2016 Energies

2016 Energies – The Year of Self-Mastery!

I wanted to review the last couple of year’s in this energy update for 2016 as I believe it is so important to see how far we have all come!  We have been on such a journey that it is sometimes useful to reflect and see how each year’s energy has helped us progress.

2014 helped us to open our hearts more fully and release old emotions that were no longer serving us.   2014 ended a period of cleansing, reviewing and moving, which had been going on for a number of years.  2014’s energy was needed to help us move through 2015.  This included; releasing as much as we could, getting our homes, work etc in order, physically moving to a new place, if guided, so we could be in the right space for the new energy.

2015 was about building a foundation and moving into abundance!  2015 was a much denser energy than 2014 and it has been hard going in places!  2015 was all about stepping forward and doing rather than just focusing on the clearing and releasing!  Of course, we will still needed to work on our own spiritual progression and take time for self-healing, but the energy had a way of pushing us out of our comfort zones into doing more to increase our confidence, increase our trust in ourselves, increase our joy for life and of course increase our abundance!

The last few years have been fast paced and propelled us forward so we are ready for 2016.  This will be a BIG year for many of us as it is all about self-mastery!

There has been a lot of chaos in the world over the last few years and unfortunately we will see more of the same in 2016 and beyond.  We need to be in a place of balance and steadiness within to cope with all the changes and uncertainty that is happening around us and this is exactly what we have been working on in 2014 and 2015.

The world is changing and we have already felt the bouts of intense energy over the last couple of years.  Things are shifting fast and it is not going to slow dow!  You may even think time has gone to warp speed!  This is a key point for 2016 as we won’t have time to deal with things, people and situations that are not for our highest good, so we need to make sure we listen and trust our intuition!

We are moving away from authority as a collective and at an individual level.  You may have found that there were a number of people in your life that you stood up to in 2015.  This could include; parents, bosses, friends, husbands, wives, etc.  You may have told them how you felt, how you wanted to be treated and what you wanted from life.   Those in authority are not just the government telling us what to do, sometimes we have relationships that also feel very controlling for many different reasons!  As we spoke our truth, these relationships may have ended or they may have changed into something wonderful.  Whatever has happened for you, know that these changes in your relationships were necessary before 2016.  This is because we just won’t have time (as time will feel like it has speeded up even more!) for those that don’t respect us, want to control how or what we do and/or are very negative!

As I wrote in December’s update, the only certainty we have is change and this will continue to get more apparent as we go through 2016!

You may feel that nothing seems to be happening and you know you have put in the work in terms of releasing, healing and letting go of things, people and situations that no longer serve you, so why is it all taking so long to manifest the good stuff???!!

As we have moved through the last few years, we have been laying the groundwork, think of it like building a house from scratch!  We have each built our own new house, laying the foundations, building the walls brick by brick, putting in the doors and windows until we have a new house!  However, we still need to put in the carpets, the furniture and then add the finishing touches so it feels like a home.  2016 is all about adding the finishing touches!  Some of you may still be laying the carpets and putting in the furniture, but as we move through 2016 you will get to a place where you feel at home in your new house, which means you will feel more settled and in control of your life!

We have felt other people’s stress, anger and all manner of negative emotions and there probably have been times when you didn’t want to go out of the house as it was just too tiring!  You could probably feel an intensity inside you like something big was about to happen, but then nothing did, so you weren’t sure what you were feeling!  Know this is all part of the process and we are now coming out of this stage.

There were times when each of us have felt very alone as we are feeling our own transformation, but not seeing it in the external world.  We have been working so hard on changing our inner world and that actually includes working through stuff for others too, some of it could be generation stuff or helping the collective, so it has been very challenging!  It may also have felt very stop/start in that you felt things were taking off and then suddenly everything just stopped!  This has been very frustrating as I have felt this a lot during 2015.

The main reason why we haven’t seen all these big changes yet in the external world is that we are still working things through.  We are definitely becoming more enlightened, but the old stuff has to work its way out!  This process is not a quick fix, as you know, it is a long-term process and we will start to see some results in 2016, thank the Goddess!!

Being on the spiritual path, whatever this means for you, tends to mean we experience a lot of things 3-5 years ahead of those that are not on this journey yet!  As I wrote at the start of this update, there is a lot more chaos to come over the next few years, which include more extreme weather, more unrest, more Earth disasters and also the exposure of bad behaviour that up until now has been protected, so a lot of truth will come out in 2016.  This will be very unsettling for many people who are just waking up and they will have to come to terms with stuff fast, so even though we have been through some very challenging times over the last few years, know that this is the reason, so we can be prepared and centred in our own power for what is to come!

The good news about all these changes is that there will be an even bigger shift in people’s thinking for the better and plenty of opportunities to come together.  This won’t all happen immediately as things need to break before they can really start to change, but we will see a lot more of this ‘unity’ happening over the coming years.

Flexibility is key in 2016, so our phrase should be ‘Go with the flow!’  So, if you feel like you are pushing for a specific outcome or putting all your energy into something, ask yourself are you going with the flow?!

2016 should help us feel much more in charge of our emotional world and we will be able to solve recurring patterns once and for all!  Yippee, I hear you shout as this has been a long time in coming!  The only downside to this is that we do need to be aware of what they are so we can solve them completely as it won’t just happen without us taking control!

Key questions to ask yourself in 2016 to be ready for the new energies:

  1. What have I learnt about who I am?
  2. What is important to me?
  3. What do I need?

So, what is self-mastery if that is what 2016 is all about?  It is all about believing and trusting in YOU!  It is taking full responsibility for everything that happens in your life and knowing you create your own reality.

Self-acceptance is key before self-mastery can occur and this is accepting you, the good, the bad and the ugly!  Self-acceptance is really about self-love and appreciating yourself right now in this moment.

Neither of these things are perfection!  So, it doesn’t mean that you won’t have times when you think I can’t do this or I don’t deserve it or I am not good enough!  Remember, we are still human!!  It means that whenever you have one of these thoughts, you catch yourself and question it!  Then realise that you can do it or you do deserve it!

I also view self-mastery as being able to be in balance all levels, so this includes: the emotional level, the mental level, the physical level, the ethereal level and the cellular level.  Again, it is NOT about being perfect, it is about understanding when to say no to others as you need to take time for yourself, it is about listening to your body about the food you eat, it is about being able to release the stress that we put ourselves under each day.  Above all, it is about loving yourself and giving yourself what you need!

The other part of self-mastery for me is to stop worrying about what other people or society think of us!!

Remember:  YOU ARE IN CONTROL OF YOUR LIFE, not anyone else!

I am very excited about 2016 and you should be too as we have put in the hard work and now we will begin to see what we want come forward!  If you have worked through all the things I have written about above, this year should be a fantastic year for you.

However, if you feel like you still have low self-esteem and/or desire certainty in life then you need to change your beliefs quickly, otherwise the energy in 2016 will be very challenging for you.  The attunement event I am running on 29th December may help you with this and the details are below.

We all need to release our attachments to outcomes this year and go with the flow, then we will really start to grow and manifest our desires!

Spirit has guided me to run an attunement event on Tuesday 29th December ay 7pm UK time to help us all flow into 2016!   It is the Essence of Love 2016 Upgrade.  I channelled this attunement in July 2013 and have upgraded the energy in Dec 2015.  This upgrade is to help us all be able to move more fully into self-mastery, which is what 2016 is all about! A big part of self-mastery is being able to love and accept ourselves where we are right now.  The crystal Rose Quartz represents Gaia’s heart and so an Etheric Rose Quartz is placed in each of your 7 Chakras during this attunement.  

What I also found with the upgrade is that this energy is very grounding and when I asked why, Spirit told me we all need to be connected further to Mother Earth in 2016 to make sure we have stability!  We need to be connected to both Mother Earth & Source to be balanced and so we can be on Earth, but still feel the love from Source!  

The other part of this upgrade was to work on opening our Hearts and Higher Heart Chakras even further to allow us to be able to release old emotions more easily and quickly.  The energies of 2016 will feel even faster than the years before, so we need to be able to keep up and this upgrade helps us to do that!

Happy New Year and I wish you a very joyful 2016!

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥