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September Energies

September is finally here and what a BIG energetic month this will be!  When I sat down to write this today, I didn’t really know where to start as there is so much going on!!

The internet is full of articles about what may or may not happen in September and there is so much hype it is hard to get our heads around what is real and what’s not!  So, I wanted to use this energy update to write about the energies we may experience throughout September, but also touch on the ‘world’ stuff as I have done in previous updates as I feel that is important for us all to understand right now.

September is a powerful month, hence all the hype!  However, it is not all doom and gloom, so don’t believe everything you read as there is a lot of negativity out there about September and I know it has made some of us feel a bit fearful!  Take a deep breath and release the fear now before reading on!

This month has a lot happening astrologically as we have a solar eclipse on the 13th, Mercury turns retrograde on the 17th, the Equinox is on the 23rd and a total lunar eclipse following the so-called “supermoon” occurs on the 28th September bringing the rare phenomenon of four consecutive total eclipses – known as a “tetrad” or the “4 blood moons”– to an end.   If that isn’t enough to make your head spin, then there are some key dates coming up in terms of world events too, which I thought I would add to give us a ’rounded’ view!

The 13th September is the last day of the Shemitah year.  During the last two Shemitah cycles, we witnessed record-breaking stock market crashes on the very last day of the Shemitah year.

The 15th September sees the Jade Helm military exercises coming to an end.

On the 23rd September, Pope Francis arrives at the White House to meet with Barack Obama.  The numbers are interesting as he is the 266th Pope and they will be meeting on the 266th day of the year!

On May 14th, 2014 French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius famously proclaimed that we had only 500 days to avoid “climate chaos”. His time frame of 500 days ends on the 25th September!

From the 25th to the 27th September, the United Nations launches a brand new “universal agenda” for humanity known as “the 2030 Agenda”

So as you can see there is so much happening during September 2015 and I have just pulled out a few dates that I feel have some significance for us all!

The world is definitely changing and we need it to change in order for us to bring in more love and unity across the globe!  Some of these changes may be hard to witness and there may be quite a lot of upheaval in the coming weeks, months and years ahead.  But this is what we all signed up for when we agreed to come down and help our beautiful Mother Earth!

You may be feeling a lot of anxiety at this time, which you may not fully understand as you may not have anything to be particularly anxious about!  If this resonates with you, then please be aware that this anxious feeling is the world’s energies you are picking up rather than anything to do with you.  When we feel anxious, it can impact how we connect to our higher selves and Spirit and it can feel like a block!  Please understand that there is so much going on right now and we are all connected to each other and Mother Earth so much more deeply than we ever were before so  we are feeling everything that happens everywhere!

This can be particularly intense if you are are a strong Empath.  If this feels like you, then I would suggest taking some time out for yourself to re-connect and re-balance by doing some grounding work, body movement such as dance, yoga or tai chi or having some form of healing work done such as sound healing, Reiki or receiving an energy attunement.  All of these things will help you connect back to your own energies rather than the world’s.

The energy looks like tiny little tornadoes all over the world and each one seems to carry a slightly different vibration.  They are moving quite slowly at the moment, but I feel they will speed up and some will get bigger as we get further into this month!  The energy is hard to describe this month as it is a combination of so many different things.  September is definitely a month to go with the flow and try to stay in the moment as much as possible as the energy is likely to change every few days during this time!

To help you get through this month, take at least 30 mins each day for you.  It doesn’t matter how you use this time, but it is important to disconnect from reality and re-connect with your mind, body and soul!  I use my 30 mins for yoga, which completely refreshes my energy and I am finding if I miss a day, I feel incredibly tired and drained the next, so now it is a BIG part of my routine!  I have also been taking some time to have someone else give me some healing as last week I went for a monocord sound healing session, which was amazing!  In fact it was so good, I am having another session tonight!  As it is quite an unusual healing method, I thought you may like to know a little more!  The monochord is an ancient instrument invented by Pythagoras.  What makes this instrument extraordinary is that due to its flat top, you lie directly on top it and as it is being played, the vibration goes directly into your body.

September will also be an important time for relationships and our emotions as things that have not been dealt with will come straight up this month and it may even feel like we are being ‘hit’ right between the eyes!  These challenges or emotions that are surfacing won’t be anything new, but we may feel like we have been caught in the headlights, so be aware of stuff coming up as we need to deal with them this month!

I have also been feeling that this month is the start of something extraordinary in terms of the financial marketplace.  I use the word “extraordinary” as that is what it feels like!!  This is just the beginning of massive changes that will happen all across the globe and impact everyone and everything.  Our whole financial way of being is about to change in a HUGE way, although we may not see things really clearly until 2016.  The market crashes that we have been seeing is just the start of what is to come and it feels like a re-set is coming at some point regarding financial institutions, banks, the stock market and anything else that has to do with money!  It will be very interesting to see how this all unfolds as I haven’t been given much information about this apart from it is starting now!

The other area I wanted to touch on is natural and also man-made disasters.  Just like we are feeling the energies, so is everyone else and also Mother Earth, so don’t be surprised if there are more natural occurrences this month or more shootings or other unpleasant things in the news.  The energy this month is going to affect everyone!  We know what is ‘sort of’ going on, so we can stay grounded and get back into balance when things come up, but the majority of society has no clue, so we may see some angry people this month or Mother Earth blowing off a little steam!  We all need to stay abreast of the news and what is happening in the world, but we don’t need to take on the negativity or fear, so please remain compassionate, but also detached.

Spirit has a message for us all, which I hope will help everyone get through September a little easier:

“Please understand that these changes need to occur before we can start re-creating.  Let your fear dissipate with each breath you take and focus on creating your own change within, so you can impact the world outside.  We want to thank each and every one of you for your commitment and service.  We honour you for coming down at such a remarkable time in Earth’s history and wanting to be part of this great change.” 

I will be writing another energy update during September as there is so much more to say!  So please sign up to receive these by email on the right hand side of the page.

Wishing you a blissful month!

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Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


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