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February 2016 Energy Forecast

When I wrote in the 2016 overview about time this year going at warp speed, I didn’t quite realise what ‘warp speed’ actually meant until January came and went in a complete blur!!   The energy was a little harsh in places last month and Mercury Retrograde certainly rocked our world even more than normal!

February will still be fast paced, but it has a much higher energy frequency compared to January, which feels a little less hectic, which is a welcome relief!  However, time will still feel like it is whizzing by!  Time has been a theme throughout January as it has come up in nearly all of my readings and healing sessions!  We are going through a transformational process right now and our relationship with ‘time’ is changing!   Time feels like it is moving incredibly fast at the moment and this may be bringing up issues in many of us.  It is essential we understand more about our own relationship with time as this will get more intense as we move further into 2016.

How do YOU feel about time?  What thoughts and feelings come up for you when you hear the word ‘time?’  Does it make you feel worried, nervous or anxious?  If you have any negative feelings about time, then I suggest that you sit quietly and look at your beliefs about time and how it makes you feel. 

We have the power to slow time down if we wish as we create our own realities, however most of us don’t realise we have that power!  The fact that time feels like it is running away from us at the moment is all part of the overall plan to help us connect with ourselves and Source.  This is so we can learn how to come back to that place of peace!  The energy is moving fast, so we can learn how to master this process. 

Yes, it is challenging, but incredibly beneficial, especially if there is a lot of change happening in your world or you are finding things a little chaotic this year.  When we find the place of peace inside we can float in a sea of calm, while everyone around us weathers the storm! 

Time is then something that is going on outside of us rather than us feeling like we are being controlled by it.  

February is a BIG month energy wise as there is so much going on and it really starts to take off with the Chinese New Year, which begins on the 8th February (year of the Fire Monkey) and it is also a New Moon on this day too.  I do think the Chinese have got it right starting the new year in February as this month really does feel like entering a new energy, even more so than January did!

The influence of the Monkey can put everything into flux, but on the positive side the Monkey’s gift is the ability to find unconventional solutions to old problems and things will be accomplished this year!  This is much more of an action year than 2015, which means there won’t be as much of the ‘stop start’ energy that we felt last year.  It is also a good year to break free of convention, be daring and follow your heart’s desire!  The energies are definitely supporting these changes this month and beyond!

The first part of February may feel a bit frustrating as we enter into this new energy and embrace the decisions and plans we made in January.  Expect the unexpected around the New Moon on the 8th and then as we move forward toward Valentine’s Day on the 14th, the energy changes again allowing more movement and greater manifestations!  Towards the end of the month we have the Full Moon on the 22nd and this gives us the opportunity to review how far we have come and what other decisions need to be made as we work our way into March.

Remember, January was all about introspection and also completion.  February is now the time to use what we have learnt about ourselves and what we want from 2016 by putting those ideas and thoughts into action!

I shall be running two attunement events this month to help us all deal with this energy a little easier as it is a BIG month energetically.  I will post each event here on my blog once they are up on my website.  The next one will be on the 12th Feb for White Dragon Reiki, to help clear the path ahead and any old emotions we are carrying.  The second one will be on 22nd Feb for Lunar Balance, to help us all work with the moon’s energy more easily this year as the moon will have more of an effect on us than in previous years!  So stay tuned!

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Wishing you a blissful month.

Love & Blessings

Sarah ♥


1 thought on “February 2016 Energy Forecast”

  1. Hi Sarah,
    For me, January has felt as if a year has gone by. It dragged on, for me, even more than usual. Yes, the energies have been quite intense, and brought up a lot of emotional energy for me. I felt like, (and still feel) like I am on an emotional roller coaster. Especially, right after waking up. Not sure if it has something to do with my dreams, or not. Indeed, the last few weeks have felt, as if I’ve been reamed out with a pipecleaner, lol!
    It truly forces me to use all of my tools, to stay on an even keel.
    Thankfully, I use the Violet Flame and a lot of other energy tools, when things get rough.

    Lots of love and thank you for making these attunements available for us!


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