Energies of 2015

November 2015 Energies

I am so glad that we have all got through October relatively unscathed!!  It was a tough month energetically and now we are in the freshness of November!  However, this month may feel brighter and lighter, but there is still so much happening!

Trying to describe this month’s energy had my brain in a bit of a pickle, so I asked Spirit for help.  They told me to write how I feel as this will hopefully convey the current energy we are in!

I feel like I am in a big cardboard box.  I have been in this since September/October and during those months it sometimes felt quite cosy and at other times it felt like the walls were closing in!  I have got up and moved around the box testing the walls and seeing if there was an escape, but then felt a bit overwhelmed so sat back down again!  I have rested in my box, danced in my box and also surrendered in my box, but I am still in my box!!!

The box to me represents the current energies.  We can move around if we want to, we can see cracks of light coming in, sometimes we feel warm and safe and at other times we feel like it is hard to breathe as we feel so contained!   We could easily put our foot through the wall of the box and step out, but it has either felt too scary, too hard or just too much effort!

My intention this month is to break out of my box and release myself from this prison I have created!  Not only am I going to break out, but I am also going to burn the box once and for all!

One of the reasons we all feel so drained is because we are each in our individual boxes and we need to FEEL CONNECTED to each other and Mother Earth once again.

October was all about completion and surrender, whereas, November is a time of empowerment and release.  So how do we get our of our boxes?

Here are some simple steps to help you break free!  I am going to be using these too this month and will give you an update of how I am doing later in the month.  Please feel free to share how you are doing too as we are all in this together!

These steps outlined below are Spirit’s suggestions to help us feel more empowered and to release anything that is still holding us back:

1. Complete anything that you did not finish in October!  This can be anything from practical things around the house to big things, such as ending a negative relationship.  Free yourself!

2. Honour your emotions.  Let yourself ‘FEEL’.  Our emotions are just signals that tell us if we need to change anything or do more of the same.  Allow yourself to really feel them this month and trust that they are showing you the way forward.  If you want to release these feelings, then go for it!  I find sounding really helps me release any negativity.  The best way to do this is really feel the emotion for about 30 seconds, then open your mouth slightly and let whatever sound come out.  Don’t think about the sound, just feel the emotion and the sound that needs to release it will just come out

3. Spend time in nature everyday this month.  It is very important for us all to re-establish our connection with Mother Earth right now.  She helps us renew our energy, so this is a key step!

4. Be STILL for at least 5 minutes every day!  This may not sound like a lot, but I know some of us find it hard to meditate for ages and 5 mins a day will really help!  So, set yourself a goal of 5 mins of quiet time everyday.  This is really helpful to calm our minds, which reduces stress and helps us to connect with Source.

5. LOVE YOUR BODY!  Take some time out each week to indulge yourself!  This can be anything from taking a blissful bath, going to the hairdressers, painting your nails, having a massage, giving yourself healing, or going all out and having a full on pamper day at a spa!  Whatever makes you feel good about your body, do it!  When we look good, we feel good and it also shows the Universe we are ready to step out of our box!

6. Last, but my no means least, is FEEL THE APPRECIATION!  Appreciate all that you have, all that you are, how far you have come and appreciate all those that love you for just being you!  Find something to be grateful for each day of November, but most importantly show yourself some appreciation this month!

I hope these steps help you move through November more easily and I look forward to feeling more connected to each and every one of you once I break out of my box too!

Wishing you a blissful rest of the month.

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Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥



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