Energies of 2015

September Energies Part 3!

I wanted to write another update about September before moving on to October as it has been such a HUGE month in terms of energy shifts!!  This has been one of the biggest shifts in history and we are now in the process of integrating and anchoring in this new energy, so remember to ground!!

There is a brand new frequency occurring right now and we are on the cusp of a brand new beginning in so many ways.   This new energy will affect everyone in the world, whether they are aware or not!  Each person will have their own unique experience and adjust to these new waves of energy in different ways.  Some people are not quite ready to use these new energies yet, so It won’t be immediate for all of us.

The connection between us all has increased and expanded, so have this in mind whenever you interact with another.  When we treat the world with love and kindness, we are actually honouring ourselves this way too as we are all connected!

The world will begin to change in big ways and will continue to do so into 2016/17.  These changes won’t be immediate as everything has to start from a thought to be created, so everything will happen in divine timing!   This is the shift we needed to become aligned with the new universal energies.  Now this has happened, the world will also start to shift into a new way of being.

The energy at some points this month knocked me for six and one day I just had to rest!  I slept for pretty much the whole day and when I thought I should get up, I just got the words ‘rest’ again!  So, if you have been feeling a bit lethargic, tired, sad or even a bit grumpy, know that these energies have pushed our human bodies to the limits this month as we have had a HUGE upgrade, so let go of any guilt about anything you feel you should have done and not been able to complete!  There is always tomorrow and as we start to move into a much more steady stream of energy, we will find our energy levels starting to increase and we will have more motivation to act upon our dreams once again.

Remember, each one of us is the creator of our world and we are each responsible for everything that happens to us.  We are here to help and also enjoy our lives!  Take a moment to understand how you view the world.  Do you see the world as a safe and happy place or do you see the world as a scary and unfriendly place? If it is the latter, I urge you to change your view of the world around you and start to see it from a different perspective.  How we view the external world shows us what is going on internally.  If you see the world as scary, look within and see what fear you are holding on to.  When we start to change our thoughts (inner world) we ultimately change our outer world in the process.  Try it today and see what wonderful things happen!

October is going to be a much less rollar-coaster ride of energies, but it will be eventful nevertheless!  I will write more on this in a few days time.

I have been guided to run another attunement event on Thursday 1st October (7pm UK time) to help us all replenish our energies!  The attunement is called Replenishing Shakti and as always is by donation.

So what does replenishing mean? Replenishing literally means replacing that which was and has become weak or used up. These divine intelligences are skilled at bringing love and energy to help replenish you physical and spiritual body.

The energies of the Replenishing Shakti have a unique frequency that will bring each person the exact combination of energies that they need at that specific time.

I felt that this was perfect for us all after the powerful energies of September, so we can start October replenished!

Wishing you a blissful last few days of September.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥