Energies of 2015

August Energies

The energies recently have been rather emotional for many of us as there has been so much going on energetically!  It has been stirring up old memories, past hurts, realisations about ourselves, other people and the way we live our lives that may not have been clear previously!  It has all been a lot to take in, so take heart in the news that this energy is changing this month and everything will settle down a little and also start to feel rather magical, before the next energy burst in September!

On the 8th August the Lion’s Gate reaches its peak and this year we have a rare triple 8 activation!  (8/8/2015: 2+0+1+5=8).  The Lion’s Gate Portal is a stargate that opens each year from July 26th to August 12th.  This is the time when the Earth aligns with Sirius and the galactic center to create a stargate portal.  This sends us waves of energy to help activate us for personal and planetary ascension.

This activation is all about connecting us to source, which is our connection to self and the universe, so we feel part of all that is.  The Lion’s energy includes brotherhood, letting go of stress, strength, courage, self fulfilment, the divine feminine, creativity, intuition & imagination.  This new energy that is coming through right now is helping us all to connect to the divine feminine more easily, helping us to find the strength and courage to face our challenges and the best part is that this magical energy is helping us all manifest and create our desires!

I wanted to touch on Cecil the Lion in this update as we have all been affected by his passing.  I felt that this was a significant event for us all to understand and also why it happened so close to the Lion’s Gate.  It has brought many emotions to the surface across the planet and we have stood as one to condemn this terrible act, which has brought about a change in the hunting law in Zimbabwe.  Zimbabwe has halted the hunting of big cats and elephants around Hwange National Park as 1 million people signed a petition after Cecil’s death.  Cecil gave his life to bring us together as one voice, which helped create change.  We all need to understand that we each have the power within to create change, but when we unite as one then change happens on a global scale!  It doesn’t matter what country we live in, how much we earn, what we look like or what religion we are, when we come together as one we create change and others have to take notice.  Thank you Cecil for showing us how to use the Lion’s energy to create a brotherhood for change.  We bless you with so much love.

All our emotions have been heightened during this time and we are feeling everything so much more deeply, which in turn does help us create change.  Listening to how we feel as I wrote about last month can show us a new direction, a new way of thinking or it can just be that we finally realise what we don’t want!  We each have the power to change our lives as individuals and also as a collective.  Cecil has shown us how to use the lion energy we are in the middle of right now to create change and find the courage to step forward for what we belive is right.

August is finally the time when the magic starts to happen and 2015 really starts to look like the year of abundance!!  This year has been challenging, emotional and sometimes incredibly hard work!  So it is about time we get to enjoy the results of all our efforts!

A new moon on the 14th August signifies endings and beginnings and this one heralds a new cycle of growth and development.  After this date we should really feel the energy starting to lift and we should all feel much more relaxed and energised!  The Lion’s Gate energies are incredibly powerful right now, so once we are out of them and they have integrated then we will all start to feel the effects of the magic!

2015 is the year of abundance and the number 8, in numerology, means abundance and prosperity as well as harmony, balance and power.  Laying the number 8 on it’s side is the symbol for infinity.  So this month is an extremely powerful period to create and manifest our dreams into reality.

Use the 8th of August energies to visualise what you really want from life.  Don’t think about what you don’t want, think about what you do want and really feel as though you are already living that new life!  Get excited about that new house or new job, feel joyous that you are completely healthy, feel the happiness when you visualise that new relationship, whatever it is you want to create or manifest in your life TRUST that YOU can make it happen!!

Remember, our thoughts create our beliefs and our beliefs create our reality!  Decide what you really want from life and check that your thoughts and beliefs match what you want to create!  Once your thoughts and beliefs match your new reality then the magic will start to happen!!

I shall be running another attunement event on Tuesday 11th August.  The attunement I have chosen is The Way of The Wolf as this energy helps us to re-balance and trust our intuition, which is very important for us all after the energies of July!  It is by donation and a suggested donation is £5 (about $8), but please only pay what you can afford!  Once you have made your donation, then you will be able to download the manual and instructions on how to receive.  The energy stays strong for 7 days after the event, so you can take the attunement when you choose rather than having to do it at the time of the event.  I also write-up on my FB page what I experienced when I set the attunement up for everyone.  I run these events so everyone can afford to receive an attunement, plus the collective energy is very powerful for everyone who takes part, including myself!  I look forward to connecting with you.

Wishing you a blissful month!

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


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