Energies of 2015

January 2015 Energies

This energy update for January is a little late seeing as it is already the 13th!  Like many of you, things have been a bit hectic in my life recently and I am trying hard to get myself into more of a routine!  Being in a routine is important during 2015 as we all have lots to do and also if we are not organised this year, we may find we miss out on opportunities or become rather stressed!  2014 pushed us hard to complete and release!  2015 won’t feel as ‘pushy’, but will still be fast paced, the main difference is that we are the ones that need to do the ‘pushing’ not the energies, hence why some sort of routine, organisation or just plain prioritising will help us enormously!

As I said in my December update, the new energies for 2015 didn’t really kick off until 6th January.  You may have found that you were feeling a bit out of sorts as the energy was twisting and changing into something new!  The 11th Jan was also a key date as we had a big energy download and this may have brought up some of our fears, worries and even anger!  These feelings are all perfectly natural and just because the energy has changed, everything still has to adjust, integrate and settle down, including us!

As I am writing this I feel that today, 13th Jan, is a lot calmer and more stable.  The high vibrational energies have found a way to anchor in and are not in the middle of really high energy (above us) and really low energy (below us) with us stuck somewhere in the centre not really knowing what is going on!  This is the best way I can describe the first couple of weeks in 2015!

If you feel a bit overwhelmed by your to do list or what you want to achieve this year, then the second half of January is the perfect energy to be able to organise, prioritise and get into a better routine!  Take some quiet time this week and work out your dreams that you would like to see come to fruition.  If you have a big dream, that is wonderful, but you will need to break it down into little steps!  We all have dreams, big and small, but half the time we only think about them when we relax and then we wish we had the energy to go after them!  Don’t let that happen this year!!!

Writing a list of your dreams down on paper will help your abundance for 2015 and will also get your logical brain in gear to really see what ‘pops’ out and makes you smile!  I guess this is a little like making new year resolutions, but it is not quite the same as the difference is that we are not agreeing to things that we really don’t feel like doing, but perhaps society says we should!  See the difference?!  Our dreams are our power and are desires help us grow.  If we ignore our dreams, we then don’t fulfil our soul purpose or step into our true power.

Questions to ask this month:

Are you happy in general?  If the answer is no, ask yourself why not?  What is it about your life that makes you feel unhappy?  Pinpoint the reason or reasons why.  This will give you a starting point to see what you really need to change.

What are your dreams?  Have fun with this question and don’t let fear, practicalities such as money. time, etc stop you from dreaming BIG!!!  Write them ALL down, big and small. No dream is too small or too big!  For example, one of your dreams could just be to have an hour or two all to yourself each week to do what YOU want!  Understand what YOU need and desire in your life, don’t worry about what others are doing or what other people think you should be doing, do what makes you happy this year.

Once you have got this far, take a moment to see how you are feeling.  Do you feel excited, happy, fearful, sad, frustrated etc?  When we look at our lives like this, it can help us bring up some of our issues that are stopping us moving forward, such as any of the negative feelings I have listed or it can get us motivated and excited about our next steps when we have positive emotions.

If you feel any negative emotions, then you need to ask yourself why and work on releasing these.  Perhaps you may feel frustrated because you realise you need to change direction as what you have been doing is not quite right for you any more.  Perhaps you feel fearful because your dreams seem to be so big!  There are many reasons why you might feel a negative emotion, but remember this is a process and we all need to uncover the reasons WHY we aren’t happy or WHY we aren’t following our dreams.

We can all blame other things, such as ‘I don’t have enough time.’ ‘I have no energy after my hard day’s work.’  ‘I have too many things to do!’  This is all surface ‘stuff’ and not the underlying reason WHY!  It is up to us this year and January in particular to work out what is holding us back from stepping into our power and manifesting the reality we want!  By uncovering the deeper issue will help us each to release what no longer serves our highest good and get us back on track.

Use the second part of January to get yourself back into abundance mode!  Begin by answering the questions above to understand what you truly want from life.  2015 is not the time to hold back!

This is the year where we need to step forward and begin to start manifesting the abundance and happiness that is rightfully ours.  Remember, this is what we all have been working so hard for over the last few years!  Now is the time to see all our hard work come to fruition, but we can only reap what we have sown by going out there and collecting it!

By doing this exercise will help you focus on you, your life and what your next steps should be.  Remember, you don’t need to do everything in one go!  Take baby steps and plan a new routine that will help you be more organised, give you more time for your dreams and prioritise what is really important.  We are not machines and can only do so much!  Perhaps set yourself goals to achieve each week or month, so you have something to work towards.  Try and push yourself by thinking about what would take you out of your comfort zone as this is also a key part of our growth this year!  Anything that makes you feel slightly uncomfortable is a good thing to do!!

Therefore I am going to do just that right here on my blog!  Spirit has asked me to add a ‘donate’ button to my energy updates!  This makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable as I know this is part of my work and I don’t want to charge for it!  However, it does take up quite a bit of my time and so placing a donate button here is all part of me believing in myself (stepping more into my power) and having the confidence to value my work!  I wanted to show you that I too have to step out of my comfort zone and thought if I explain it this way, that it may give you a little push into believing in yourselves too!  Therefore if you know you should do something, but it feels uncomfortable. then it is probably the next step on your path, so go for it!!  Trust and believe in YOU!

So if you do feel guided to give a little towards supporting my work here, then I would be very grateful.  Please click on the ‘donate’ button below.  Thank you so much in advance.



Wishing you a blissful month and a very happy 2015!

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


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