The Energies of 2014

November Energies

Were you as happy as I was that October finally ended?!  I know I breathed a sigh of relief!  However, the new energies didn’t really get going until after the first weekend of November!  This period was still very dense and many of us felt very out of sorts.

November energies are a slow and gradual improvement on October’s energies.  October felt like everything suddenly stopped for no apparent reason and then started again!  I certainty felt this a lot, especially with practical matters!

The universal energies have been gradually getting lighter since 3rd November, however we have still had a bit of the old energy swirling around!  We should now be experiencing more forward movement rather than this ‘stop start’ energy.  We still have more changes to come, but the next couple of weeks should continue to build momentum and the pace should pick up helping us all to get things done far quicker and easier than before!

I wrote in my last update about how important ‘completing’ things were and that if we leave loose ends, these can block our energy and stop us moving forward.  November is still part of this completion process and with the lighter energy coming in over the next few weeks we should be able to finish tying up our loose ends!

November may still be a little chaotic at times, but we should be able to surf the waves rather than get dragged down by them this month!  Keep releasing, clearing and de-cluttering your life, so you actually have time in December to relax, breathe and enjoy Christmas without a big list of things to do hanging over you!  Being able to see in the new year knowing we have no loose ends and that we have completed everything will really bring fresh energy into all areas of our lives.  This will kick start 2015 in the best way possible so we can start putting our new ideas into action, therefore starting 2015 off with a bang!

I wanted to touch on the subject of ‘change’ this month as many souls decided that they wanted to leave Earth this year.  I have heard from many other people and also experienced this myself that many of our beloved pets and loved ones have chosen to leave during 2014.  This also seems to have become much more common in the last few months, so I wanted to try and explain why this is happening to help everyone out there dealing with the loss of someone special.

Many animals, especially those who were older or had physical ailments felt it was the right time to go.  The reason is because they actually want to come back as soon as possible to help us with all the changes that are coming!  They didn’t feel they were in the right space in terms of their physical well-being to help us properly, therefore want to go through the process now so they would have time to come back at a later date to help us even more.

Animals teach us so much about unconditional love and the joy of living in the moment.  They do not fear death and many are very excited to be able to come back in a brand new body that is fit and healthy to help us on our journey.  My heart goes out to you if you have lost your pet as I lost my beloved cat, George, this year and it is just not the same without him.  I wanted to write about this as I know how hard it is to lose someone you love, but as we all know death is certainly not the end, it is a rebirth.  Our soul is eternal and it is just the physical body that dies.

Another part of why souls are leaving this year is also to teach us about death, rebirth and not to fear it.  Of course we miss those that we love, but we should also celebrate what each person or animal taught us when they were part of our physical lives.  Many of our pets will try and find us again when they come back down, so if you get an urge to get another cat, dog, horse or any other pet then let your intuition guide you and you never know you may be reunited with your friend.

Many souls have also left as they either do not want to be part of what is to come, their work has now been completed here on Earth or they want their energy to go back into the collective conciousness to help us all going forward.  Many of those that are transitioning now were here at the beginning of the process in the 1st wave of volunteers that came to help, such as Dolores Cannon, who passed on 19th October 2014.  It shows how far we have come when amazing souls like Dolores decide to transition as her work is now complete and the birth of a new world is nearly here.

Dolores Cannon said that “We are living in the most important time in the history of the Universe” and this is so true!  We are at a tipping point right now and are right in the middle between the old and the new. The old structures are starting to crumble and new ideas need to start becoming a reality to take their place.  Things are changing dramatically and we will see a lot more change in December and into 2015, hence why we are being urged to complete our loose ends so we are each ready personally for what is to come.

There is also a portal coming up shortly on 11th November (11:11), which is a catalyst for change.  This may not feel big in terms of energy on the day, although you may feel some, but it is an important date none the less.  This date signifies the ‘tipping point’ and we will move into one path or another.  This is still to be decided, so it will be very interesting to see which way we go.  I will write another update this month when I know more.

Be kind to yourself this month and find time to laugh, love and have some fun.  You deserve it!

Until next time, have a blissful month!

Love Sarah ♥


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  1. Thank you, Sarah. I need all the validation I can get. My family and friends are not on the same train as me! Love to you, Mary

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