Energies of 2015

October 2015 Energies

Welcome to the new energy!!

As we move into the new, we are still releasing the old, so October is all about completion and surrender!

September gave us a whirlwind of different energies and energy upgrades.  We were pushed, pulled, spun round and at times felt like we were being thrown up in the air to see where we would land!

We needed to go through this so we could be ready for the new frequency of energies that is now here.  As I said in my last update, this new frequency will affect everyone in different ways and at different times.  We are still ‘feeling’ our way slowly forward after the craziness of September, so if you are still reeling, take some time to stop and let yourself be still so you can adjust to the new frequency.

There may be some areas in our lives that we are still in the process of releasing and that is totally okay!  This month will help us understand what we still need to do in order to move forward once again.  Some of us may be going through a ‘big’ event in our lives or are having lots happen externally, whilst others are finding the need to go within and focus on their internal thoughts and feelings.  Each one of us is unique, so don’t worry about what other people are doing, focus on what YOU need to do!  This new frequency is helping each of us to become more empowered.

I find this new energy fascinating; as although we are understanding and seeing how we are all so deeply connected, we are also finally getting that we need to focus on our own needs and step into our power now!  When we become more empowered, we are not being selfish we are understanding what we need as individuals to be happier and what we need to do to be able to go with the flow, rather than pushing against it.  The more we step into our own power the more we help other people and the planet.  When we are vibrating at a higher level, we help to inspire others, which in turn helps them to heal and step into their own power.

Remember how you feel when you are around a high energy, fun-loving and happy person.  You feel energised, joyful and become more motivated too!  Just think what it would be like if every single person in the world was like this.  All negativity gone and peace everywhere!  This is what the new energy is helping us to create, which I find so exciting!!!    So, we all had to go through the tough energies of September so we can start to create this new world.

I recently read ‘The Power of Intention’ by Wayne Dyer and he writes about a study on those that vibrate at a high level.  This really made me think and I was inspired more than ever to watch my thoughts and feelings, so I could help more people.

Here is what Wayne wrote, “One Individual who lives and vibrates to the energy of optimism and a willingness to be non-judgmental of others will counterbalance the negativity of 90,000 individuals who calibrate at the lower weakening levels.”

There is loads more about this in the book, but the bottom line is that the higher we vibrate the more negativity we can counterbalance.  I felt very empowered after reading this.  We can each impact thousands of people just by being ourselves!

A lot of people say to me that they feel very small sometimes in the grand scheme of things and wonder why they came down to help.  They feel that they don’t make an impact, especially if they are doing work that is not what they would class as ‘spiritual.’  We do not have to do a ‘spiritual’ job to help others.   We each have our own journey, but we all have the same purpose, which is to help raise the vibration of Mother Earth and we can do this anywhere, no matter what type of job we have, which I hope this excerpt of Wayne’s book demonstrates.

When we work on ourselves by releasing and healing, we will vibrate at a higher level than before we started on our spiritual journey.  The more work we do on ourselves, the higher our vibration.  We then start to impact the world around us with our energy and this is what each of us came here to do.

So it doesn’t matter whether you work in an office, a supermarket, a factory, a farm or from home, you will impact others with your energy no matter where you are and that also includes those that are stay at home Mum’s and Dad’s and those that have retired!

October is all about knowing we each have the power inside to make a difference and create change.  The more we heal ourselves, the higher our vibration becomes, which means the more negativity we can each counterbalance!

YOU are making a difference to the energy right now!  Make sure you are making the best difference you can by being your authentic, empowered and beautiful self.

Wishing you a blissful October!

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Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


3 thoughts on “October 2015 Energies”

  1. GREAT article Sarah, another great book to read and add about is: The law of attraction, basics teachings of Abraham, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, this is the “plateau” from which many other authors/ books were written.

    Thank you.


    1. Thank you. I have read one of Abraham Hicks books, which is a good basis for the law of attraction. I shall be writing a blog post soon about some of the books I have really enjoyed and that have helped me on my journey. Thank you for sharing and I am glad you enjoyed my article. Blessings Sarah


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