Energies of 2015

April 2015 Energies

The energy downloads during the last few days of March were intense!!  I was up at 4.30am on 1st April as I just couldn’t lie in bed with the energy coming through as it was so strong it made me feel wired, so I had to get up!  These energy downloads are all leading up to the next eclipse which is happening tomorrow (4th April).  We are basically being re-booted and re-wired.  So you may feel lots of ascension symptoms happening right now.

You may have felt the following:

  • Extra tired, no matter how much sleep you are getting.  This means you may need more rest to help integrate the downloads coming in.
  • Your memory/mind feels a bit foggy and you keep forgetting things! This is due to the extra energy coursing through us and the fact we are all releasing old negative patterns.  This has an effect on the brain!
  • Your physical body feels either sore or lethargic.  This is because our physical bodies are adjusting and re-building themselves to cope with the higher frequencies.  Epsom salt baths should help ease this a little.
  • Feeling un-grounded even if grounding regularly!  This is due to the higher frequencies as well and they are shaking things up a little.  Once the energy calms down again, we should feel much more grounded.  I suggest getting out into nature everyday at the moment to re-balance.

Be aware that everyone is receiving these downloads, whether spiritually awake or not!  So if you are finding that some people are acting out of character then this maybe the reason.  Those who are not awake will have no idea what is going on and you may find that they are directing their own issues at you!  This may come in the form of anger, jealousy or depression.  If you are finding people you know are behaving a little strangely towards you, then tune in and check if it is actually to do with you or their own issues coming up.

I wanted to write about this as if someone we care about is directing negative energy at us it obviously upsets us and makes us feel bad.  So we need to make sure we understand why it is happening.  This way we can be more compassionate by understanding that they are going through some stuff and facing their own fears.  We may want to share with them what is going on at the moment energetically as this may help them to understand their own feelings.  I would suggest only doing this if you feel they would be open and receptive, otherwise you may be on the receiving end of more negativity!  The other option, which is a very important one, is making sure we protect our own energy and step away from any drama that is occurring.  Remember, we are getting these downloads too and our bodies and minds may not be able to cope that well right now with additional stress and tension!

The energy will become easier a few days to a week after the eclipse as the energy downloads should cease for a while to give us room to breathe, grow and integrate.

I wrote about the 20th March being a key date in my last couple of updates and that this would be a trigger point.  Around this time, I felt the energy pushing us harder, speeding everything up and then the energy downloads started coming in!  It kind of feels as though we are back in 2014!!!  We are in the midst of an ending and a new beginning happening, which started around the 20th March and will end with the eclipse on 3rd April.  This period has produced intense energy and is very transformational for each one of us.  These last few months have all been building up to this date in terms of letting things go so the path is clear for new opportunities to come in.

I did wonder what may happen around the 20th March as Spirit also said that we should prepare ourselves and part of me was a little disappointed in that nothing ‘physically’ happened.  This was obviously my ego taking hold as I had put out there that we all needed to prepare ourselves and then nothing happened!!  So, I asked Spirit why I had to write about this date and preparation.  The answers I got were very interesting!

Spirit said to me that we all needed to get more prepared (physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually) and that was one of the main reasons for me being guided to write about this in February.  Spirit said there is no point in waiting until something big is definitely coming as preparing the mind is quite a challenge for us down here, so they wanted to give us as much time as they could!  Spirit also said for us to look at this as a type of insurance!  If we own car, we take out insurance on it, not because we think we are definitely going to have an accident, but because we want to be prepared just in case something does happen!

They also said that there is a lot going on behind the scenes, in terms of governments, banks etc that we are not seeing at the moment.  Spirit reminded me that just because we do not see ‘physical proof’, doesn’t mean that things are not happening!!  We all certainly felt the energy downloads and shifts during this time period!

I have also been reading up on other people’s views and predictions on what is to come this year.  A number of people have all said that between March and September is the key time for things to happen.  A lot of this is tied into the four blood moons, which started on 15th April 2014.  The second was on 8th October 2014, the third will happen tomorrow (4th April 2015) and the fourth one will be on 28th September 2015.

A blood Moon is sometimes used to describe a Total Lunar Eclipse. When the Earth casts its shadow on a Full Moon and eclipses it, the Moon may get a red glow.

I find reading the prophesies around the four blood moons very interesting as a lot of things do tie in with what has been said.  However, for me personally it is the energy around these dates that interest me more!  These eclipses create very strong and powerful energies!

We are feeling like everything has speeded up again because the energy is pushing us into being part of the higher frequencies rather than resting below them.  What this means is that the law of attraction is even more powerful!!  So be careful of your thoughts and words!  As you know our thoughts, words and actions create our world, so when we feel really excited, happy or just generally positive about things, we find more good things come our way.  The same goes when we are feeling negative or unhappy!  We tend to attract more of the same.

The higher frequencies we are all experiencing are increasing this 100x, so the good news is that we get faster results, however the bad news is that if we are not sending out happy, positive energy then the universe will send us things we really don’t want more quickly!  I would suggest working on your gratitude and abundance every day as this helps us stay in a more positive vibration plus when we send these words and thoughts out to the universe they manifest even faster now!!  I guess Spirit were right when they said 2015 is the year of abundance, only we have control over what type of abundance we receive, positive or negative!

This is the perfect time to re-create our reality and world as the energies are there for us to use and bring about change for the better!  Go create something wonderful this month!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this energy update and I hope it has helped you understand more about what is going on at the moment!  As usual, Luke, my Soulmate and I will be doing another FREE healing this month, which is on Tues 7th April to help everyone cope with these energies a little bit more easily!  If you would like to join up, just click this link to be taken to the Facebook event, which has more information.  You can also sign up your pets too!

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Wishing you a blissful month and a very joyful Easter.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


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  1. As always, Sarah, your energy and guidance can be felt across the miles. Thank you for being the wonderful light being that you are. Your sharing of Spirit’s message is always so clear and true. ♡


  2. Thank you Sarah. This makes so much sense of how I’ve been feeling recently. I love an explanation which doesn’t make me wrong for being tired, in pain and out of sorts. This morning things feel easier and you’ve even explained that – brilliant!


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