Energies of 2015

May 2015 Energies

Phew!  Thank goodness April is complete!  I am using the word, ‘complete’ as this is what this month has been in a lot of ways, a completion!

After all the energy downloads at the end of March and beginning of April, we moved into the cycle of growing and integrating.  Many of us were repeating lessons that we may not have got the first time around as this was a time for us to understand and take action.

We are all in the process of a big shift!  This isn’t just on an individual basis, although when we are going through our own shift it may feel that way, it is universal and I don’t just mean here on Earth either!  Everything is undergoing a transformation and many of us feel a little lost in the process.  You are not alone.

Mother Earth has also had her share of shifts with the earthquake in Nepal and many volcanoes around the world suddenly waking up from slumber.  She is getting ready for the shift to come too.  Her energy movements affect us all and she is showing us that when we shift there may be some devastation, losses and sadness, but when things break we can also re-build and come together, just like the world has united to help Nepal.

No shift is easy and we have to understand that there will be more changes like this in the world over the next few months and the coming years, which I know is hard to cope with and very upsetting, but this is why we have to prepare and understand the truth of what is happening around us.  So we can be ready if we, ourselves, face a major change in our part of the world.

May is a new beginning in some ways and also what I want to call a ‘gratitude’ month!  The energy around May is very abundant and feels so much lighter than April.  It is the perfect time to practice our gratitude for life, practice self-love and bring forth our abundance!

Life is so fragile here on Earth and it is over in a blink of an eye.  We have such a short amount of time to learn our lessons and understand what we are doing here that we sometimes forget about a really important part of our life, which as you may have guessed is LOVE!

May’s energy is very focused around relationships, not just with others but with ourselves too.  There is a full moon on the 3rd/4th May and this focuses on emotions!  Especially in the area of relationships.  So if something has been building within, now is the time to express yourself, whether that is to do with romance, love or even a break-up, it is time to say how you feel and make some decisions bout how to move forward.  If you are not in a relationship or don’t feel that your emotions have anything to do with a romantic involvement, but you still have feelings bubbling away underneath, then perhaps these feelings are to do with how you view the relationship with yourself!  It is a great time to look deeper and be honest with ourselves.

A friend of mine died suddenly around Easter and I went to his funeral this week.  He was only 45 and it was such a shock to everyone when he died.  I didn’t know him very well as I had only met him and his wonderful wife this year, but his light was so beautiful I loved his energy straight away.  He made others feel good about themselves, which is an amazing quality to have.

I am writing about this as so many people turned up for his funeral there wasn’t enough chairs in the church!  That in itself showed how much this man was loved.   It is hard for those who get left behind in the event of death as our soul returns home and is free once again from the constraints of this planet!  Therefore, death is really a re-birth, but obviously to those death leaves behind it doesn’t feel that way.

Being at his funeral and hearing about his life from those that knew him well and loved him was indeed a celebration of the man he was.  Death makes us all think about life and what is important.  We spend a lot of time, myself included, worrying about the small things and getting stressed about the little things, when what we really need to be doing more of is focusing on the love!

I don’t just mean spending more time with those we love, although that is a good thing to do, I actually want to talk about self-love.  I have done many readings and obviously my own personal work and one area that comes up time and time again for everyone, myself included, is not feeling good enough, which is all to do with self-love.

After going to the funeral, I thought about how much time I actually spend with myself!  I thought I have done a lot of work on loving myself and feeling worthy of love in return, but do I actually show myself that I love me!  The answer to that question was no, not really, so this opened my eyes to the steps I needed to take next.

All forms of love are important, whether it is romantic love, self-love, animal love, family love or friend love.  Love is the key ingredient in our lives and without it, what would be the point in doing anything?

Loving others also means that we take a risk and this brings up fear.  They could hurt us in the future, they could die or leave or just take away their love from us.  We may even be afraid that we are not loveable, so we don’t take that risk at all.

Love is always a risk, but when we truly love ourselves, there are no risk as the only person that can take away the love is us!  We are all so desperate to be loved, as this helps us with our feelings of not being good enough, that we forget about the person who can love us unconditionally and forever.  Ourselves.

Take time this month to spend time with yourself.  Sitting and daydreaming helps us to connect with ourselves, going for a walk in nature, taking the time to write down our dreams, nurturing ourselves, taking ourselves out on a date or wearing our favourite outfit, not because it is a special occasion, but because we just want to feel good!

There are a million different ways to make ourselves feel special, do one today and give yourself some love!  May is a wonderful time to practice self-love and gratitude.  The energy is very supportive in all areas of relationships, especially with ourselves.

Wishing you a blissful month.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


4 thoughts on “May 2015 Energies”

  1. Hi Sarah, This is really beautiful! The part about how often do I show myself how much I love me. And the person who can love us unconditionally forever is us. Revolutionary! I also love the part about risk, which has been reflected in my personal life big time. Our souls love risk! Think of the risk we took to come here and live a human life.

    Thank you for your beautiful post. It is really helpful for these times. Infinite blessings ~Suzanne


    1. Thank you Suzanne, I am so pleased that this post helped you. Life is definitely all about risk and change! Blessings Sarah


  2. So sad to hear about your friend passing away, but what beautiful memories he left behind! I definitely felt the full moon yesterday…I wondered why I felt so “heady” and “spaced out” 🙂


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