Energies of 2015

December 2015 Energies

Happy December Everyone!

Wow, what a year 2015 has been!  I can’t believe we are in the last month of the year.  Time has flown by, yet it feels like this year has lasted forever in some ways!

November was a big month energetically as we had the 11.11 gateway and the full moon on the 25th.  These were both key dates for us all and our beautiful Mother Earth.  We have released so much this year and made that shift into the New Earth!  We are all still integrating the powerful energies of the full moon and this will continue up until around the 11th December, however we have also completed an ascension cycle, which ended on 30th November, so December is also a fresh energy!

I have been having a number of conversations with Spirit this month about how we can remember more about why we came to Earth at this time and use this information to help us move forward.  I have been reading Dolores Cannon’s ‘Convoluted Universe’ books 4 & 5 recently as I was drawn to read about other people’s experiences.  Dolores talks about moving into the New Earth and that is exactly what we are all doing right now.

Each one of us has shifted into a new vibration!  Mother Earth has also shifted and even though all this may still feel uncomfortable, we need to trust in the process!

I thought I would give us a few questions to ponder to show how much we have shifted, so find a moment and quietly ask yourself the following.  When you look back over 2015:

  1. Have you spoken your truth to others more than you used to?
  2. Have your eating habits changed?  E.g. have you stopped eating certain types of food that are a denser energy?
  3. Have you forgiven yourself or someone else this year?
  4. Have you had any big changes in your life? E.g. moved house, travelled, changed jobs etc.
  5. Have you let something or someone go this year?
  6. Have you loved yourself more?
  7. Do you feel more empowered?

I bet if you answer these questions honestly, you will find that you have moved into a new way of being without even realising it!

The only constant we have is change and everything is evolving so quickly it is sometimes hard to keep up!  The more we raise our vibration;  the more we help the planet and others around us.

When we shift we may have to leave others behind due to our new vibration.  When we speak our truth, others may not like what we have to say.  When we feel empowered and make a decision based on how we know we should live our lives, others may not agree.  So, if  you feel some sadness when looking back over the year that people, things and situations have had to be released, know that it is okay to feel whatever emotions come up.  This is all part of being in the new energy and embracing our true selves!  Change is not always easy and it may take some time and trust to know we have made the right choices, so be kind to you and honour how far you have come.

Ascension is a conscious choice by each of us to evolve and shift!  Spirit has told me that due to the shift in vibration, the energy has opened up for us to remember even more about our paths and also past life lessons that will aid us in this life.   The more we remember the easier it is to trust in this process that is Earth life!

December is a complex energy month as we are still in the process of integration, but at the same time we are in a completely new energy too!  It is being shown to me as layers, the bottom layer is the integration and the top layer is the new energy.  The top layer is starting to slowly absorb the bottom layer, which will end up leaving just one layer – the new energy!  We should start to experience this fully around the 11th Dec, as mentioned earlier.  Then things get interesting!!  I am being shown the energy speeding up and becoming denser, yet lighter at the same time!  See I told you this was complex!!  The denser energy will help to shift any blockages and remove old energies that maybe trapped.  Imagine a bulldozer clearing the path and leaving a few holes along the way.  Then the lighter energies fill this space with positive movement forward and light!  So, then imagine the holes being filled with crystal clear water that turns into a gently flowing stream, which then become a fast flowing river!

I hope you followed that analogy!  Spirit is laughing as I am typing this as they know I am also a little confused!  So, they have tried to explain it further.  These are their words, rather than images!  “Another shift in energy is needed during December and this will happen by a strong energy coming into help clear the debris that has been left behind from the integration process.  The second wave of energy will fill the gaps and help things to flow, however this will also speed things up in the second part of the month and you can expect more of the unexpected!”

I hope one of these descriptions makes sense to you!  December is going to be an interesting month and bring about another shift, so don’t be surprised if you have ascension symptoms this month!  You may also have more vivid dreams, so please pay attention to these as these could be helping you to remember more about your purpose and lessons in previous lives to help with the change.  I know we have been through so much already,  but this is just another part of the process and remember we are all in this together!

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Wishing you a blissful month.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥