The Energies of 2014

October Energies

I was planning to write this on the 1st October, so I am rather late at getting this posted!  One of the reasons is that Spirit has been giving me more information over the last few days about what is happening so I can explain more fully and the other reason is that I have been going through my own stuff!

September was certainly a busy month for most of us and October saw the energy change quite dramatically with Mercury in Retrograde and a heavier energy settling in.

October has been a strange month in many ways and I have heard from a lot of people that they have felt a bit disconnected this month.  They have also said that things that were happening in September and looking good have stalled or now not going anywhere.

Spirit has told me that October is a time to complete.  September was an action month, which started things moving and October is all about finalising, completing and clearing out!  This relates to everything, not just spiritual matters, and actually October is much more about ‘Earthy’ stuff than spiritual growth!  We are all spiritual beings, however the practical stuff still has to get done!

I was told by spirit that the time is now to clear out, so we are free to move into 2015 easily.  So you may have found you felt the urge to de-clutter your home, sort out your car and office and generally got yourself more organised! This helps to clear the energy around us so our own energy can flow into new ventures.

Completion is very important in all areas of our lives as Spirit explained to me that if we leave loose ends, then they get stuck in our energy fields and trail along behind us.  The less we complete and finalise things, the more loose ends we create.  This can block our energy and also stop us from being able to move forward.  If you think about pieces of wool that have all got caught up together, they start to form a large ball of wool.  If you have lots of stuff to complete, you may have blocked up your whole energy field with balls of wool!  The universe may also take it as a sign that you don’t want to start anything new yet as you haven’t finished what you started!  I liked the way Spirit explained this and it makes perfect sense!!

Tying up our loose ends needs to be completed by the end of 2014, however it is the most beneficial to get this done by the end of November if possible as December will be an interesting month!!  If you haven’t done so already, I would suggest you write a list of things that need to be done, especially the ones you have been putting off!!  This can include the practical stuff, releasing emotions, people and also situations that are not helping you any more.

We need to be able to travel light and also let go of anything that doesn’t serve our highest good.  We have all changed a huge amount in the last year and we may find that when we look back on how far we have come we want to make more changes as we may have outgrown other people, changed our hobbies, want a new job etc.  Now is the time to clear everything out that you no longer need or want.  Get rid of all your loose ends and then watch how your life begins to change for the better!

I wanted to come back to those feeling disconnected as I wanted to assure you all that if you are feeling this it is perfectly natural!  The energy is heavy this month, which doesn’t help and normally if we feel like this it means we should be focusing on something else!  So if you are feeling disconnected then have a look at what loose ends you need to tie up as it is probably Spirit’s way of getting you to concentrate on what is important right now!

I also wanted to touch on all the things that are happening all over the world at the moment, wuch as Ebola, crazy weather, the concern about war and the list goes on!  Many people are feeling a lot more fear than before due to everything that is happening and this is having an effect on the current energies.  All this extra fear is adding a layer of dense energy to everything!  We are moving into unprecedented times and the world as we know it is changing dramatically.  How the change will come is not completely known yet as there are many time-lines, but we need to let go of our fear about the things that are happening around us so we can focus on getting ourselves as clear as possible so we are in a position to help others when the time comes.

We all came down here for a reason and the main reason is to help others and Mother Earth.

The keyword is RELEASE this month.  Release as much as you can over the next couple of months so you are in the best place to help others and yourself.

Until next time, have a blissful month!

Love Sarah ♥


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