2016 Energies

January 2016 Energy Forecast

2016 is here and what a year it will be!  The last few years have been fast paced and propelled us forward so we are ready for 2016.  This will be a BIG year for many of us as it is all about self-mastery!

January is all about introspection!  This is the month to go within and examine our thoughts and feelings. 

Before I get into more about why we need to go within, I wanted to touch on what is happening astrologically as this is important as it sets the tone for the start of 2016!  I am not an astrologer, but Spirit do tell me when I need to add key astrological dates into my forecasts!   They also give me information as to why this is important for us.

Mercury started its retrograde phase on 5th/6th Jan and this will last until January 25th/26th, but it is normally felt for a few weeks after too!  This one has a bit of a nasty aspect that can bring about aggression and arguments.  This can result in intense power struggles and attempts to gain control over others and situations.  So, please be aware that this energy may heighten any form of confrontation at the moment!  This is all happening so we can see the ‘control’ that is in place, not just individually, but also as a collective in terms of a world view.   The new Moon also helps to illuminate what is happening so even though it doesn’t sound good, it is necessary for things to change!

The new Moon is in Capricorn and occurs on the 9th/10th Jan depending on where you are in the world! This is a very powerful new Moon as it helps to reveal the truth and uncover secrets!   We may also feel the new Moon energy bringing our own fears to the surface.  This is good thing, (although it may not feel like it at the time!), as it shows us what we need to release so we can move forward more easily!  This is one of the reasons that January is a month to go within as the new Moon will help us to highlight areas of focus in our lives and it is a great time to release, heal and set our intentions for the new year.

We may also find that other people may feel a little cold or distant towards us or us towards them as we are all trying to sort out what’s going on within!  So, don’t take offence if this happens and if you feel this way, then just tell your friends and family you need to take some time to yourself at the moment, so they understand it is nothing to do with them!

This month we may find that we are realising and understanding a lot more about ourselves and our lives.  The veil is being lifted that previously prevented us from seeing what is really going on!  We may also find issues of freedom vs power coming up, which we dealt with a lot in 2015, but if you haven’t quite mastered this or are still finding other people in your life wanting to ‘take control’ then this may rear its head for you again until you take back control of your life!  This is a key step to self-mastery and will keep coming back up in different forms and lessons this year until we each learn that we are the creators of our own reality!

Even with everything going on energetically and astrologically this month, the new Moon marks a time of new beginnings and possibilities.  So it is the perfect time to set our intentions for the future.  What would YOU like to manifest in 2016?

Find the time to take yourself away from it all so you can spend some quality time with yourself!  You don’t have to go far or take hours doing this, just find a place for 20 mins where you won’t be disturbed!  Once you have settled somewhere, tune into your Heart Chakra, what dreams, hopes and fears are you holding within?  Write these down, say them out loud, draw them or just think about them.  Whatever works for you.  YOU have all the answers and when you listen to YOU, the solutions will appear!  I included feeling our fears here as I think whatever we fear the most is the thing we should be taking action to change!!  Understanding our fears can help us also know what to release and work on from a spiritual perspective going forward.  Enjoy this time of quiet and solitude.  You will find the answers you seek!

Wishing you a blissful month discovering more about YOU! 

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥