Energies of 2015

2015 Energies – The Year of Abundance!

I was looking back at what I had written about 2014 and it made a lot of sense!  2014 supported our next stage of growth and helped us all to look at the darker side of ourselves, which is never pretty, but a necessity to reach the higher stages of spiritual growth!

We released, as a collective, so much baggage in 2014 that we allowed ourselves to really  start to understand who we are, what we want and be able to take the first steps into our power.

I also wrote it was the year of magnificence, but also of doubts!  I felt this was very true as we all grew magnificently, but also during our clearing periods had times of doubt and fear about whether we were on the right path!

2015 is the year of abundance and the reason Spirit has given me this is two-fold.  Firstly, this year is all about realising our true potential and coming out of this doubt into faith!  All the hard work we put in last year should come to fruition in 2015.  This was one of the reasons time seemed to move so fast and we kept being urged to release and release during 2014, so we could be ready for 2015!

Secondly, 2015 is the start of a new cycle of energy, this is true every year, but 2015 is rather different!  2014 ended a period of cleansing, reviewing and moving, which had been going on for a number of years.  This previous energy was needed to push us to where we need to be right now!  This included; releasing as much as we could, getting our homes, work etc in order, physically moving to a new place, if guided, so we could be in the right space for the new energy.  Many of us moved house in 2014 or are planning too soon in the coming months.  We are each being guided to be in the right location so we can help to anchor the high vibrational energies in the correct place.

2015 has a much higher frequency and vibration compared to 2014 and the years previous to this.  The energy this year is all about stepping forward and doing rather than just focusing on the clearing and releasing!  Of course, we will still need to work on our own spiritual progression and take time for self-healing, but the energy this year will have a way of pushing us out of our comfort zones into doing more to increase our confidence, increase our trust in ourselves, increase our joy for life and of course increase our abundance!

Take a moment to think about how far you have come since the start of 2014.  How much have you released?!  Do you feel more confident in your own abilities?  Do you love yourself a little more than you did?  What are you most proud of yourself for in 2014?  Taking time to answer these questions will show you just how far you have come.  And if there is anyone reading this who does not have any positive answers to these questions, then I don’t believe you and nor does Spirit, so try again!!!  Spirit asked me to put that last sentence in as we know there maybe a few doubters out there!  2015 is not the year for doubt, it is the year for faith in YOU!!!

2015 added together equals the number 8, which is a feminine number with all those curves!  The number 8 means many things;  Abundance is on its way to you, self-reliance, inner-wisdom and success!  As you can see all these meanings are showing you that YOU are the key driving force this year, not the energies which has been the case for so long.  It is finally the year that all our hard work pays off!

The other part of this meaning for me is the Goddess energy will really come into play this year, hence the feminine feel!  It is time to connect with our inner Goddesses, and if you are a man reading this the same applies, as we should all be balanced with feminine & masculine energy!  So embrace your inner Goddess this year and also call upon the Goddess for her help with whatever you are planning to do in 2015!

2015 will be an extremely interesting year for many of us.  There will be many highs, but also a few lows.  More truths will come to light about extraterrestrial life, there will be more big weather and Earth related events, especially in America and around Indonesia.  The economy will have some big fluctuations and there maybe times when we wonder what on earth is going on in the world!  Times are changing and changing fast, time-lines keep moving, so it is even more difficult to predict future events than it ever was before!  If things become a little chaotic this year, remember to ground yourself back into your reality rather than the world’s, even though I know this is hard to do, we all need to take a step back and understand what we need to focus on.

Spirit want to leave us with this message:

“Let yourself boldly go where you never thought you could!  Trust in love.  Trust in the light.  But most importantly trust in yourself this year.”

Happy New Year everyone and I wish you all a joyful and very abundant 2015!

Love Sarah ♥


2 thoughts on “2015 Energies – The Year of Abundance!”

  1. Hello

    I receive over email and absolutely love your energy details. Can I please have you send this to my new email address?

    Thank you and blessings, Corinne


    1. Hi Corinne
      I am so happy to hear you love my energy updates. I don’t send these out as they come from WordPress when you sign up to receive them. So if you are getting them on your old email you must have signed up previously, so just change your email or sign up with your new one. I edited your comment so your email address doesn’t show here as it is public!
      Love & Blessings


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