The Energies of 2014

December Energies

December is all about relaxing!  Yay! I hear you shout, I need some of that!  For those that have been reading my energy updates for a while, you know there should be a ‘however’ at the end of that sentence and you are correct!!

December energies are all about resting, relaxing and getting ourselves ready for the new energies of 2015, however, if we still have ‘tasks’ left that we haven’t completed in October and November then we may still find December a little hectic!  We need to ‘complete’ what we started and it must be done before 2015 begins.  I know that sounds very strict and I am with you as I still have ‘stuff’ to complete, but this is what I am being told by Spirit!  We need to tie up those loose ends once and for all and really start the new year with a fresh slate.  This will help propel us forward and utilise the new energies for our highest good.  If we still have ‘stuff’ hanging over us then we will block our movements forward and this may set us back in terms of our spiritual progression.  Spirit is telling me that this is due to the amount of energy downloads coming in January, so if we are more focused on ‘Earth stuff’ then we won’t be in the right vibration to receive.

December is also a time of endings, which ties in with the completion.  I am moving house this week with my soulmate, Luke, so we have a few things to complete before we can finally relax!  By next week though we should be able to enjoy the energy of December once the move has been completed!  You may find things are ending or have been for a while and this month completes it, this could be anything from work to moving to relationships.  Things that are no longer needed in our lives are being swept away, ready for us to enjoy the new energy of 2015.

What is interesting is that the new energy of 2015 doesn’t really get going until 6th January, so we may find ourselves feeling a little out of sorts for the 1st week of January as we will be in the in-between stages of a shift in density!  The old energies will be leaving and the new energies will be coming in, so make sure you keep grounded that week to help you remain balanced as things may feel a bit strange.  I will be writing an overview about 2015 in a few weeks to give us a flavour of what is to come.

I was going to write another energy update in November explaining more about 11:11, but due to moving house and getting my own ‘stuff’ sorted that didn’t happen.  I have set the intention once I get settled again, I will have more time to write!

Therefore, I wanted to talk about the portal on 11th November (11:11) as it was a catalyst for change. I know some of you really felt the energy around this date and I did get a message from Spirit letting me know that the path had been decided.  What this means is that even though we are on a specific path, which I wrote about earlier in the year, the actual detail wasn’t confirmed.  This portal was the deciding point as to which way we actually went.  This is quite hard to describe, as I see it as energy and images!  What I used to see before this date was mists of energy that were covering the time-lines, so nothing was clear.  Now one path is being shown, which is very clear and the mists have gone.  I can only feel the energy down this path until the end of December and into the start of January as Spirit want me to understand this more myself before writing about it!  The energy feels clear, but a little flat.  It also feels like the calm before the storm, but I cannot yet see the storm, but feel it is closer than we expect.  Please do not worry about any of this as the energy actually feels better than I thought it would before the portal date, which is a very good thing!

The world is changing as are we and 2015 will bring us a very interesting year, the good news is that the path right now is clear and only time will tell what comes next.  Spirit is always telling me to focus on the present moment and they will only show me the next few weeks as to what is coming up for me, so I don’t get too far into the future!  It is very important to not get stuck in the future or in the past as we lose sight of what is happening now!  We need to use the December energies to help us complete anything left to do and then take the time to relax and let go.  We have all worked so incredibly hard during this year, we deserve a break!  So do what you need to do and then enjoy the holidays with your loved ones so you are ready to face 2015 and what comes next on this magnificent journey!

Wishing you a blissful month, a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.

Love Sarah ♥


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