the full moon on the 9th is a time to really understand how far we have actually come and see what we need to do next.  This period is partly a time for reflection, but also for us to start getting things lined up for the next stage of our journey.   This full moon may bring quite a few emotions to the surface if we haven’t fully released everything, so be gentle with yourself if this happens to you on the days around the 9th September.

The first few days after the 9th may be a bit hard in terms of the energy, so use these days to nurture and pamper yourself if you feel tired or a bit down.  It will depend on how you handle energy shifts and also what you are going through, so it won’t be the same for everyone, but this period may be tough for some, so I just wanted to let you know it is okay if you feel like this!

Remember we are all unique and everyone is where they need to be, no one is going faster or slower than anyone else.  Listen to your body’s needs, rather than anyone else’s views and you won’t go to far wrong!

Once we get into the middle of the month, things should really take off!  The energy will lift a lot higher than it has been for ages and we should feel compelled to act!  I can see how this is already panning out for myself this month as I feel like I am still partly on the roller-coaster of August, but I can feel it slowing down and I am already taking steps in terms of what I need to do next.

This energy may feel a little ‘pushy’ as it is action energy, so don’t get so caught up in all the changes that you forget to breathe or have relaxation time!  This is so easily done when we get excited and can see things progressing well!  Take time this month just to stop and check on yourself.  Ask yourself;  Am I pushing myself too hard?  Do I need to take a break?  What can wait and be done tomorrow? If we push ourselves too hard this month, we won’t have any energy leftover to continue the action in October!!

This month is all about making sure we are in the right place to move forward with ease and grace.  We have all done so much ground work over the last few months and pushed ourselves hard in terms of releasing and getting our physical, emotional and mental bodies back on track.  Now it is time to let our spiritual self and intuition guide us through these next couple of months!

We all know what we really want, even if that dream is buried under all our worries and stress!  If we trust in ourselves, then our own intuition is never going to lead us wrong!  This month is a wonderful blend of high vibrational energy mixed with action packed energy!  So the easiest way to move forward is to let go of control and let our intuition guide us so our minds are free to be able to focus on the practical action part!

As the energy is high this month, please keep yourself grounded otherwise you may find yourself daydreaming and floating off too much, so you may end up missing out on all the action if this happens!  This is the main reason, I have chosen a grounding attunement for my next attunement event to help us all stay grounded and in balance this month.  We need this much more than we have done in the past!  As usual this is by donation and a suggested donation is £5, but you can pay more or less depending on how much you can afford, which means this energy is available to everyone, which is my intention.

If you are interested in checking this out, it will be on Sunday 7th September and is the Great Turtle Empowerment.  I am really excited about this event as I am running it with my soulmate, Luke, who also channelled this attunement.  So you will receive double the energy!!!  Please click this link for more info.  The Great Turtle Empowerment Attunement Event

Until next time, stay grounded and have a blissful month!

Love Sarah ♥


4 thoughts on “September Energies”

  1. Thank you again for the amazing article! So in tune with how I feel.
    I am hoping to be able to do the Great Turtle attunement, but with the hour difference, not quite sure I can assist. I know you mentioned that we can do it after, but I kind of like the live idea 🙂

    Anyway, thanks for your words of wisdom

    Many Blessings to ‘you!


  2. Thank you for all your wonderful articles and I am so happy they resonate with you! With regards to the attunement, I normally set all of my attunements up via distance and my clients receive them in their own time. You will receive just the same energy as it is stored for you and then drops in when you are ready. Go for it and see what happens!! Love & Blessings back to you.


  3. Thanks Sarah – your emails are amazing. You always describe exactly what I am going through, and when I reflect back you predict exactly the energetic highs and lows and flows that eventuate. Amazing. I love these updates because I don’t feel so crazy that I am going through the intense feelings I am having. There is actually an explanation for it all!! There really is a collective consciousness of sorts isn’t there?

    Love and light,
    Suzie x

    Suzie Farrow
    Marketing Projects Manager
    Aussie Wipes Pty Ltd
    t 02 8425 0302


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